Motorcyclist Hospitalized after Santa Barbara Accident on Mission Canyon Road

Santa Barbara Accident
Santa Barbara, CA: Rider Suffers Minor Injuries in Motorcycle Collision on Mission Canyon Road

Santa Barbara, California (August 8, 2021) – A Santa Barbara accident involving a motorcycle Friday morning sent one person to the hospital, the California Highway Patrol said.

The CHP said the collision occurred on Mission Canyon Road near Foothill Road at approximately 9:20 p.m.

It was not immediately established how a motorcycle and a second vehicle crashed on the roadway.

Minor Injury Santa Barbara Accident

Due to the impact, the rider was ejected from the bike and sustained minor injuries. The unidentified victim was rushed to the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital for medication.

The detectives handling the case are gathering more evidence to determine the cause of the accident.

An Overview of Motorcycle Accident Statistics in California

  • More than 500 motorcyclists died, and more than 15,500 were injured in 2017 in California.
  • About 80% of all annual motorcycle accidents result in injuries or death.
  • California has over 800,000 registered motorcycles, the largest in the nation.

Tips for Safe Riding of Motorcycles

  • Ensure you are properly licensed before riding a motorcycle.
  • Practice how to operate a motorcycle properly.
  • Wear the proper protection.
  • Ride responsibly.