Defective Helmets and Motorcycle Accident Claims

Any motorcycle accident may cause the rider to be seriously injured. What if your injuries were caused or worsened by a defective helmet? A motorcycle helmet is supposed to meet up to certain safety standards, but if it is defective in some way it may result in a motorcyclist sustaining serious head trauma and may lead to brain damage, concussion, coma, paralysis or wrongful death.

Our firm can help if you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident while wearing a defective helmet. This is just one of many issues we will look at when conducting a thorough investigation into every angle of an accident and the injuries that our client has sustained. If we determine that the helmet had a manufacturing or design defect, we may be able to seek financial compensation not only from the party that caused the accident but from the manufacturer of the helmet. We will do this to maximize the monetary damages we are able to seek on your behalf. The more money you are able to recover, the sooner you can begin rebuilding your life and moving on.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Bringing a lawsuit against a helmet manufacturer can be difficult, but our firm has the proper resources and experience to make this a reality. We will work with expert witnesses and investigators to build a compelling case that helps us seek fair compensation. Perhaps the helmet was defective in the way it was constructed, was poorly designed or did not fit the motorcyclist properly. We will work to determine what went wrong and will take action accordingly.


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