Mangal Bhatti Killed in Fresno County Car Accident on Clovis Avenue

Mangal Bhatti Killed
Coroner Identifies Mangal Bhatti as Victim Killed in Fresno County Car Crash on Clovis Avenue

Fresno County, California (August 14, 2021) – The victim who died following a Fresno County accident Wednesday has been identified as Mangal Singh Bhatti.

The deadly car crash happened on Clovis Avenue on August 4.

Mangal Bhatti and his friends were searching for a used car to buy on Clovis Avenue when they were involved in an accident. Bhatti decided to stay in the car and rest while waiting for his friends.

An SUV traveling in the area reportedly bounced over a concrete median on Clovis Avenue before slamming into the passenger seat of the Camry where Bhatti had taken a rest.

Mangal Bhatti Fatal Fresno County Collision

Mangal Bhatti died at the hospital while undergoing treatment for serious injuries sustained in the accident.

Additionally, the SUV operator also died following the crash

An investigation into the deadly crash is underway.

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