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The city of San Clemente with more than 65,000 residents making up a community that was incorporated in 1928. Three years earlier, the former mayor of Seattle, Ole Hanson, and financier Hamilton Cotton helped get things started. More than 40 years later, incumbent President Richard Nixon purchased part of Cotton’s estate to build what became known as the Western White House.

Having that many people in the city shows that growth is still evident. However, within that population is a small subset of individuals who want to ignore traffic laws in any number of vehicles or who haphazardly run their business. That and other issues lead to situations where contacting a San Clemente Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer is the only answer.

Pursuing this particular avenue is something many people would rather avoid because it’s uncomfortable or time-consuming. The problem is that the perpetrators of these issues or the ones entrusted to pay for any damage they create have no interest in seeing that justice is done. Instead, they’d prefer to walk away from their mess or offer a pittance when it comes to compensating that victim.

A San Clemente Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer isn’t about to let something like that happen. They fight with an almost religious fervor when it comes to the rights of their client. That’s because they see the havoc that’s caused in the aftermath of such mishaps and look to help those victimized in such collisions.

Certain accidents like those involving trucks, almost always cause either death or severe injury due to the sheer size of the vehicle involved. Under these circumstance, someone operating a motorcycle or bicycle stands almost no chance of simply walking away with a few bumps and bruises.

The level of hospitalization that may be required in this type of situation and the ensuing rehabilitation can be extensive. That’s in addition to the lost wages that can wreck an individual or family’s financial situation. The Pacific Attorney Group has San Clemente Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers who know how to make an effective case for the clients. Contact them today to set up a free consultation at 1-800-358-9617.