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When you or an immediate family member has been injured in Long Beach, California, you must seek immediate medical care and treatment for the injuries that you have sustained. That is essential. Then, once your medical issues have been addressed, you need to contact an experience Long Beach personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys in Long Beach have the knowledge, the skills, and the aggressiveness that you need.

Whether the injuries were to yourself or to your close family member, you may have grounds to file a personal injury suit against the person – or persons – whose decision and negligence led to your suffering. Contact a Long Beach personal injury attorney, now, to discuss your situation.

How a Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help You

Your Long Beach personal injury lawyer will spend some time with you, reviewing the circumstances that led to your being injured. They will also review all of the documentation related to the incident, including the police reports, and they may decide to interview people who witnessed what happened or who have firsthand knowledge of the events. Based on what your personal injury lawyer discovers during this process, they will advise you of how best to proceed with your personal injury claim.

If you do have the legal grounds to file a suit against those responsible for your injuries, your personal injury lawyer in Long Beach will explain to you the process, including what to expect and what will be required of you, and then will start the legal proceedings by filing the required paperwork with the courts.

Common Cases Handled by Long Beach Personal Injury Attorneys

Make no mistake about it; there are a seemingly limitless number of situations that can lead to an innocent person – someone just like you – being injured by the negligent behavior and bad decisions of someone else. That being said, there are some more often reported cases handled by personal injury attorneys in Long Beach. Chief among these scenarios are:

If you have been injured – or your loved one was killed – as a result of a situation just like those above, then you likely have grounds for a lawsuit and you need to talk with a personal injury attorney in Long Beach, immediately.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Long Beach, Today

Due to the legal statutes of limitations, you only have a set amount of time in which to file a personal injury claim for the injuries that you have sustained. This means that you need to act – now – and talk with a personal injury lawyer in Long Beach, today. You need to find out your legal options, all of your rights as an injured person, and how best to proceed. Stop delaying and make that simple initial phone call right now. You will be thankful that you did.

Key Areas of Practice & Information

This website includes a good deal of helpful information about personal injury claims and lawsuits in Long Beach, California. We welcome you to browse through the information you will find here, or welcome you to call our office to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your particular case and concerns.

Amputation Accidents

In some cases, an accident may cause a person to lose finger, toe, hand, arm, foot or leg. Dismemberment may actually occur in the accident, or the body part may be injured to such an extent that surgical amputation is the only option. Amputation is a permanent injury that may have a significant impact on one’s life.

Auto Accidents

The most common cause of personal injury cases, auto accidents may cause minor to severe injuries or even wrongful death, depending on the nature and severity of the collision. We handle all types of car accident insurance claims and lawsuits for clients throughout the Long Beach area and area ready to see how we can assist you.

Bicycle Accidents

When a bicycle rider is struck by a motor vehicle, the results are often catastrophic. An injury lawyer at our firm can assist those who have been involved in bicycle accidents, providing sound legal counsel to help them seek fair compensation from the responsible party.

Birth Injuries

When an obstetrician, nurse, physician or other medical professional acts negligently and causes a mother or baby to suffer injury before, during or after childbirth, this may be considered a birth injury. Although these cases have the potential to be highly complex, our experienced professionals understand how to approach these claims to seek fair compensation and to hold the responsible doctor accountable.

Boating Accidents

Accidents that occur on the water may lead to serious or fatal injury. In these matters, our firm offers experienced help to those injured in boat accidents in the Long Beach area. Read more about boating accidents.

Brain Injury

A brain injury may occur as the result of physical trauma or because of a lack of blood flow to the brain. If you or a loved one has suffered any extent of brain injury, our firm can work to hold the responsible individual or business accountable for their conduct.

Burn Accidents

A fire, explosion, defective product or even a car accident may lead to serious burns that change one’s entire quality of life. They also lead to extensive medical bills and the potential need for plastic surgery to repair scarring and disfigurement. In these sensitive matters, you can count on a professional at our firm to protect your rights.

Construction Accidents

An accident at a construction site has the potential to cause serious injury. Falls from scaffolding, heavy equipment malfunction, electrocution and injuries from falling objects are all potential concerns.

Defective Products

If a product has a manufacturing or design defect, it may cause injury to an unsuspecting consumer who is properly using the product. Home appliances, children’s toys, medical devices, auto parts and construction tools are just a few examples of products that may cause serious injury or death if defective. The manufacturer may be held accountable.

Drunk Driving Accidents

A drunk driver is more likely to cause or be involved in a car accident. Alcohol or drug use affects reaction time and one’s judgment, sometimes hindering mental and physical function to the extent that an accident occurs.

Dog Bites

In California, dog owners are held strictly liable for injuries their dogs inflict on another person, and sometimes another animal. This means the dog owner may be held accountable for medical bills and lost earnings even if the dog showed no previous aggressive behavior or did not bite anyone in the past.

Jet Ski Accidents

A Jet Ski accident can lead to drowning, near drowning or serious injuries that will result in extensive medical bills. Whether the accident was caused by operator error, a negligent boat driver or defective Jet Ski part, our firm can help. Click here to read more about Jet Ski accidents.

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals of all kinds are obligated to provide a standard level of care and treatment to patients. If a doctor’s negligence or wrongdoing has led to injury or the loss of a loved one, make sure you involve a professional who has the skill to handle these complex claims.

Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcycle is involved in a collision with another motor vehicle, the rider of the motorcycle is more likely to suffer serious injury. The smaller size and lighter weight of the motorcycle, as well as the fact that the rider is not protected by the steel frame of a car or truck, make the rider prone to injury.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

The elderly may be at risk of injury or wrongful death as the result of abuse or neglect at nursing homes. Medical malpractice, overmedication, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, malnutrition and dehydration are some of the types of cases that our firm handles in this regard.


A brain injury or spinal cord injury may lead to partial or total paralysis. Whether part of the body or the entire body is affected, it will have a significant impact on the victim’s life and ability to work or even care for him or herself. Recovering maximum financial compensation is particularly important in these matters.

Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian who is struck by a car, truck or other motor vehicle may sustain serious or life-threatening injuries, even in a relatively low speed collision. Click here to read more about pedestrian accidents.

Serious & Fatal Injuries

Accidents that cause serious or life-threatening injuries will have a direct impact on a victim’s life and ability to work and take part in activities he or she once enjoyed. We are experienced in handling cases related to the most serious of injuries.

Slip & Fall

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident while on another’s property, this may lead to serious injuries. The property owner may be held responsible for your medical bills, lost wages and other losses or injuries you have experienced.

Trucking Accidents

A collision with a large truck may cause extensive physical injury and emotional trauma, most often to the occupants of the other vehicle as opposed to the driver of the truck. In these cases, the trucking company or driver may be held accountable if they were responsible for the collision.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one is perhaps the most difficult experience one will ever have to deal with, and knowing that their death could have been prevented may only make matters worse. If someone else was negligent or acted wrongfully and caused the death of a loved one, our Long Beach personal injury firm can help.

For a free, confidential consultation regarding your case, contact a Long Beach personal injury attorneys at our firm.

Long Beach Accident Attorneys Will Fight On Your Behalf In Personal Injury Cases

Pacific Attorney Group is a group of Long Beach, California accident attorneys that will fight on your behalf in you have been injured in an accident. We offer a free consultation with no obligation to all accident victims. Speak to a licensed and experienced attorney with many years of experience at no cost to determine if you can receive compensation from your Long Beach accident.

In the hospital or recuperating at a rehabilitation center? Call a Long Beach accident attorney toll free at 562-733-3705 and we can set up an appointment to speak to you at the hospital, rehabilitation center or any other venue that is best for you. You can also set up an appointment over the phone at our Long Beach office located at 5150 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, 2nd Floor Long Beach, California, 90804. Pacific Attorney Group makes consulting with a Long Beach accident attorney easy, stress free and at no cost to you.

Our Long Beach accident attorneys cover a wide expanse of accidents. This includes medical malpractice, slip and falls, burns, construction accidents, dog bites nursing home abuse and neglect and much more. We cover all kinds of automotive accidents including truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, uninsured driver accidents, jet ski accidents and many other automotive accidents including fatal ones.

Serious medical injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain injury, paralysis, wrongful death, amputation, drowning, burns and more is also within our practice. Don’t wait for too long before bringing an accident to court in the state of California. In may cases the statute of limitations is one year for most the personal injury cases. This is why it is imperative for you to consult with and begin proceedings as soon as possible. Otherwise you may be powerless to due anything against the negligence of the opposing party and never get a compensation.

Pacific Attorney Group will work diligently to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. Don’t take on the insurance companies or large corporations on your own. Trust an experienced Long Beach accident attorney with the legal know how to help you settle your case.

In most cases, personal injury cases are settled outside of court without a trial for an agreed upon sum between the two parties. However, if need be Pacific Attorney Group will litigate a case on your behalf and do their utmost to win you the compensation your are entitled to under the law. Call 562-733-3705 toll free 24 hours a day or visit LongBeachpersonalinjuryfirm.com for more information.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Seeking Counsel After a Long Beach Car Accident

Do I need a lawyer?

The question of whether to hire a personal injury lawyer is something you will need to decide for yourself, based on the severity of your accident, your personal needs and whether you have run into any issues in seeking compensation for your injuries. At Pacific Attorney Group, we offer a free initial consultation to help car accident victims determine whether they will benefit from our involvement. You can call our offices at any time for your case review, which we can conduct in person or over the phone. A knowledgeable professional can answer your questions, provide experienced insight to address your concerns and give you the guidance you need to make an informed decision about your case.

Not every auto accident claim will require the attention of an attorney. Legal counsel is usually only necessary if a victim has suffered catastrophic injuries, if there is an issue with a resulting insurance claim or if the accident itself has an added complexity of third party liability (the manufacturer of a defective auto part, a city our county responsible for a dangerous roadway, etc.) You may find it in your best interests to call a Long Beach car accident attorney if:

  • The cause of your accident is being disputed, particularly if the blame is being wrongly placed on your shoulders;
  • Your insurance claim has been unreasonably denied or delayed;
  • You were offered an unfairly low settlement by the insurance company;
  • Your accident involved a complex issue such as a defective auto part or poorly designed/maintained roadway; or
  • Your accident was severe, resulting in serious injuries.

What can a Long Beach car accident lawyer do to help?

No two car accidents are the same, and therefore the steps that a lawyer will take to help a victim seek justice and fair compensation will vary. There are several general issues, however, that a legal professional can handle to pursue the best possible outcome in an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. This may include:

Handling all communication with the insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, law enforcement, the other driver and any other pertinent individuals or companies. This can not only help a victim avoid the time and worry of dealing with these parties, but it can help a victim avoid saying or doing anything that could harm his or her case (such as a statement to an insurance company that implies that the victim was at fault in the collision).

Reviewing any settlement offer made by the insurance company to determine whether it is fair and just. Far too many times, settlements may be accepted simply because a victim believes he or she has no other choice or because a victim is unaware of the true and complete value of his or her claim. An attorney will consider all compensable losses or injuries to seek maximum compensation.

Negotiating with the insurance company if the settlement offer is too low. If the insurance company has offered a low settlement, negotiations may be necessary to reach middle ground.

Pursuing a lawsuit against the insurance provider if bad faith practices have ensued. Insurance companies have an obligation to deal with their clients in a fair manner, and purposefully denying valid claims, offering low settlements, delaying payment or retroactively canceling policies may be violating this obligation. The victim may be able to pursue the full value of his or her original claim, plus additional compensation.

Determining the cause of the accident. If a car accident victim is to pursue compensation from whatever individual or company was responsible for the collision, it will be necessary to determine and prove cause. An attorney can work with investigators, accident reconstruction companies and other professionals to paint a clear picture of the sequence of events that led to the collision. This will help establish liability (legal responsibility) so the victim can pursue financial compensation.

Looking to other sources of compensation, possibly through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. In some cases, car accidents can be attributed to such factors as defective auto parts or dangerous roads. When third parties are involved, an attorney can file a personal injury or wrongful death action against the responsible individual or company.

A Firm Focused on Getting Top Results

In a world where individuals are subjected to workplace injuries with alarming frequency, it’s important for them to attain the legal counsel and assistance necessary to attain financial compensation for their losses. At our Long Beach personal injury firm, we provide clients with the customized, cutting edge legal services necessary to realize this objective. Each of our Long Beach personal injury lawyers can assist clients who have suffered from burn accidents, construction accidents, uninsured motorist accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, boating accidents, jet ski accidents, drunk driving accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and auto accidents. Our attorneys are skilled in assisting individuals who have suffered from a wide range of injuries, including those which result from medical malpractice, dog bites, defective products, and slips and falls. With over 40 years of industry experience, we can provide you with the detailed, diligent services necessary to yield the best possible outcome.

Long Beach Brain Injuries Lawyers

Attorneys Representing Victims of Brain Injuries

Accidents happen every day in Long Beach and more often than not, someone’s negligent behavior contributes to these accidents. The injuries a person can sustain vary depending upon the type of accident and the scale of the accident. Brain injury is a very common type of injury sustained in accidents, especially those involving motor vehicles, including auto accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. A brain injury can have many side effects, including seizures, personality change, loss of movement or control over certain body parts, memory loss, headaches, eye movement disorders, and psychological problems. A brain injury can leave a person in a permanently debilitated state, requiring life-long supervision and medical care.

Whether a brain injury occurs because of a negligent driver or insufficient safety on a construction site, a Long Beach personal injury attorney from our firm can help you. At Pacific Attorney Group, we believe that people who are negligent should provide compensation to people who are injured because of their actions, and we will be thoroughly committed to obtaining justice.

Traumatic & Acquired Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury results from a strong blow to the head, usually involving blunt force. Acquired brain injury occurs when the cells in the brain are affected by lack of oxygen, electrical shock, blood loss, stroke, or heart attack. Both types of brain injuries are serious and can result in debilitating symptoms; they just are inflicted in different ways. Regardless of the type of brain injury you have suffered from, a lawyer from our firm will work with you to find out what can be done for you.

Contact a Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group today to find out how you can be compensated for your brain injury!

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