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In case your car is involved in an accident, you can count on the Chino car accident lawyer for legal representation. You should not suffer alone after an accident. You do not have to worry about payment. We offer a free consultation. You are not required to pay until your case is won. The Law Firm, Pacific Attorney Group, has years of experience in personal injury accidents. You are assured they will handle your case the best way they know how.

Chino Valley Car Accident

About Chino

As of 2013, Chino’s population was approximately 80,988. Historically Chino’s economy is mainly dependent on agriculture as well as dairy farming. Like in all other cities in the world, there are auto accidents in Chino. In 2014, the number of fatal car accidents was 3 hence the need to have a Chino car accident Attorney. There were 7 fatalities from these accidents. No fatal accidents involved a drunken person, and two pedestrians were involved in these accidents. This is an increase from the statistics recorded in the previous year.

Types of auto accidents that may happen in Chino

The Chino car accident lawyer provides legal representation for all kinds of vehicles. Understanding the types of car accidents that happen
There are many types of car accidents, which include:

Head-on collision

This kind of accident occurs when two cars moving in opposite directions collide. This is among the most serious kinds of accidents.

Rear-end collision

This type of accident is mainly caused by the car ahead making a sudden stop or decelerating unexpectedly. It can also be caused by the sudden acceleration of the car behind causing it to hit the one ahead of it.

Single-car accidents

These are accidents, which involve one car, which hits a stationary object.

T-bone collision

It is also referred to as a side-impact collision. It is when a car is hit on the side by either another car or an object.

The rollover

This happens mostly when a vehicle makes a turn at high speed. The car can end up on its roof or side.

The sideswipe collision

This occurs when two cars, which are moving in the same direction, touch each other. In most cases, this does not cause any major damage.
It does not matter the kind of accident your car got involved in the Chino car accident lawyers will help you out.

Types of Accidental Injuries in Chino 

After an accident, injuries are likely to occur. Due to the impact caused by an auto accident, you are likely to get some injuries. These injuries may include head injuries, back injuries, burns, or even broken bones. During such times let our lawyers worry about getting your claims for you, as you focus on recovery. Contact the Chino car accident attorney for assistance on your claims.

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