Multiple vehicles collided Wednesday afternoon near Howe Avenue for an unknown reason.

Sacramento Car Accident
One Hospitalized After Multi-Vehicle Collision on Highway 50 in Sacramento

Sacramento, Calif. – One person was hospitalized when multiple vehicles collided Wednesday afternoon on a highway in Sacramento, the California Highway Patrol said.

The collision was reported around 3:39 p.m. on eastbound Highway 50, just west of the Howe Avenue off-ramp.

Seven vehicles, including a motorcycle, were involved in the accident.

Emergency personnel responded and transported one person to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

Investigators did not immediately determine what triggered the pileup but an investigation is ongoing.

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How is fault determined in multi-car accident in L.A.?

A multi-car accident can be difficult to figure out who is at fault due to the fact that there are multiple drivers involved in the accident, each with a different version of what happened.

Here are some of the factors that are usually taken into consideration when trying to determine who is at fault:

The police report

The police report can tell you a lot about the accident. It can include things like witness statements, damage to vehicles, and if there were any traffic violations.

Eyewitness testimony

Eyewitnesses can give you important details about the accident. They may be able to tell you who they saw at the time of the accident.

Physical evidence

The physical evidence you have from the accident can help you reconstruct the accident. For example, you may have skid marks on your car or damage to your car.

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