One of the cars went 10ft off the roadway and had major front-end damage

Salinas Car Accident
Fatal Head-On Collision on Espinosa Road in Salinas

Salinas, Calif. – One person was killed in a head-on collision early Monday morning in Salinas, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The wreck was reported at around 5:46 a.m. on 53 Espinosa Road.

Two vehicles collided head-on in unclear circumstances.

One of the cars went 10ft off the roadway and had major front-end damage.

One person was killed in the accident.

The identity of the deceased was not immediately released.

A tow truck was requested for the scene.

An investigation is underway.

Have You Been Involved in a Head-On Collision?

Head-on collisions are car accidents that occur when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions collide. In most occasions, head-on car accidents are caused by one of the drivers traveling in the wrong direction or trying to pass traffic on a busy freeway. These types of vehicle accidents can be particularly severe due to the high speeds at which many vehicles travel on California roads. 

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