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Ontario city is Situated in SB County in California.The city started as a model colony and has grown to be the throbbing heart of the surrounding region due to its vast advancement in economic activities. With the changes in the economy, culture and political stability, Ontario city have experienced a rapid growth which has made it beautifully structured and has attracted many people who have settled in this town engaged in the manufacturing industry. Its population currently stands at 171, 214 with an estimated growth of 4.4% per year. Due to the rising number of people using the road as the mean of transport, there has been a rise in the number of road accidents in Ontario. Lately, the total fatal and personal injury collisions are at 35,436 claiming 534 lives and 49,567 injured individuals.

Ontario Dangerous Intersections

California is rated as the nation’s most hazardous state for pedestrians. Ontario city is listed as one of the cities in California where pedestrians are most at risk.  One of the deadliest intersections in Ontario is Grove Avenue and Fifth Street. Even at clearly defined crosswalks, pedestrians have lost their lives at this intersection.

Other types of collisions like motorcycle accidents are also rampant in the city along busy roads and intersections. For instance, in 2018, 50 motorcycle accidents were recorded, 2 of these were fatal and 15 crashes were severe. 

Additional dangerous intersections in Ontario include Archibald Avenue and Edison Avenue, Milliken Avenue and SR-60, and Princeton Street and Grove Avenue.

Speed, failure to obey traffic rules, DUI, and careless driving are factors that have caused these traffic accidents.

The importance of Ontario Car Accident Lawyer.

After your car is involved in an accident, and maybe succumbed some injuries, the next thing that you probably need to do is consulting a lawyer. An experienced Ontario car accident lawyer will represent you, negotiate with your insurance company, and take you through the trial if deemed necessary. Careless driving causes most accidents, and it becomes difficult to determine who is at fault. An experienced car accident lawyer Ontario will not only look at the reckless driver’s insurance policy but also at the victim personally, before deterring the course of action for the claim. Some car accidents may cause permanent damage. In such a case, you will need a lawyer to do the follow up with your insurance company for a better deal of compensation. If you hire Ontario Car accident lawyer, he will help argue your case so that you can get fair compensation for all the medical bills and expenses that you incurred because of the injuries caused by the accident.

Types of Auto Accidents.

There are various types of auto accidents which include:-
1) Car accidents- This type of accident occur when a motor vehicle strikes or collides with another vehicle, a pedestrian, an object, or an animal. This is the most common road auto accident, which has claimed many lives and has left many injured.

2) Truck accidents- This kind of accident is caused by a truck hitting another vehicle, falling due to overloading or reckless driving.

3) SUVS accidents- Sports Utility Vehicle accidents do not often occur although when they do, they are fatal.

Types of accidents and injuries

1) Rear End Collisions- This type of injury occur when a vehicle hits the rear end of the car in front of it. It is usually caused by driver’s distraction or due to lose brakes, and the degree of damage relies on the speed the behind.

2) T- Bone accidents- This occurs when a vehicle hits the side of another car in an intersection or a parking lot. If the car causing the incidence is at high speed, it may result in the death of the individuals sitting on the side of the hit. The car may roll injuring other pedestrians as well as other vehicles on the road.

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