DUI Accidents in California

A California DUI accident victim attorney will safeguard your claim and take the appropriate course of action for you case. DUI accidents are a common and often times complex legal matter that usually result in serious lifelong consequences for the parties involved. Victims of these unfortunate occurrences are advised to immediately consult with a California DUI accident victim attorney. A lawyer skilled in DUI accidents will fight get the compensation entitled by law. This, in turn, will help his or her client deal with debilitating injuries and the limitations and financial stress they impose on one’s life.

Consequences of DUI Accidents

In many cases, DUI accidents involve more than property damage; they usually have an injury element to them. Because the offending driver is intoxicated in this circumstance, the bodily harm is most often serious. In fact, death is commonplace in accidents involving drinking and driving.

Whatever the extent of the harm, the drunk driver is presumed to have acted negligently or recklessly. The law holds that the act of drinking and driving in and of itself is proof of some sort of disregard for human life. At this stage, it will be up to the victim and his or her California DUI accident victim attorney to prove that this negligence or recklessness actually caused the harm.

San Leandro DUI Crash
ACSO Dispatcher Dies in DUI Collision at E. 14th St. and 150th Ave in San Leandro

Legal Remedies

The law of personal injury has specific remedies for accident victims and their families.


The expenses that come from a drinking accident are astronomical. A driver held responsible for an accident can be made to pay these costs. Generally, plaintiffs may seek:

– medical bills, including prescription drugs, rehabilitation therapy and doctor visits for the duration of the injury,

– loss of current and future earnings,

– and other expenses directly related to the accident.

Pain and Suffering

The law recognizes the emotional harms caused by drunk drivers and allows accident victims to seek financial compensation. The court will determine this amount through specific legal guidelines and formulas.

Punitive Damages

Plaintiffs may seek punitive damages which are used to punish a defendant for particularly bad behavior. In most cases, the actions of the driver would have to be extremely reckless or willful for a plaintiff to win punitive damages.

If you are dealing with the devastation caused by a drunk driver, the time to act is now. California places strict time limits on all DUI lawsuits. Once the time has expired, the case and thus any monetary compensation will be lost. A California DUI accident victim attorney will safeguard your claim and take the appropriate course of action for you case.

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