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If you or a loved one have recently been injured in an accident caused by another, you may have a right to compensation. Accidents and injuries can be frightening and difficult to overcome, but by getting the aggressive and compassionate legal assistance that you deserve, you can breathe easier knowing that you do not have to face it alone.

Although it may be tempting to fight insurance companies on your own, the simple truth is that insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. They are a business and are only concerned with keeping their stockholders content with high profit. If you attempt to secure a settlement on your own, it is not unlikely that your case will be dismissed, delayed or settle for far below the actual amount that you deserve. You need to be confident that you are receiving the legal representation that you deserve in your efforts to achieve your desired result.

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You will find a wealth of information on this site that relates to our firm’s key areas of practice in the field of personal injury. Feel free to read the brief introductions below or click on the topic to learn more about a particular subject:

ATV Accidents
If an ATV is improperly designed, has a manufacturing defect or is driven by an inexperienced rider, an accident may occur. We handle ATV rollovers and accidents of all kinds involving these vehicles.

Auto Accidents
Whether they occur in a busy intersection, on a freeway or in a parking lot, auto accidents have the potential to cause serious injury to any party involved. Experienced help in handling your insurance claim or lawsuit will make a difference in your ability to recover fair compensation after a car accident of any kind.

Automotive Product Liability
In some cases, a car accident may be caused by a defective auto part. Faulty brakes or a defective steering mechanism may cause an accident to occur, or a seatbelt or airbag may malfunction and cause a driver or passenger to experience serious injuries that could have otherwise been avoided. In these cases, it may be possible to hold the manufacturer accountable.

Bicycle Accidents
If the rider of a bicycle is struck by a motor vehicle, the resulting injuries may have a serious impact on the cyclist’s life. Injuries are particularly severe due to the entirely unprotected state of the bicyclist in the collision.

Birth Injury
Cerebral palsy, paralysis, brachial plexus injury and developmental delays are all examples of potential birth injuries that may be caused by malpractice on the part of an OB/GYN, nurse or other medical practitioner during labor or delivery. In these cases, you may be able to hold the responsible medical professional accountable for their conduct.

Boating Accidents
An accident on a boat or other watercraft or involving a collision of these vehicles may lead to drowning, near drowning and serious injuries that may lead to extensive medical bills and an entirely changed life for the victim or victims. In these cases, our Los Angeles injury firm is committed to providing legal counsel to help our clients seek fair compensation.

Brain Damage
Depending on the incident, brain damage may be caused by a lack of blood to the brain (such as in a drowning accident) or as the result of physical trauma (such as in a fall, where the victim’s head strikes the ground). In either event, the results may be catastrophic.

Burn Injury
Of all injuries a person may sustain, burns are likely to be the most painful and to require one of the most extensive recovery processes. We provide comprehensive legal representation and compassionate care in all types of burn accident and injury claims in Los Angeles.

Bus Accidents
When a collision involves a bus, it is likely that multiple passengers will be injured. The bus driver or agency responsible for the bus’s maintenance or hiring of the bus driver may be held accountable, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Catastrophic Injury
A catastrophic injury may be considered any type of physical trauma that is life-threatening or has a significant impact on one’s life. Spinal cord injury, brain damage, amputation, severe burns and internal organ damage may all be considered catastrophic injuries.

Defective Drugs
A defective or dangerous prescription drug or over-the-counter medication may cause serious side effects in unsuspecting patients, leading to serious injury or even death in some cases. The pharmaceutical company or perhaps the doctor who prescribed the medicine may be held responsible, depending on the situation.

Defective Products
Products that are unsafe to use due to manufacturing or design defects or improper labeling may end up causing serious injuries or may even lead to the death of an unsuspecting consumer. In California, the manufacturer may be held strictly liable for injury caused by defective product.

Dog Bites & Attacks
When a dog attacks, a victim may be left with serious physical injuries that will lead to scarring and infection. Depending on the severity of the attack, a victim may even lose his or her life, particularly if a small child. In the event of a dog attack in Los Angeles, the dog owner may be held strictly liable for injuries the dog inflicts.

Drunk Driving Accidents
According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approximately one in three fatal auto accidents involves at least one driver who has an unlawful blood alcohol concentration. Our injury lawyers are dedicated to holding drunk drivers accountable for their conduct.

Helicopter Accident
Of all the types of air travel, traveling in a helicopter may be the most dangerous. According to a recent survey, helicopter accidents were found to be 90% more frequent than airplane accidents.

Lead Poisoning
Exposure to lead may lead to serious illness or death. Most frequently associated with exposure to lead paints that were used in the 1960s, people living or working in older homes or other properties may be at risk of exposure.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice may be defined as a medical professional’s failure to provide a standard level of treatment, diagnosis or care to a patient. Surgical injuries, emergency room errors, medication errors, birth injuries and nursing errors are all types of medical malpractice cases.

Exposure to asbestos may lead to mesothelioma, a rare but deadly form of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs, heart and other internal organs. This disease may not present itself until 20 to 40 years after exposure.

Motorcycle Accidents
Of all the different types of motor vehicle accidents, those involving motorcycles are among the most serious. Motorcycles are significantly smaller and lighter than other vehicles on the road, and when a collision with a larger vehicle occurs, the motorcycle and rider are likely to sustain the brunt of the impact.

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Injured in a motor vehicle accident of any kind? It can be difficult to deal with an insurance claim at a time when you are struggling to make ends meet and are dealing with the physical pain of the accident itself. Fortunately, a Los Angeles injury lawyer at our firm can help.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect
The elderly patients in Los Angeles nursing homes deserve – and should expect to be – treated with respect and the proper care they need. Unfortunately, nursing homes may provide negligent care or nursing home caregivers may even physically abuse patients. We can help you take action against these injustices.

Pedestrian Accidents
A pedestrian who is struck by a car or other motor vehicle may be at risk of sustaining catastrophic injuries that significantly interfere with his or her way of life. Our firm handles pedestrian accidents at crosswalks, in parking lots and virtually everywhere else in the LA area.

Slip & Fall
A wet floor, spill, object in a walkway, missing stair or inadequate lighting may all cause a person to slip and fall. When these accidents occur on another’s property due to the property owner or manager’s negligence, the victim may be able to file a personal injury claim.

Spinal Cord Injury
The leading causes of spinal cord injuries include auto accidents, falls and assaults/attacks. When another person is responsible for causing spinal cord injury of any kind, the victim may be able to seek financial compensation for medical care and ongoing treatment, lost earnings and possibly much more.

Subway Accidents
Taking the Metro is a convenient form of travel for those who live and work throughout the greater Los Angeles area. However, accidents may happen, leaving a commuter seriously injured. We handle subway accident cases related to incidents that occur in the stations or while on the subway.

SUV & Van Accidents
SUV (sport utility vehicle) and van accidents may cause physical injury, emotional trauma and property damage, leaving a victim facing an uncertain future. For compassionate care and knowledgeable representation, turn to Pacific Attorney Group.

Taxi Accidents
A person riding in a taxi may be at risk of injury in an accident, as many other drivers or passengers sharing the road with a taxi cab. Handling claims against taxi cab companies may be complex, but we have the resources and experience to handle these.

Toxic Exposure & Poisoning
There are numerous scenarios where a person may be exposed to toxins or may suffer from poisoning of some kind. Defective products, exposure to lead, asbestos exposure, construction accidents or one’s work environment or the building they live in may lead to illness.

Train Accidents
Taking a train may be a fun experience and may also be a convenient, cost-effective means of travel. If a train accident occurs, however, it may cause serious injury or the wrongful death of hundreds of passengers.

Trucking Accidents
A collision with a large commercial truck may prove catastrophic. Occupants of the other vehicles involved in the collision are particularly at risk of injury, considering the significant disparity in size and weight of the truck versus the other vehicle or vehicles.

Workers’ Compensation
An accident at work may occur no matter the field you work in, whether it is in construction or a desk job in an administrative building. Our firm handles all types of work accident, occupational disease and work-related injury claims, seeking fair workers’ compensation benefits for our clients.

Wrongful Death
The loss of a loved one may bring unbearable pain and may put one’s entire future at risk. To seek justice against the individual or company responsible for your loss, contact our firm. We handle wrongful death claims for clients throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas in Southern California.

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