Chico Personal Injury Lawyers

Pioneer John Bidwell founded the City of Chico, California in 1860. A decade later, the California and Oregon Railroad provided railroad access to the community. The arrival of many new businesses contributed to significant growth. Educational institutions and businesses relocated into Chico, spurring further expansion before and after the turn of the Twentieth Century.

Today Chico occupies some 33 square miles. The city’s population included over 90,000 residents in January, 2016. Chico offers access to a diversified, prosperous economy and a well-developed municipal infrastructure.

Our Legal Practice

As personal injury and accident attorneys, we strive to represent clients aggressively. We accept cases from Chico and across the State of California.

Our work includes gathering evidence, drafting legal filings and briefs, interviewing witnesses and representing clients in settlement negotiations and administrative and court proceedings. The Pacific Attorney Group offers a full range of important legal services.

Every day, accidents causing financial damage and physical harm occur in California. These incidents run the gamut from auto “fender benders” to unforeseen freak mishaps involving a chain of unlikely unfortunate events. Individuals who become involved in personal injury and accident cases often benefit by discussing their situation with qualified, knowledgeable legal counsel.

An accident that causes serious physical injury may dramatically impact every aspect of an individual’s daily life. Sometimes these traumatic events cause extended loss of work, or permanent disabilities. In this situation, speaking with an attorney at the earliest possible date typically represents a wise course of action.

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The Pacific Attorney Group furnishes robust, aggressive legal representation in personal injury and accident cases. We represent clients throughout the State of California, including residents of Chico.

To speak with one of our attorneys about a legal matter, simply call 1-800-358-9617. Alternatively, you may reach us by filling out the free initial inquiry form on the website.