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When people think of Southern California, sounds of Sheryl Crow songs and images of sunshine immediately fill people’s heads. Westminster, California is no different. This city was incorporated back in 1957 and has been rapidly growing ever since. Today, the population approaches close to 100,000 people. It has developed a reputation as a common tourist destination for people looking for warm weather during colder times of the year. On the other hand, this growing population has also led to a large number of car accidents. In Orange County, home to Westminster, there were over 230,000 car accidents during 2014. Over 150,000 of these caused injuries. Close to 3,000 of these caused fatalities. Over 800 involved pedestrians. Over 3,500 accidents involved alcohol or other substances. In Westminster alone, multiple people are killed in car accidents each month. When it comes to car accidents, people should definitely ask for help.

An Attorney Can Help

When someone in Westminster is involved in an auto accident, there are things a person should immediately do. People should check around at the scene of an accident to look for injuries. These are important to note because people could require medical assistance. Call for help immediately. Next, make sure to contact the police. They will need to assess the accident scene. Make sure to talk to other people involved to collect information such as insurance status, license plate information, and contact information. Also, reach out to a Westminster car accident lawyer. A lawyer can significantly help when it comes to car accidents involving injuries or tickets. Unfortunately, these are all too common when it comes to an auto accident. Furthermore, insurance issues also commonly need legal attention. When it comes to car accidents, it is better not to take any risks. Make sure to reach out to a car accident lawyer Westminster.

Types of Accidents

A Westminster car accident lawyer can help with a wide variety of auto accidents. First of all, accidents involving trucks always require a lawyer’s attention. Truck are large vehicles that commonly result in serious injuries or significant damage to property. Even SUV’s are large enough to cause significant amounts of damage. Sometimes people get distracted by children rolling around in the back seat. Other times it is a road distraction. Regardless, SUV’s can cause significant damage. Finally, typical car accidents are common issues that lawyers deal with. Make sure to contact a lawyer for help with an accident.

T-bones are serious accidents where a car impacts another car on the broad side. They can cause serious injury to arms, legs, and heads. Other times, one car can rear end another car. This can cause a whiplash injury that can damage people’s necks. Even air bags, which can save lives, can cause facial burns. It is very easy to sustain an injury in a car accident.

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