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San Clemente is located on the coast of California and offers beautiful views of hills, towering mountains, and the Pacific Ocean. Former Seattle Mayor Ole Hanson built the first San Clemente community in 1925. Since then, the city has been growing and now has a population of 65 thousand and is known as the “Spanish Village by the Sea.” Today they see an average of 150 auto related accidents occur per year.

San Clemente Crash
2 Injured in San Clemente Crash on 5 Freeway near Avenida Pico

Personal Injury and Auto Accident Lawyers

Auto Insurance lawyers are familiar with the laws and can work to reduce auto and injury compensation, perhaps even working out a way to deny your claim altogether. Having a lawyer who is familiar with the laws and procedural rules will enable you to relax more knowing a qualified individual is doing the groundwork for you. They can put together a case and help you receive the claims you deserve from insurance companies, whether you are at fault or not. Speak with our San Clemente car accident lawyer for a free consultation at 1-800-358-9617.

There are many various types of auto accidents you or a loved one could or already have faced. It is good to know different kinds of accidents and how to handle them before confronted with the devastation of one. Auto accidents range from a car vs. a truck to a car vs. a pedestrian. There are pile-up accidents where multiple vehicles are involved and head-on collisions which occur typically when a driver is distracted and veers into oncoming traffic. Dangerous roads, highways, potholes, and uneven paved roads can also lead to accidents. In a situation such as this, it is important to call a lawyer for help as insurance companies know how to move around this.

The aftermath of an auto accident can leave you worn out and exhausted. You have property damage to worry about, and in some cases, you may have injuries that prohibit you from work. Insurance companies can be hard to deal with and only add stress to the situation. It can become highly stressful needing to pay for medical bills on top of repair costs for your vehicle while potentially facing the misfortune of not being able to return to work right away. It will greatly benefit you to contact a legal attorney who is knowledgeable and will handle your case with care. Get a free consultation at Pacificattorneygroup.com for an experienced San Clemente car accident lawyer and personal injury attorney. You don’t pay unless we win.

Car Accident Lawyer San Clemente

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, please contact Pacific Attorney at 1-800-358-9617. It is important to handle the aftermath of a collision promptly, and the best way is to hire a trustworthy and dependable lawyer who is willing to do the research, investigation, and work into your case. Trust a San Clemente Car Accident Lawyer. For a car and truck accident attorney to represent you call now at 1-800-358-9617. Pacific Attorney Group has been successfully servicing California for over 40 years with a high success rate.