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Bellflower faces the same challenges and responsibilities of any growing suburban community. Home to a variety of industries and surrounded by freeways, it also faces the risks that would be expected in such an area, including the risk of accidents. The victims of accidents and their families may require financial compensation, but they will also need proper legal representation to assure that they are treated fairly under the laws of California. These individuals need the type of legal assistance that is available from the Pacific Attorney Group.

The Risk of Accidents
The type of accidents that may occur in Bellflower or surrounding communities include traffic crashes, automobile-pedestrian and automobile-bicycle accidents, wrecks involving large trucks, workplace mishaps, falls, and attacks by dogs. Other risks come from the use of household products, including chemicals, power tools, toys, and even items that are consumed. A significant number of personal injury cases occur in hospitals and clinics and may involve improper or unnecessary medical procedures or the use of the wrong or the incorrect dosage of a needed medication. The Pacific Attorney Group is prepared to help victims involved in such cases. Its areas of expertise are as follows:

Taking Legal Action
Those who harm others through their own negligence are legally responsible for the damage and injury they have caused. However, the legal system of this country can be complicated and difficult to navigate. An insurance company from the opposing side may attempt to reduce the responsibility of its client. There may even be an attempt to place the responsibility on the victim for the purpose of reducing the damages to an insufficient amount. A lawyer understands the laws and the workings of the system, and will use this knowledge to the benefit of the client. Compensation may be needed to cover medical expenses or lost wages stemming from an injury, and may also be sought by the relatives of someone killed or injured in an accident. However, it will take a personal injury attorney to ensure the best possible outcome of the case. If you are the victim of an accident or are related to one, contact the Pacific Attorney Group at 1-800-358-9617.

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