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It’s believed that the first homesteader in Desert Hot Springs was Hilda Mauda Gray in 1908. By 1913, a writer by the name of Cabot Yerxa moved into the area and discovered a hot springs on Miracle Hill. However, it wasn’t until July 12, 1941, that the city was officially founded by L. W. Coffee. At this time, Desert Hot Springs was only 1 square mile. By the 1950s, Desert Hot Springs became known as a tourist destination because of its spa hotels. Over the years, the population of Desert Hot Springs grew significantly. In 1963, the city was home to just 1,000 residents. By the 1980s, the population doubled, and in 2000, the number of residents had grown to 5,000. The 2010 census now has the population of the city at over 16,000 people.

If you’ve been involved in an accident in Desert Hot Springs, you may think you can handle the claim yourself. However, this city is home to some strict rules and regulations that make filing yourself a real chore. At Pacific Attorney Group, we work with our clients to ensure they get the compensation they deserve for their personal injury or accident lawsuit. We can strengthen your case by gathering the appropriate evidence to show the damages you have suffered. This includes interviewing witnesses who can support your case. Sometimes knowing the right words to describe your case in court can make all the difference in getting fair compensation.

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The key to getting the most out of your personal injury case is to file on time and present the correct facts. Waiting too long to file your claim can hurt your case. In some situations, waiting can make it impossible to succeed in court or when negotiating with the defendant’s lawyers and insurers. The most important thing after being involved in a personal injury case is to rest and recover. If you’re busy trying to file your claims, you aren’t giving your body a chance to heal, which can prolong your injury and time away from work. At Pacific Attorney Group we can help you with:

• Bicycle Accidents
• Brain Injury
• Vehicle Crash
• Dog Bites
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Truck Accidents
• Work Accidents
• WC
• Wrongful Death

When you need a personal injury and accident lawyer in Desert Hot Springs, get the help you need from a name you can trust. Call Pacific Attorney Group at 1-800-358-9617.