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The laws regarding personal injury claims differ by state and are extremely complex. If you have been injured in California due to the negligence of another, it is absolutely crucial to contact a highly skilled California injury lawyer that is knowledgeable of state laws. In order to receive compensation for your injuries, you should hire a California injury lawyer that is capable of interpreting California personal injury laws and can determine your legal rights.

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Today, there are numerous laws regarding personal injury cases. Depending on the law firm, attorneys will specialize in certain areas. Our personal injury lawyers specialize in cases regarding brain injuries, slip and fall accidents, spinal cord injuries, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and many others. If you have been injured at the fault of someone else, you should contact one of our personal injury lawyers to determine your options and legal rights. The type of attorney you hire is reliant on your situation and injuries. For more information on the type of injuries our attorney covers, please read the following:

  • Spinal cord and back injuries can be extremely severe and affect all aspects of life. When a spinal cord injury occurs, victims may find it difficult to walk, sit, or work. All these actions can be very painful and unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are very common in accidents. Spinal cord injuries, if severe, can lead to partial and permanent paralysis of the body. These injuries also affect mobility and even performing simple actions.
  • Slip and fall accidents may seem harmless, but are the second leading cause of injuries today. Depending on the victim and location of the fall, slip and fall accidents can be detrimental to one’s health. Slip and fall accidents actually account for approximately 16,000 deaths per year. Surprisingly, many of these injuries are preventable. About 70% of falls are attributed to dangerous conditions and hazardous environments.


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Our experienced personal injury lawyers will discuss your case and legal rights regarding your injury. Do not fall victim to a negligent party and suffer the financial and physical pain of your injuries. If your injuries required medical treatment, you especially should seek legal advice to be compensated.

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