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Defending the Rights of Oxnard Injury Victims

Being victimized in a preventable accident is one of the most stressful and emotionally exhausting times that you can possibly imagine. Due to the physical, emotional and financial strain that you will be experiencing, it is not unlikely that you will be unsure of where to turn – completely overwhelmed by your circumstances. It might even feel as if you are alone with no one to turn to. This, however, could not be further than the truth. In fact, there is a helping hand waiting for you – all you have to do is reach out for it.

At the Pacific Attorney Group, their legal team has proven themselves as relentless advocates of the injured throughout the Oxnard area. With a reputation for trustworthy and high-caliber legal assistance, you can be confident that they have the track record necessary to back up their promises. They will have more to offer you than just empty words. For this reason, if you choose to work with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney from their firm, you can be confident knowing that you will have comprehensive legal assistance on your side that will truly be effective at helping you to protect your rights in a personal injury claim.

Construction Accidents
A construction accident may easily lead to serious physical injuries. Physical labor and heavy machinery are involved in this field, making a construction site a potentially dangerous place. We handle personal injury and workers’ compensation claims related to these incidents throughout Oxnard and the surrounding areas. Read more about construction accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents
A motorcycle accident has the potential to cause a number of catastrophic injuries, typically to the rider of the motorcycle. Broken bones, road rash, internal organ damage, spinal cord injuries and head trauma may occur, even if the rider is wearing a helmet, gloves, boots and other protective gear. Read more about motorcycle accident.

Slip & Fall
Did you slip or trip and fall while at a restaurant, retail store or other property owned by another person? If you slipped and fell and were seriously injured, now is the time to talk to an attorney about your options. The property owner may be held accountable; we can determine whether this is possible in your case. Read more about slip and fall accidents.

By clicking on the links to the left of the screen or by calling our offices, you can learn more about our other areas of practice, some of which include: auto accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, defective products, dog bites and animal attacks and wrongful death.

Why hire an injury attorney at the firm?

If you choose to work with the legal team at their firm, you can breathe easier knowing that you will be provided with aggressive legal assistance that will be tailor-made to your individual situation. While many firms are content to stretch themselves thin over a variety of practice areas with immeasurable clients, you can be confident that you will never be treated with this type of assistance at their firm. You will be more than a number – you will be valued, respected and cared for.

Oxnard Attorney Services

Oxnard Workers’ Compensation Claims

There are different legal services that our law firm can provide in regard to Oxnard workers’ compensation claims. Our goal in handling these cases is to seek an approved claim and the highest amount of benefits possible, all while offering our client the support and guidance that is often needed in these difficult times. To accomplish this, your workers’ compensation attorney at our firm and our legal team will:

  • Help you get access to the medical care you need, as quickly as possible.
  • Help you in filing your workers’ compensation claim with your employer.
  • Collect and provide all relevant information and paperwork for your Oxnard workers’ compensation claim.
  • Provide any additional evidence that an injury is work-related or of the extent of your injury to seek the full benefits you need.
  • Address any dispute that may arise with negotiation, and requesting a hearing if necessary with the Division of Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board for an official decision on the matter.
  • Protect your legal rights and your interests through the entire process of filing your claim and working toward a settlement or award on your behalf.
  • If your claim is denied, filing an appeal to get a second chance at the outcome you deserve.

When handling your Oxnard workers’ compensation claim, our team will work to answer any questions you have and will keep you informed every step of the way, bringing you peace of mind in knowing that your claim is in good hands. Instead of worrying about your case, you can focus your energy on healing and moving on from this difficult situation. The best part of our firm’s services for your workers’ compensation claim is that you pay no out of pocket legal fees for our services.

Oxnard Personal Injury

When a person is subjected to a personal injury, it may seem that the world has turned upside down. To put everything back in order, our Oxnard personal injury firm is pleased to offer expedient, exemplary legal services. We know that a personal injury can cause serious financial strain and emotional damage, and that’s why we work with skill and speed to help our clients obtain the compensation they deserve. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the field, we excel in providing each client with the knowledgeable, in-depth services they deserve.

Our Oxnard personal injury lawyers are skilled in covering a wide range of practice areas. Some of them include auto accidents, birth injury, bicycle accidents, construction accidents, dog bites, defective products, pedestrian accidents, nursing home abuse, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, workplace accidents, worker’s compensation, and trucking accidents.

Learn more about the personal injury services we provide by reviewing the company site at oxnardpersonalinjury.com.

Oxnard Personal Injury Attorney

One moment you’re fine, the next moment a cruel twist of fate leaves you facing a lifetime of anguish and lost wages. When you have suffered an injury because of the negligence of another and you are left with a permanent loss of function, you didn’t ask for it. You don’t deserve it.

The state of California enables the victims of negligence to seek compensation to cover the costs of medical treatment and lost earnings. We are a firm of Oxnard personal injury attorneys who can guide you through the claims process. Our legal team has a cumulative total of 35 years of experience in helping the injured.

Why do you need an Oxnard personal injury attorney?

Different types of accident require different strategies to prove negligence and correctly determine the appropriate amount of compensation. Insurance companies represent the interests of the defendant and commit themselves to keeping the payout as low as possible. We represent your interests and will work doggedly to secure every penny you deserve to meet your medical and financial needs, immediately and in the future.


Our legal team is uniquely qualified to help injured individuals recover damages in all types of accident. Among them, Mark Shayani, Peter Lazarus and Brian Andrews, have more than 35 years of experience and fully investigate the circumstances of your injury.

Mark Shayani

Medical training
2000: University of Texas School of Medicine
2002: St. Joseph Hospital, Surgery
Special interests
Personal injury
Catastrophic injury claims
Work-related injuries
Peter Lazarus
Medical training
University of SD
University of Chicago
Alfred University, B.A. Philosophy/Psychology
Special interests
Thoroughly familiar with the cheap tactics used by insurance companies, Mr Lazarus is well-equipped to turn the tables and use this knowledge against them to protect his clients’ rights and obtain the maximum favorable result.
Mr Lazarus has practiced law in every county in California.

Personal Injury
Automobile accidents
Bicycle accidents
Birth injury
Defective Products
Dog bites/attacks
Drunken driving accidents
Medical malpractice
Motor vehicle accidents
Nursing home neglect and abuse
Pedestrian injuries
Slips and falls
Trucking accidents
Workers’ compensation
Workplace accidents
Wrongful death

Personal Injury Lawyer Oxnard

Oxnard is a city on the coast of California near the Pacific Ocean. Once occupied by the Chumash Native Americans, Portuguese explorers who claimed the land for Spain, and later, California settlers, Oxnard is today home to musicians, scholars, scientists and entertainers from all parts of the globe. It currently has a population of 208,000 people.

As the population of Oxnard continues to grow, so do personal injury cases in many respects. At Pacific Attorney Group, we’ve undertaken a number of personal injury cases in the area.

Personal Injury Accidents Are Unpredictable

Accidents at work, on the road or basically anywhere happen when you least expect them. This presents a terrible situation because when you least expect them seems to always be at the worst times.

Our expert team of personal injury lawyers can help you figure out how to navigate this difficult time in your life and get compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve endured. We want to help you deal with all of those medical bills piling up. We want to help you get back on your feet after suffering lost wages. Take a look at the service areas we work in, and give us a call right away if you’ve been involved in one of these situations:

* Brain Injury
* Truck Accidents
* Car Accidents
* Motorcycle Accidents
* Work Accidents
* Dog Bites
* Wrongful Death
* Workers Compensation
* Bike Accidents

Pacific Attorney Group Can Take on Your Personal Injury Case

At Pacific Attorney Group, we want to take on your case and make your life easier after this horrible experience. Going through a car, truck or bicycle accident can be trying not only on your body and mind, but also on your finances. You’ll be dealing with lost wages and salary pay, and you might even be presented with medical bills that your health insurance won’t cover.

If this is the case for you, let our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys assist you. Just remember that you need to act fast because these cases are time sensitive and take additional time to get in order. You may be eligible for a large compensation, but we need to check out your case first and make that assessment. If you’ve recently undergone a serious injury, give Pacific Attorney Group a call at 1-800-358-9617 today.

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