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About Sport Bike Accidents and Injuries

A sport bike accident is a type of motorcycle accident that involves a sport bike, a motorcycle that is typically smaller and more lightweight than a chopper or cruiser. Sport bikes are built for performance as opposed to rider comfort or vehicle load. They are powerful and highly maneuverable and may be ridden on streets and highways, although they are not often utilized for long distance rides.

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Protecting the Rights of Sport Bike Riders in Orange County, CA

Unfortunately, because sport bikes may be seen as vehicles meant for speed and racing, it is possible that a sport bike rider will be more likely to be blamed for causing a motorcycle accident of this kind. We have heard all too often such arguments from motorists that “the biker came out of nowhere” or “the biker was speeding” etc. Our attorneys handle Orange County sport bike claims by conducting accident reconstructions and working with private investigators in order to determine exactly what caused the accident and how to prove that the biker was not acting negligently as so many drivers or even law enforcement officers may be inclined to believe.

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