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Accidents & Injuries in the Workplace

If you are injured in an accident at work or become ill because of the conditions at your workplace or duties associated with your job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance program that can benefit workers by streamlining the route to compensation, eliminating the need to prove that another party is to blame in order to receive financial support and medical care. In California, most workers are entitled to monetary benefits and medical treatment under the state’s workers’ compensation system – as long as their injuries or illnesses are work-related.

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Workers’ compensation should cover the full extent of your injuries, but the claims process can be difficult. Some claims are delayed or denied, jeopardizing a worker’s ability to recover benefits. That is why we recommend at least discussing your case with a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney at our firm. Though some claims may prove straightforward and legal counsel may be unnecessary, there are complex claims and disputes that can benefit from the attention of a skilled attorney.

At Pacific Attorney Group, we apply more than 35 years of combined experience to help injured workers and their families across the greater Los Angeles area. You can see some of our case results below:

Representative Cases

$715,000.00 Settlement – Applicant was loading a pallet on the deck from a truck when the pallet became unstable and knocked him off the deck. Everything from the pallet fell on top of the applicant after being knocked to the ground.

$150,000.00 Settlement – While applicant was employed, applicant slipped and fell causing injury to himself.

$110,000.00 Settlement – Applicant was attempting to take a heavy set of trash out and in doing so caused bodily injury.

$110,000.00 Settlement – While employed by H&R Framing systems applicant was walking on the 2nd floor of a new home when he slipped on a block of wood.

$100,000.00 Settlement – While applicant was carrying heavy equipment on a shoot when his right knee twisted on a crevice on the ground causing immediate sharp and pinching pain to his right knee.

$100,000.00 Settlement – Applicant slipped and fell landing on her knee and left shoulder while working as a student worker in the kitchen.

$85,000.00 Settlement – While applicant was at his work station someone had left “clutter” on the ground which applicant tripped over and fell, striking the back of his head against a stack of headers. The impact caused our client to become unconscious.

$85,000.00 Settlement – While applicant was working on an assembly line he felt a sharp pain in his back causing injury.

$78,000.00 Settlement – Applicant was using a tape gun at JC Penny doing mark downs when she began to develop the presence of neck and right arm pain, pain in the right shoulder and scapula, pain radiating to the right arm and wrist.

$75,500.00 Settlement – Applicant was assisting the crew cleaning a men’s restroom. He was bending over to clean behind the toilet, and as he got up from that position, he experienced a sharp pain in his lower back and tailbone area, which caused him to fall down to his knees due to the intensity of the pain. Applicant then tried to get up; however, he was unable to.

$75,000.00 Settlement – While applicant was employed at Fullerton School district a 4th grader grabbed our applicant with force and jerked applicant around causing injury.

$74,491.72 Settlement – While applicant was driving a dog grooming van, she was involved in an accident. After the accident she experienced pain in her neck and back.

$70,000.00 Settlement – While working for Big Lots as a stocker/unloader, she was unloading a truck filled with merchandise. There was a pallet that was stuck on the floor of the truck, in an attempt to free the pallet, she began pushing it, while a co-worker began pulling it. In doing so, the pallet tilted over, causing a box filled with plastic containers weighing approximately 40 pounds to fall onto her head.

$70,000.00 Settlement – After arriving at work and relieving the office, applicant used the toilet. The facility of the toilet was dark secondary to construction. Applicant slipped on a surface that he could not identify due to the darkness. He attempted to break his fall by grabbing the door knob and fell landing on his right hip.

$70,000.00 Settlement – While working applicant fell off a platform and landed on his left ankle, sustaining a severe twisting injury to the ankle.

$64,735.00 Settlement – While applicant was working as a painter on the job, applicant slipped and fell down causing bodily injury.

$58,500.00 Settlement – Applicant started to have gradual onset of pain in right upper extremity after repetitively lifting and throwing cheese and chickens while breaking down the loads at work the pain became progressively worse and she noticed some swelling and redness over the right elbow and forearm. She also experienced tingling in the right hand.

$55,000.00 Settlement – While applicant was working as an electrician foreman applicant sustained injury to his right toe as a result of his steel toe work boot cutting into his toe and causing an infection.

$55,000.00 Settlement – While applicant was working as a bat exterminator on top of a ladder, applicant lost his balance and fell down to the ground causing a fracture to his lower extremities.

$51,060.00 Settlement – Applicant employed as a Patient Transporter started experiencing low back pain related to heavy pushing of gurneys and wheelchairs while transporting patients.

$50,000.00 Settlement – While applicant was working pursuant to his task, client picked up a large heavy set pipe and as a result felt a sharp pinching pain in his back.

$50,000.00 Settlement – Applicant was lifting a prefabricated slab of granite to a rolling cart and developed severe pain in his lower back.

$50,000.00 Settlement – Applicant worked at Chilis and while she was working as a server, a guest of the restaurant ran into her causing her to fall down and sustain bodily injury.

$46,000.00 Settlement – Applicant was carrying two five gallon buckets of paint off a pickup truck and twisted the left knee.

$46,000.00 Settlement – Applicant was injured through the repetitive work activities of excessive lifting, bending, and pulling.

$35,000.00 Settlement – This client came to us because the insurance company was only offering $12,000.00 to settle her claim and was ignoring her calls. We took over and were able to settle her claim for $35,000.00.

$20,000.00 Settlement – Applicant worked as pest control and entered the home of a client, upon entry of the home applicant was attacked by a small breed dog. The attack was very minor and no substantial injury resulted.

Workers’ Comp Information

In this section of our website, you can learn more about workers’ compensation claims in California and how an attorney from our Los Angeles office may be able to assist you. Please review the following topics, or call today for insight regarding your case.

Injured at Work? What You Can Do.
If you have been injured at work or diagnosed with a work-related illness, you probably have questions. You may be unsure of what steps to take immediately after the accident or diagnosis. Here, you can find out what to do so you protect your right to receive workers’ comp benefits.

About Workers’ Comp Benefits
The benefits provided under the workers’ compensation system will vary depending on the case, primarily on the extent of injury the worker has sustained. In California, there are five types of benefits: medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits and death benefits.

Denied Workers’ Comp Claims
What happens when a workers’ compensation claim is denied? This may occur if a claims administrator does not believe an injury should be covered. Incomplete applications, insufficient documentation and other issues may lead to a denial. Fortunately, our attorneys know how to appeal denied claims to help our clients seek positive results.

Workplace Accidents
Workplace accidents are the most common cause of work-related injuries, and these can affect virtually any type of worker in any occupational setting. Our firm takes on workers’ compensation claims for: slip and fall accidents, falling object injuries, work-related auto accidents, construction accidents and more.

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It is important to seek legal counsel if you have been injured at work. Even if you believe you were to blame, you are probably still covered (unless you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident). A lawyer can advise you on special situations and can help if your claim has been disputed, delayed or denied. With our resources, our firm can work to ensure that your claim is properly valued and that sufficient pressure is put on your employer and/or workers’ comp insurance provider to seek a fair settlement. Contact our firm today to get started!

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