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Legal Aid for Workers’ Comp Claims

Workers’ compensation law is a field that covers any type of work-related injury. This may include an injury sustained in a workplace accident(such as on a construction jobsite), an illness caused by toxic exposure at work, physical trauma experienced by performing the same action over and over, or any type of injury that is related to one’s job or that occurs at the workplace. When an employee in Oakland experiences any type of work injury, he or she has the right to seek benefits by filing for workers’ comp.

Helping Injured Workers in Oakland, California

It may be difficult for an injured worker to fully understand his or her rights regarding workers’ comp benefits. This and the fact that the worker may be subject to wrongful treatment by his or her employer or by the insurance company in filing for workers’ compensation make it all the more important to involve an attorney to help with your case. You can rest assured that your legal rights and interests will be protected when you trust your workers’ comp case to an attorney at the Pacific Attorney Group.

Oakland Advantages of Workers’ Compensation

There are a number of advantages that workers’ compensation may offer an injured employee. After a workplace accident or any type of work injury, an employee will have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim in order to seek benefits for his or her injuries. This applies no matter who was at fault in causing the accident or injury. As long as the injury was work related, this may provide sufficient grounds for a workers’ compensation claim. This may make a significant difference for the injured worker, as he or she will be relieved from the burden that applies to other types of injury claims and will often make it much easier to recover benefits.

Workers’ compensation offers other advantages for employees throughout Oakland, including entitling an employee to up to $10,000 in medical treatment before his claim is approved, and legal recourse in the event of employer retaliation such as demotion or wrongful termination. Even if a claim is denied, an employee will be able to file an appeal in order to seek a reversal or review of this decision.

Under workers’ compensation laws, an Oakland employee injured at work may be entitled to different types of benefits, including for medical care, lost wages and possibly continued compensation if he or she is permanently disabled. Benefits may also be provided to help an injured worker return to the workforce if he or she is no longer able to return to the same position or line of work.

Oakland Filing Workers’ Comp Claim

A Lawyer Can Help You File for Workers’ Compensation

Filing for workers’ compensation may be complicated. Once you have reported your injury to your employer and have filed the claim itself, you may face a review by the claims administrator, who will most likely work for the workers’ compensation insurance company or your employer. This review will be conducted in order to determine the validity of your claim. Questions may arise regarding whether your accident was actually work-related and what your claim should be worth. You may face a dispute, a hearing or even a denied claim and may therefore need to file an appeal.

That is why we highly recommend hiring a workers’ compensation attorney to help with your claim, as this will help ensure that your claim is properly filed and that you have the opportunity to seek the full benefits allowed by California workers’ compensation law.

The Process of Filing for Workers’ Compensation

Following is a brief description of how to file for workers’ compensation in Oakland:

  • Once you are injured in an accident or discover that your injury was work related it is important to inform your employer of what occurred.
  • Your employer should provide you with a workers’ compensation claim form.
  • Fill out the claim form and return it to your employer.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible (once you have filed a claim, you should be entitled to receive up to $10,000 in medical treatment even before your claim is approved).

Acting quickly in filing your Oakland workers’ compensation claim is important. If you do not inform your employer within 30 days of your injury or your knowledge that an injury or illness is work related this may limit your ability to recover benefits.

Following are some of your main rights as an injured worker in Oakland, California:

  • The right to receive effective medical care promptly, in the wake of your injury or accident.
  • The right to file a workers’ compensation claim in the event of any work-related injury.
  • The right to up to $10,000 in medical treatment paid by the claims administrator, even before your claim is approved.
  • The right to seek an examination or medical attention from someone other than your employer’s doctor.
  • Protection against employer retaliation, such as wrongful termination, for filing a workers’ compensation claim.
  • The right to benefits suited to your particular claim and injuries, such as medical benefits, disability benefits, and more.

Advocating Your Rights as an Injured Worker

Would you like an experienced professional to protect your rights as an injured worker, so you can reap the full benefits that workers’ compensation has to offer?

Oakland Workers’ Comp Attorney Services

The services of a competent attorney may have a significant, positive impact on the successful resolution of your workers’ compensation claim and your ability to recover the full benefits to which you may be entitled under California law. An Oakland workers’ comp attorney at our law firm may be able to provide various different services to you in the filing of your workers’ compensation claim. This may include:

Immediately following your workplace accident, helping you to receive the prompt and effective medical care to which you should be entitled.

Filing your Oakland workers’ compensation claim with your employer.

Handling any communication with the claims administrator in regard to a settlement, questions about the validity of your claim, proof that your injury was work related, and more.

Representing you in any dispute that may arise regarding your settlement, and representing you in the event of a hearing in front of an administrative law judge of the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Filing an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board if your claim is denied for any reason.

Protecting your legal rights and interests through every step of the process associated with filing your claim and seeking benefits.

Offering you more than just the legal counsel you need but also a shoulder to lean on during this difficult time.

Involving an Oakland Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Taking full advantage of our attorney services in relation to your Oakland workers’ compensation claim means that you will be able to focus on healing and spending time with loved ones rather than the myriad of issues that may arise with your claim. With our law firm to service your claim and support you through this process, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

State & Government Employee Workers’ Comp Claims

People that work for the state or local government in Oakland, California may be at risk of sustaining workplace injuries, just as any employee may be. At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent clients throughout Oakland in all types of state workers’ compensation claims, including those involving employees of the Oakland Police Department, Oakland Fire Department, Department of Motor Vehicles, City of Oakland, Department of Health Care Services, or State of California. No matter what your job may be or what department you may work for, an attorney at our law offices may be able to help.

About State Workers’ Compensation Claims

A government employee may be in need of filing a state workers’ compensation claim for different reasons: workplace accidents, work-related injuries or exposures at work that cause injury or illness. Our law firm is familiar with handling all types of workers’ comp matters, including the filing of a claim and representing our client in any dispute that may arise. If your claim has been denied, we can help by filing an appeal with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board to seek a reversal of this decision.

Types of Benefits Available

There are different types of benefits that may be available to an injured worker who files for workers’ compensation in Oakland, California. The extent of injury and whether the worker suffers from a temporary or permanent disability will affect these benefits, as well as whether the worker is able to return to his or her previous position or field.

Our goal is to help you recover all possible benefits under workers’ compensation law, such as:

  • Medical benefits
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits or vocational rehabilitation benefits
  • Death benefits

An Attorney Can Help You Recover Full Benefits for Your Oakland Workers’ Comp Claim

Legal representation is of the utmost importance in workers’ compensation claims, particularly for those that involve serious injuries or disabilities. These claims may be complex, and at times an injured worker will not be able to recover full workers’ compensation benefits due to a denied claim or even employer interference with the workers’ comp claim process. Before you can receive workers’ comp benefits, your claim will be subject to review by a claims administrator, who typically works for the insurance company or your employer and is responsible for investigating your claim and arranging payment for medical care and other benefits. If a dispute arises or your claim is denied, your attorney will play an important role in working to protect your rights and helping you recover full benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Appeal

It may be necessary to file an appeal for a workers’ compensation claim if your claim was denied. At Pacific Attorney Group, we assist clients in appealing decisions by administrative law judges and even the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board in order to offer them another chance at seeking and recovering the benefits they need. The denial of your claim does not mean that it is over or that you will now have no opportunity of recovering benefits. It simply means that we will start the next step in the process: filing an appeal on your behalf.

Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board is a 7-member judicial body that is responsible for monitoring the adjudication process and reviewing decisions made by administrative law judges through the application of California Labor Code. If your Oakland workers’ compensation claim was denied, it will be our next step to file a Petition for Reconsideration with the Appeals Board to have your claim looked at again and possibly to reverse this denial.

Oakland Workers’ Comp Denials

Denied Workers’ Comp Claim? Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

At times, an Oakland workers’ compensation claim may be denied. If your claim was denied and you would like to explore your options in getting a second chance at seeking and recovering benefits, an attorney at our law firm can help. We can help you appeal this decision by filing a Petition for Reconsideration with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, which is responsible for reviewing decisions made by administrative law judges for the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Why a Claim is Denied

An Oakland workers’ comp claim may be denied on the grounds that the injury cannot be proven to be work related. Although an injured worker does not need to prove fault in a workers’ compensation claim, the injury must have occurred at work or in the performance of his or her job duties to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The claims administrator that reviews your Oakland workplace accident, exposure or injury claim may work for the insurance company or possibly your employer, and it is possible that this person made a mistake or that your side of the story was not properly represented and your claim was therefore unfairly denied. Let our firm help you seek a second chance.

Oakland Workers’ Comp Resources

What is Workers’ Compensation?

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Settlements for Workers’ Comp Claims

Most disputed Oakland workers’ compensation claims are resolved outside of court by way of a settlement. There are two primary types of workers’ comp settlements: a Compromise and Release and Stipulated Finding and Award. Both involve an agreement that both parties, the injured worker and the employer, will come to in regard to workers’ compensation benefits. In a Stipulated Finding and Award, both parties will come to an agreement regarding the benefits that the injured worker will receive, often involving regular disability payments that will be paid for a set period of time. A Compromise and Release typically involves a large lump sum that covers past and possibly future benefits and will end the injured workers’ right to future benefits. When you work with an Oakland workers’ comp lawyer at our law firm, we will work to secure the settlement that is right for you.

When an Oakland workers’ compensation claim is settled, a judge will then review the final agreement that you and your employer have come to. The judge will review this to ensure it is fair. Upon finding that the workers’ comp settlement is fair, the judge will sign an order that puts it into full effect and holds both parties to this now legally binding agreement.

When a Workers’ Comp Settlement Isn’t Possible

At times, the insurance company or your employer simply will not make a reasonable offer. It takes two sides to settle a workers’ compensation case, and if the insurance company will not make an offer that you think is fair, it may be in your best interests to take your case to court. Although this is not our first course of action, at Pacific Attorney Group we will not hesitate to protect our client’s interests in court if we believe this is the best way to secure the full financial compensation they deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Workers’ compensation was adopted in California in the 1920s, offering injured workers throughout the state the opportunity to recover benefits for all work related injuries on a no-fault basis, meaning the worker does not need to prove that someone else caused the injury or was at fault. Unfortunately, along with this social insurance program came fraudulent claims and other types of fraud or misrepresentation, committed by employees as well as employers, insurance companies and medical care providers involved in the workers’ compensation process.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimated in 2000 that workers’ compensation fraud cost the injury approximately $5 billion every year. Although some may consider workers’ compensation fraud to be a victimless crime, it costs insurance companies and these expenses are passed on to policyholders and the public in general.

Workers’ compensation fraud is a felony offense in California. California’s Fraud Assessment Division, law enforcement and district attorneys throughout the state work aggressively to investigate and prosecute workers’ compensation insurance fraud. In 2007, district attorneys reported a total of 1,063 prosecuted workers’ comp fraud cases with a total of 527 convictions and $10,348,834 recovered in restitution (money paid back as compensation for losses).

Oakland Trench Collapse Accidents

Working in any kind of excavation project can be a dangerous prospect.  A trench collapse or other cave-in or compromise of the side walls can lead to an accident involving serious, life-threatening injuries or even death.  Besides the clear risks of being crushed by falling soil or rock, there also exists significant danger of suffocation and asphyxiation.  If there is water in the trench, drowning could occur or if the excavation involves utilities, electrocution is a risk.  Trench collapses and cave-ins are a significant risk in construction projects in the U.S., leading to an estimated 100 fatalities and over 1,100 injuries per year.  If you or a loved one has suffered a trench collapse accident, it is important that you protect your rights and pursue a claim for compensation.  Answers to your questions and more details can be obtained by contacting an Oakland workers’ compensation lawyer.

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has strict safety guidelines for companies with workers in trenching and excavation projects.  If certain protections and conditions are not met by construction companies, a case of negligence may be in order . In addition to following and implementing OSHA regulations, companies should follow other guidelines such as:

  • Installation and maintenance of retaining walls and trench boxes
  • Evaluation of soil condition before excavation
  • Having a qualified safety representative on site
  • Communication with utility companies before excavation
  • Required use of safety equipment, such as hard hats
  • Regular inspections of the trench project to look for possible safety compromises
  • Proper safety training for employees

Oakland Scaffolding Accidents

Many do not realize that scaffolding accidents are one of the most common and dangerous of all injuries on a construction site.  There are countless cases in which the worker was severely injured or lost their lives when scaffolding collapsed.  Accidents that include falls are the number one most common of all construction injury accidents.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a scaffolding accident, it is strongly advised that you contact an Oakland Workers’ Compensation attorney without delay.  The injuries sustained in these dangerous workplace injuries can be life-threatening or cause permanent damage to the victim.


Oakland Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you were injured at work, you may wonder whether you should hire a lawyer. This is an important decision to consider, as your choice in hiring a lawyer may have an impact on the outcome of your case and primarily on the amount of benefits you may be entitled to receive. Although workers’ compensation law offers you a great deal of protection and assistance in the wake of any workplace accident or injury, an Oakland workers’ comp lawyer will be the one to ensure your rights are not violated and that you are able to fully benefit from all the advantages workers’ compensation has to offer.

Oakland Overview of Workers’ Compensation Law

Workers’ compensation law serves to help both employers and employees in regard to workplace accidents and injuries. When an Oakland worker is injured on the job, he or she will be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits regardless of the circumstances of his or her injury and without having to prove that someone else was at fault. Conversely, an employer will be protected from legal action taken by the employee for work-related injuries. California employers are required to pay for workers’ compensation benefits for their employees. Most of the time, an employer will utilize an insurance company authorized to handle these transactions. When an employer is secure enough, however, it may self-insure in regard to workers’ compensation coverage.

By law, injured workers have particular rights, including the right to medical treatment after filing a workers’ compensation claim, even before the claim is approved. Employers or the insurance company covering workers’ compensation claims are required to cover up to $10,000 in medical treatment. They are required by law to provide this coverage within one working day of the injured worker filing his or her claim.


Types of Accidents -Workers’ Comp Accidents

  • Equipment Malfunction
  • Explosion Accidents
  • Falling Objects
  • Ladder Accident
  • Electrocution Accidents
  • Scaffolding Accident
  • Trench Collapse

Workers’ Comp Exposures

  • Toxic Exposure

Types of Injuries

  • Spinal Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Asbestos Cases

Employer Retaliation

Oakland Explosion Accident Lawyer

Complications from Explosion Accidents

Explosions can occur on a number of different job sites, but happen most frequently in an industrial setting such as a chemical plant or oil refinery, or on construction sites.  Injuries from an explosion and subsequent fire may be extremely traumatic and include:

  • Severe burns
  • Nerve damage
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss or arms or legs
  • Limited ability to move or walk

As these accidents can be so devastating, there may be months of hospital and medical care needed to treat the injuries, as well as ongoing physical therapy and rehabilitation.  The injured victim may also need job retraining if they are unable to return to the activity they were engaged upon when they were injured.  Being in an explosion may also cause psychological damage as well that must be addressed.  It is in your best interest to hire an Oakland workers’ comp attorney who will fight to protecting your legal rights if you have been hurt in an explosion accident.  The outcome of a legal action related to your claim may be extremely important to your future health, both physical and financial.

Who is at fault in an explosion accident?

Negligence is usually found to be the cause of explosion accidents, so it is vital that a full investigation be done as part of your claim.  There may be additional third-parties who are liable for your injuries, such as manufacturers whose products are defective.  You may be able to recover damages from these sources, as well as receiving benefits from your worker’s comp claim.  The attorneys at Pacific Law Group have many years of experience representing both workers’ comp and third party liability claims.  They can help recover the damages you need to help improve the quality of your life, or the life of your loved one.

Oakland Falling Objects and Workers’ Comp Claims

Falling objects are a serious hazard in all types of construction accidents as well as in other types of worksites such as warehouses, moving companies and others.  The danger to the worker in accidents in which a heavy object, tool, piece of equipment or manufactured item falls on their head can be serious.  Many catastrophic injuries such as permanent brain damage, serious concussions result, as well other injuries including fractures, crushed limbs, spinal cord damage and others.  In any such case, legal representation should be immediately retained in order to protect your right to fair compensation for damages.  An Oakland workers’ comp attorney from Pacific Attorney Group can assist you in the claims process, and protect your right to support after an injury in such an accident.

Oakland Falling Object Injury Claims

The circumstances surrounding the accident must be fully evaluated to determine who is liable in the case.  It could be a failure to adhere to the safety requirements in the workplace, a freak accident or an equipment failure.  After reviewing the details of the case, our legal team can advise you how they will proceed in seeking compensation for damages.  If there are third parties that may have contributed to the incident, this will be investigated in order to determine liability and whether a claim can be filed against that third party.

Each case is very individual in degree of injury and the circumstances surrounding the case, and after an analysis, our legal team will file the claim related to the accident.  If you are unable to continue working due to injuries, this must be addressed in the claim.  In very serious injury cases, in which the injured victim has suffered catastrophic injuries, this is a very important matter to the future of the injured and their families.  Such claims will be addressed professionally and skillfully by the lawyer representing you, seeking to assist the injured in having the best possible quality of life after such an accident.

Oakland Ladder Injury Accidents

Ladders are necessary tools in all types of construction and remodeling projects, and are usually safe.  However, in certain cases very serious injuries occur when a ladder collapses or is knocked over by another worker, equipment or other unexpected event.  The injuries that are sustained in these accidents can be extremely serious for the worker, including spinal cord injuries, head injuries, brain injuries and fractures as well as less serious injuries.  Any worker suffering such an accident has the right to make a Workers’ Compensation claim, but in many cases, they do not receive the compensation that they really could deserve, based on their injuries and other damages.  It is strongly urged that if you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident it is critical that you get legal representation from an Oakland workers comp attorney to assist you in making your claim.

Oakland Workers’ Comp Attorney

When an Oakland worker is injured in any accident or other situation related to his or her duties at work, this may qualify the worker to receive benefits for medical care and lost wages in relation to his or her injuries. This is covered by a social insurance program called workers’ compensation. All employers, with few exceptions, are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, which provides financial compensation in the wake of any work-related injury. This may include any accident at work, injury related to a repetitive motion or carrying out one’s job, toxic exposure at work, or virtually any injury that is work-related.

Workers’ Comp Brain Injury Lawyer

Suffering from a brain injury can change your life and the lives of your family members forever.  The impact can be devastating, both to your physical health and your financial stability and well-being.   Quality and enjoyment of life can be adversely effected in profound ways and changes to personality are common.  In milder cases of brain injury, you may experience headaches, cognitive function difficulties, memory loss and mood swings.  In more severe cases, there may be evidence of high level cognitive function issues, partial or full loss of the use of limbs, abnormal or difficult speech, severe memory loss and long-term coma.  If you or a loved one has experienced a work-related accident leading to a brain injury, help is available by contacting an Oakland workers’ compensation attorney.

One of the leading causes of work-related brain injury is accidental falls.  If an employer has created dangerous work conditions or has been negligent in keeping safe work conditions you are at great risk for a slip or fall.  This can lead to a concussion, a serious medical condition in and of itself, or even permanent brain damage.  Another cause of brain injury can be exposure to toxic materials at the workplace for a prolonged period of time.  All of these situations can be prevented and employers are bound by OSHA and EPA regulations.

Workers’ Comp Employer Retaliation Cases

Although many workers’ compensation claims are handled fairly and with proper attention by employers, there are situations where an employer will wrongfully punish an employee for being injured on the job or for filing or attempting to file a workers’ compensation claim. This is known as “employer retaliation” and is illegal. If you have been the victim of employer retaliation in relation to an Oakland workers’ compensation claim, you may have the right to take legal action against your employer.

About Employer Retaliation and Workers’ Compensation

There are many different types of employer retaliation that may be related to workers’ compensation. Employer retaliation may occur at any step in the workers’ comp process: right after an employee is injured or reports an injury to the employer, when the employee expresses a desire to file a workers’ compensation claim, after the claim is filed, and during an investigation of the claim. Following are some potential types of employer retaliation that an Oakland employee may be subjected to:

  • Wrongful termination of his or her employment
  • Refusal to rehire the employee when he or she recovers
  • Demotion
  • Unfair treatment in regard to promotion or other opportunities at work
  • Interference with the workers’ compensation process
  • Unfair performance reviews
  • Any type of discrimination or harassment

Spinal Injury

Sustaining a spinal injury is among the most feared injuries one can endure.  Repercussions from such an injury can be life-long and can have a grave impact on your quality of life.  Not only you lose the ability to participate in previously enjoyed physical activities, your ability to work and maintain financial stability can be greatly affected.  Because of the loss of employment opportunities, you and your family can be put at a significant future risk.  If you have endured a workplace accident, slip, or fall that was caused by negligence, your employer may be held liable for financial damages because of spinal injury.  Don’t let worry overwhelm you.  You can receive help and answers today about your case by contacting an Oakland workers’ compensation attorney.

Spinal injuries generally cause damage to the nervous system that carries signals to and from your brain.  They can result in permanent nerve damage and loss of sensation in your limbs, as well as greatly reduce and impair your mobility.  The chronic pain that accompanies a spinal injury can be intense and debilitating, requiring years of therapy and treatment.  In severe cases, you may even be subject to paraplegia and quadriplegia, leaving you wheelchair bound for life.  Without swift and proper diagnosis and treatment, a spinal injury can continue to grow worse in symptoms because of bone fragments that may be pressing against sensitive nerve tissue.

Financial Benefits for Work-Related Injuries

When a person is injured in a workplace accident, such as a construction accident, he or she will be able to recover financial benefits by way of a
workers’ compensation claim. In California, injured workers are offered workers’ compensation benefits for any type of work accident, regardless of the circumstance surrounding the incident and who was at fault. The freedom from proving that someone else caused the accident offers an employee the opportunity to recover the money he or she needs for medical care and other damages more quickly and easily, but it limits his or her ability to sue for employer negligence.

Understanding your particular legal options and your rights in filing a workplace accident claim is important, if you are to have the best chance of recovering the money you need. An Oakland accident lawyer at our law firm can offer you a free review of your case, at which time we can evaluate the matter, answer your questions and help you get the information you need to make an informed choice about your case.

When a person is injured in any workplace accident, he or she will have the right under law to file a workers’ compensation claim. This claim will allow the injured worker to seek certain benefits that will help with medical care and lost wages associated with his or her injuries. One of the most advantageous parts of Oakland workers’ compensation claims in regard to workplace accidents is that the employee does not need to prove that someone else caused the accident or was responsible for his or her injuries. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, and this means that fault does not need to be established in order for a victim to be entitled to benefits.

Helping Victims of Work Accidents

A work accident may include any type of accident, ranging from a minor slip and fall to a fatal industrial accident, that occurs at the workplace or in the employee’s act of carrying out his or her job duties. At Pacific Attorney Group, we take on all cases of this kind for our clients.

Workplace Exposure Attorney

Were you recently diagnosed with a medical condition, or have you become aware that an injury is related to exposure to a toxic substance at work or the performance of your job? If this is the case, you may be able to seek benefits under workers’ compensation law. An Oakland workers’ compensation lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group can help.

Once you become aware that your illness or injury may be work related, it is important that you report this to your employer immediately. A delay in informing your employer and filing a workers’ compensation claim may mean that you will be unable to recover benefits at all. Within one working day of you informing your employer of a potential workplace exposure injury, your employer should provide you with a workers’ compensation claim form to fill out.

What is Workplace Exposure?

Injury from workplace exposure is not limited to only particularly dangerous fields, such as construction or manufacturing. Almost any worker may be at risk of suffering an injury that is related to exposure at work. “Exposure” may include a situation where an employee comes into contact with chemicals, toxins or radiation as well as naturally occurring substances that may cause harm, such as mold. Additional types of exposure may be exposure to repetitive motions that cause certain medical conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. From a worker at an industrial plant all the way to a secretary in an office building, virtually any Oakland worker may be at risk of injury due to workplace exposure.