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Motorcycles and Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a civil court charge made by a loved one, a family or other interested party against a person who could be found liable for having caused a death. The civil action succeeds simply by evidencing a preponderance of evidence on the cause of the death. The word ‘preponderance’ can generally be defined as ‘a majority of evidence or argument’. It can be thought of simply as ‘one argument clearly better than an opposing argument’. A successful claim of wrongful death can have very severe penalties associated with it.

Wrongful death claims can be brought before a civil court in Orange County. Someone having lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident can choose to bring forth a charge of wrongful death against a participant in the accident. Only immediate family members may file such a claim, such as a spouse, sibling, child or parent.

The concept of “Preponderance of Evidence” can have associated with it a subjectivity that argues with some facts the strong likelihood of wrongful death. A finding of wrongful death thus does not usually require any evidence stronger than this Preponderance of Evidence. Both the allegation of wrongful death and its defense require unusual skill by its lawyers in presenting an argument successfully. This makes it extremely important that someone affected by a death in a motorcycle accident, acquire the services of a highly competent and experienced Orange County Motorcycle Accident Attorney to represent them when wrongful death is being claimed.

Are you affected by a motorcycle accident involving a wrongful death claim?

The legal team at Pacific Attorney Group is very highly skilled in collecting data, both facts and viewpoints from witnesses and others, and with this data organizing and presenting an argument successfully in a wrongful death claim in Orange County. We know clearly the degree of evidence or lack of it that would successfully establish or deny the presence of a preponderance of evidence. Our long experience with a variety of civil and criminal cases, our ability and thoroughness in evidence collection, assembly of a wrongful death argument, and our past successes in the court proceedings dealing with wrongful death arguments, we are a formidable advocate in wrongful death court cases.

If you find yourself a party in a wrongful death civil court action following a motorcycle accident, contact an Orange County Wrongful Death Attorney at the earliest possible moment.

Orange County Wrongful Death Cases

Car Accidents and Wrongful Death Lawsuits

When a negligent, drunk or reckless driver causes a fatal accident, it may be possible to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the close relatives to the innocent person who lost their lives in this tragic circumstance. These cases are extremely emotional for all involved, and the terrible loss of a loved one and the effect on the families is unimaginable. Any such case requires a skilled Orange County wrongful death attorney in order to address the damages and losses suffered by the family left behind.

Orange County Wrongful Death Lawyer

The legal team at Pacific Attorney Group has over 35 years of collective experience in addressing serious injury and wrongful death cases and is prepared to evaluate the situation and advise you what legal recourse you may have after losing a family member through the negligence of another person or corporation. Wrongful death cases that result from the negligence of another driver must be carefully prepared and presented, often requiring a trial in order to fight for justice. In some cases, a settlement is reached prior to a trial, but in either case the case must be thoroughly researched with all documentation related to the accident, the damages suffered by the family, including financial, emotional and others. Although no financial award can come close to balancing the loss of a treasured family member, the settlement, judgment or verdict reached in the case can provide the financial support that is necessary and fair for those who have suffered this terrible loss.

It is important the the legal action begins fairly soon after the incident, as there is a statute of limitations in such cases and one want to ensure that it is filed in a timely manner. The legal team at the firm is compassionate, experienced and dedicated to assisting families in this terrible and difficult matter.

Wrongful Death Lawyer Orange

Help is Readily Available from Local Wrongful Death Lawyers in Orange, California

Coming to terms with the unexpected, untimely death of a dearly loved immediate member of your family is horribly difficult. Then, the process of making the final arrangements and trying to make one’s way through the piles of official paperwork, can seem overwhelming. All of this, compounded with your belief that your loved one’s death was a preventable event – that someone behaving in a negligent manner caused the death – has your emotions on overload.

Thankfully, assistance is available. You may have grounds for a wrongful death claim or lawsuit against the party or parties who caused the death of your loved one, but only a wrongful death lawyer can make that determination. Making the decision to work with such a lawyer means answers to your questions, a knowledgeable evaluation of the situation, and an explanation of your legal options and rights. This help is readily available, but you have to reach out and ask for it. Call and ask for legal help, now, from a local wrongful death lawyer in Orange.

Causes of Wrongful Deaths, According to Experienced Orange Wrongful Death Lawyers

Wrongful death can be caused by any number of situations; what it comes down to, though, is someone acting in an irresponsible manner or making negligent decisions. According to experienced Orange wrongful death lawyers, some of the more common causes of wrongful death in the city involve:
• Medical Mishaps
• Medical Malpractice
• Dangerous or Bad Prescription Drugs
• Nursing Home Abuse
• Assisted Living Facility Neglect
• Medical Device Failures
• Car Crashes
• Distracted Drivers
• Drunk Drivers
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Big Rig and Trucking Accidents
• Workplace Accidents
• Construction Job Site Accidents
• Slips, Trips, and Falls
• Dangerous, Defective, and Faulty Products

Answers and Assistance Are a Phone Call Away: Call a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Orange

You have legal questions and concerns; with one phone call, you will have answers and reassurance. Call and speak with a wrongful death lawyer in Orange, today, and sleep better this evening, knowing that someone is looking out for you and your family.

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Orange County Vehicular Manslaughter Accident Lawyer

Vehicular Manslaughter Involving Motorcycles

A charge of manslaughter usually occurs following a motorcycle accident in Orange County that results in the accidental death of an individual. California law governing manslaughter is complex, as are the variety of relevant conditions or circumstances that might be present in the accident. Matters such as drug intoxication, willfulness, negligent disregard, and other similar factors can bear on the fact of manslaughter and the seriousness of the crime committed. This complexity demands that someone in a motorcycle accident that results in death have the help of an experienced, knowledgeable and persistent Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer with successful experience in vehicular manslaughter cases.

Have you been charged with vehicular manslaughter in an Orange County motorcycle accident?

Many factors can affect the outcome of a vehicular manslaughter criminal charge in California:

  • Did the accident cause the death?
  • What was the state of mind of the person causing the accident?
  • Were drugs or alcohol involved?
  • Was there negligence, and was it willful?

As one might expect, the criminal stakes are significantly higher in instances of death during a motorcycle accident. It is extremely important that an individual involved in an accident in which death occurred, be represented by the most expert, aggressive and persistent legal help available. The lawyers at Pacific Attorney Group understand the unique charge of vehicular manslaughter. We know the need to acquire all important accident facts including witness observations, the physical, emotional and possible intoxication states of any parties involved and other similar facts as quickly as possible following the motorcycle accident. Details in these cases often have significant relevance. We dedicate ourselves to this principal and are aggressive in our demand to uncover all important data about the accident, its environment and the laws of California that relate to the fine points of the ultimate criminal charge and its defense.

Contact a knowledgeable and successful Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer if death has occurred during a motorcycle accident in which you were involved.