Bicycling in California

In California, numerous people choose bicycling as an alternative form of transportation. Bicycling offers a more affordable and environmentally friendly mode of commuting. Through bicycling, many people can exercise and improve their health and strength. But along with these great benefits, also comes potential dangers.

Bicycling can be extremely dangerous with potential hazardous roads and faulty bicycle manufacturing. In addition, cyclists can be subject to collisions with a variety of vehicles, including big rigs, SUVs, and trucks. Accidents with these vehicles, and even a normal sized passenger vehicle, can lead to devastating injuries. There are numerous incidences where bicyclists are tragically killed by unknowing drivers who just do not see the cyclist in their blind spot.

Many bicyclists wear helmets and protective pads for safety practices. While these protective guards may offer some protection, accidents with vehicles are often likely to be severe and even fatal. Many cyclists suffer from brain and spinal injuries and fractures. A vehicle is just much stronger and larger compared to a bicyclist that when the two collide, the cyclist is bound to result in awful injuries.

In some situations, when the bicyclist is fast enough to avoid collision with an oncoming car, they are forced to run into a pole or property as a result. If the bicyclist causes damage to another property while trying to swerve out of a collision, the bicyclist may be held liable for the damage done. The bicyclist may also become injured while trying to prevent an accident with another vehicle.

California Bicycle Accident Attorney

Injuries resulting from a bicycle accident can be stressful. One must not only have to suffer from the physical pain of their injuries, but deal with hospital visits and medical fees. Severe injuries cause a greater inconvenience if you are forced to take time off from work. Additionally, your injuries can be permanent and cause loss of income.

If your permanent injuries are disabling, they can affect your current relationships. If your injuries also require surgery or rehabilitation services, the financial burden will be even greater. This does not even include all the physical pain and emotional suffering caused by the accident.

If you are dealing with stress caused by a bicycle accident, you should contact a bicycle accident attorney who will work to relieve your anxiety and emotional burden. Our California bicycle accident attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in the California court system and procedures.

Our California bicycle accident attorneys will discuss the accident with you and gather all your information. If we choose to take your case, we will work to get you compensation for your suffering. Additionally, we will not charge you upfront for our services. We will receive payment if we win your case for you. Call us today for a free consultation.