A sedan rear-ended a pickup truck on State Route 60 in Jurupa Valley, sending one person to the hospital with injuries

Jurupa Valley Crash
One Hospitalized After Rear-End Crash on SR-60 in Jurupa Valley

Jurupa Valley, Calif. – One person was hospitalized after being involved in a rear-end collision Thursday afternoon in Jurupa Valley, the California Highway Patrol reported.

At around 4:05 p.m., emergency personnel responded to State Route 60 west of Valley Way after receiving reports of a two-vehicle collision.

The responders found a red sedan with major front-end damage and a gray Toyota Tacoma involved in the accident.

The sedan reportedly rear-ended the pickup truck for unknown reasons.

Firefighters transported one person to the hospital with unknown injuries.

CHP is investigating the collision.

Speak with a Car Accident Attorney

Rear-end car accidents are among the most common collisions in California and throughout the United States. Rear-end crashes happen when a driver strikes the rear of a vehicle driving in front of them.

This type of collision may be caused by speeding, inattentive or distracted drivers approaching slowing traffic on busy highways, near intersections, or near an accident scene.

Who is at fault for a rear-end collision?

Drivers are expected to maintain a safe distance between their car and the vehicle in front. When a rear-end accident occurs, liability may be on the rear driver or partially on both depending on the circumstances of the collision. If, for example, the driver in front makes an abrupt stop for no apparent reason or the car has malfunctioning brake lights, they may take part of the liability.

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