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Life is full of the unexpected. While many of these occurrences result in positive outcomes, others aren’t so pleasant. If you or someone you love has become injured, your life has likely undergone significant changes. Whether your income has dropped due to the injured person’s inability to work or the accident resulted in a death, you owe it to yourself to hire an Orange County personal injury attorney to best ensure you receive the compensation you deserve during this trying time.

Following an injury, there are so many things that become disrupted in your life. Receiving compensation can make the difference of whether or not full recuperation is even possible, and our staff knows how to get the job done right. Not only will we help you receive the proper medical care, but we also give your case the attention it needs to achieve the highest possible amount of compensation possible.

Orange County Car Accident
Fatal Car Crash on SR 91 and Raymond Avenue in Orange County

When you work with our staff, you’ll quickly realize that you’re more than just another client. You have undergone a significant life change, and we make it our number one goal to help you get back on your feet. Your peace-of-mind is our priority, and we take care of the many intricacies so you can focus on getting better.

When it comes to choosing an Orange County personal injury lawyer, experience counts. We are proud of the fact that our attorneys have over 35 years of collective legal experience, and we put that to work to the test for each of our clients to help them overcome what’s likely the most challenging time in their lives.

We have a total staff of 18 skilled professionals, and our three attorneys are experienced in helping clients receive top value settlements. When you meet with us, you’ll quickly realize that we will provide you with the attention to detail you deserve as we listen carefully to the specific details of your unique case. We work with you to determine how to move forward with your insurance claim or lawsuit. Best of all, we understand the financial difficulties you’re likely going through. That’s why we work on a contingency basis. This means you pay nothing unless we win your case, so give us a call today.

Practice Areas

Catastrophic injuries
Brain injuries
Crushed or bruised organs
Eye injuries
Head trauma
Internal bleeding
Loss of eyesight
Loss of hearing
Loss of sensation
Nerve damage
Neurological disorders
Severe burns
Spinal cord injuries

Catastrophic Injury Causes

Orange County Serious Injury Attorney

Many catastrophic injuries are the result of vehicle, pedestrian, motorcycle and bicycle accidents. There are thousands of such tragic injuries every year, and the victims face extreme challenges, and in the saddest cases, the individual may never recover and their lives are forever altered. This includes cases in which the victim was paralyzed or suffered loss of limb, eyesight, hearing or brain damage through negligence. Some catastrophic injuries are the result of medical negligence. In all such cases, it is vital that you get legal representation from an Orange County catastrophic injury lawyer to assist you in filing a claim or lawsuit to recover compensatory damages.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Orange County

Our legal team at Pacific Attorney Group takes on such cases with a firm determination to pursue compensation that will reflect the degree of damage suffered by the injured victim. These cases may go to court for a final judgment if the insurance company contests the cause of the injury; our legal team will present the case professionally and will have the case well-prepared. Most cases settle prior to a trial, but some medical malpractice cases may go to trial. Our firm has outstanding resources to provide expert testimony to back up our claim of negligence.

Some individuals do not realize how crucial it is that you have legal representation in such cases, you are at risk of being offered a settlement far lower than you could expect to receive when supported by our legal team. As the compensation or settlement is extremely important for the injured as they will usually require long term medical treatments, medication, equipment and often a series of surgeries. They often are unable to work or even function in life, and the costs to care for them and give them the best possible quality of life will be very expensive. When future treatments are discovered, you want to have the finances available to seek these treatments. Don’t take chances in such injury cases, contact the firm to assist you.

Contact an Orange Catastrophic Injury Lawyer from our legal team to assist in the claims process in cases of serious injury.

Orange County Serious Injuries

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Disfigurement Due to Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Orange County

Being the victim of a serious injury can have a devastating impact on your life. With time, most physical wounds can be treated and healed, but in some cases the nightmare of disfigurement remains. Beyond the physical repercussions that disfigurement and permanent scarring can have, the emotional scars can also run deep . Facing permanent disfigurement can be a daily reminder of your injuries and constantly revive memories and pain from deep within. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that left you with disfigurement, the negligent party may be liable for damages. To explore your case further, you should consult with an Orange County catastrophic injury lawyer.

There are many cases of negligence that can result in injuries involving disfigurement, whether due to automobile accidents, fires or medical procedures gone wrong. The scarring that can come from fire or chemical burns, amputations, road rash injuries, explosions, LASIK eye surgery errors, or mistakes from plastic surgeries can all have profound and lifelong effects. Treatments and procedures to correct such disfigurement can be a strain on your finances, and the pain and suffering you’ve endured along the way has been an incredible burden.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Orange County

If you’ve been a victim of disfigurement from a catastrophic injury, you need help protecting your interests and seeking compensation for what you must now deal with physically and emotionally. At the Pacific Law Group, our attorneys understand the difficulty you are dealing with and will work diligently to recover the damages you so deserve. You can rest assured that our years of experience in dealing with many types of catastrophic injury cases and the complexities of the legal system will serve you well in your representation. We can provide you with the sensitive and personal level of service you expect and need.

Don’t let disfigurement caused by negligence deprive you of your vitality and financial security any longer. Contact an Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney for the help you need with your case for damages.

Orange County Head Injuries Lawyer

Head Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Although statistics show that the rigorous use of proper crash helmets can reduce the number and severity of head injuries in motorcycle accidents, they do occur. The severity of head injuries is driven primarily by the amount and severity of brain damage suffered in the accident. It leads to a reduced or totally impaired ability to control the body, including particularly the lost or impaired ability to operate the body as desired by the person. This can mean the following:

  • Reduced or lost ability to perform work
  • impaired ability to perform the everyday tasks usually taken for granted
  • impaired or lost internal body functioning
  • lost ability to live as before in everyday life
  • emotional trauma and suffering from the pain and loss by the injured person and others

Insurance companies can often be unable to confront the financial implications of head injuries suffered by an injured client. The injured person needs the help of an experienced, aggressive and persistent Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer when head injuries have been suffered in a motorcycle accident.

Have you suffered head injuries in a motorcycle accident in Orange County?

The team of motorcycle accident lawyers at Pacific Attorney Group is very experienced, aggressive and persistent in demanding successfully the full claims of someone with head injuries from a motorcycle accident. Medical costs often continue for long periods of time as the head injuries are dealt with along with all the other injuries suffered in the accident, as later loss of internal body functioning is successively repaired surgically and as the long course of rehabilitation, both mental and emotional is addressed and satisfied. It is our firm purpose to persist and overcome insurance company unwillingness to confront and support the necessity of medical and emotional help when it continues to be required over an extended period of time. We can be counted on to persist rigorously and effectively by our intention to see that a person suffering head injury in a motorcycle accident get all the help they deserve in recovering from such a harmful experience.

Orange County Head On Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in a vehicle crash hat involved a head-on collision? Talking to an Orange County vehicle crash attorney experienced in handling these particular cases is important, both in handling your insurance claim and in addressing any other issues related to your case.

Vehicle Crash involving Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision is often the most serious type of vehicle crash that a person may be involved in. This is particularly true when considering a car versus truck accident or car versus motorcycle accident, where the disparity of size and weight between the vehicles places the smaller vehicle at an increased risk of serious damage. A head-on vehicle crash involves two vehicles, travelling in opposite directions, which collide. The front ends of these two vehicles will impact one another, immediately placing the drivers and front seat passengers at risk of injury and increasing the potential for injury due to the velocity of the collision, which will equal the combined force of both vehicles’ speed.

For example, an Orange County head-on collision may involve Car A, which is travelling at 30 miles per hour. Car B is travelling toward Car A at 40 miles per hour, and the two vehicles collide. Because they are travelling toward each other, the force of impact could be said to be as much as that of a car hitting a brick wall at 70 miles per hour.

Head-on Vehicle Crash most often occur because one driver veers into another driver’s lane, essentially driving into oncoming traffic. Driver distraction is a leading cause of this type of accident, but drunk driving or driver fatigue may also be to blame, as may heavy weather conditions, such as dense fog.

Head Trauma

Orange County Serious Accident Attorney

Sustaining head trauma in a serious accident may leave a person with brain damage and facing an entirely changed future. As injury attorneys, we at Pacific Attorney Group are committed to helping head trauma victims seek and recover financial compensation for their injuries, in the wake of any serious accident or other incident that may have been caused by another’s negligence or misconduct. For a free consultation to discuss your particular case, contact an Orange County serious accident attorney at 800.358.9617. In addition to offering a free consultation, we also charge no legal fees unless we win your case.

To start, a lawyer at our offices can talk to you about what led to your injuries. Head trauma may be related to an auto accident, pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident, fall, workplace accident or any related situation. It may also be related to intentional wrongdoing, such as an assault or attack. Regardless of what caused your head injury, we can review the circumstances of the event in order to determine who should be held accountable.

From there, one of our lawyers can assist you with any insurance claim related to the accident or your injuries, working to represent your interests and protect you against bad faith practices by the insurance company. If needed, we will negotiate with the responsible party and/or insurance company to recover a just settlement on your behalf, or we will take your case to an Orange County court to be resolved in front of a judge and jury.

Consult a Head Trauma Lawyer in Orange County

Sustaining head trauma can change your life, but you do have the chance to seek financial damages that will help you rebuild and recover. For a consultation regarding your Orange County injury claim, do not wait to contact our law offices.

About Internal Bleeding

Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Certain types of impact injuries result in internal bleeding which is a very serious condition that can result in long-term injuries and damages. Internal bleeding is often the result of Vehicle Crash, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents and motorcycle accidents. The victim is so severely physically impacted that internal bleeding is the result. There is often organ damage and other serious injuries in such cases. Treating this condition can be very difficult as in many cases halting the bleeding is a complicated process and can be unsuccessful, leading to a fatal injury. In some cases internal bleeding can come about through medical malpractice or a dangerous drug that brought about the condition. When negligence is involved in internal bleeding cases, it is crucial that you contact an Orange County serious injury attorney from Pacific Attorney Group to assist you seeking compensation for damages from the negligent party.

Serious Injury Lawyer in Orange County: Cases of Internal Bleeding

When an accident results in a hemorrhage, the danger to the individual can be extensive. Without fast medical attention the likelihood of serious and permanent damage increases. When the bleeding is impossible to stop, it can lead to coma or loss of life. These injuries can come about through surgical errors, and in such cases, filing a medical malpractice lawsuit may be necessary in order to seek compensation.

No matter what type of accident or error brought about this serious condition, when another individual was responsible, it is critical that you act quickly in contacting the firm. It is likely that the condition will result in extensive medical bills, surguries, specialists and treatments. The injured party will not be able to continue working until they recover from the injury and all of the damages and losses must be addressed in a claim or lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured. Our legal team has successfully recovered millions of dollars for clients over our years in practice and take such cases very seriously. Your case will be given priority attention.

Orange County Injury Lawyer

Loss of Eyesight

The loss of eyesight may be attributed to old age, illness or disease as well as to physical injury sustained in an accident or as the result of exposure to light, chemicals or toxins. Eyesight loss will have a significant impact on a victim’s life. Whether partial or total, loss of eyesight will affect one’s ability to read, drive, work and perform day to day tasks or participate in activities that one used to regularly enjoy. At Pacific Attorney Group, we are committed to helping our clients seek and receive financial compensation when they have suffered physical, emotional and financial damages as the result of a loss of eyesight. We handle personal injury and workers’ compensation claims in the Orange County area related to all types of serious injuries, including those that involve a loss of eyesight or eye injury.

A loss of eyesight may be characterized by blurry vision, headaches, double vision, loss of depth perception, seeking streaks or floaters, and vision loss. These symptoms can have a dramatic impact on any person’s life.

Accidents & Injuries Causing a Loss of Eyesight

Regardless of what type of accident or other incident led to your loss of eyesight, an attorney at our offices may be able to help you take the legal action that is your right. We are highly skilled negotiators that approach each case with the intention of securing the highest possible settlement for our client, and we have the resources to take your case to court if needed when the insurance company or other party simply will not cooperate. For a free consultation and case review, call us toll-free at 800.358.9617. Our attorneys accept calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will be happy to take the time to address your particular needs and concerns.

Loss of Hearing

Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Are you currently experiencing the signs or symptoms of hearing loss in relation to workplace exposure or any accident? An Orange County injury attorney at our law firm can meet with you to talk about your options in filing a claim or lawsuit to seek financial damages for your injury. Loss of hearing may be classified as a catastrophic injury due to the significant impact it may have on a victim’s life – leading to difficulty with work, communication, carrying out daily tasks and participating in social activities. We understand what you are going through and wish to help you recover the money that can help you pay for hearing aids, medical care, and essentially help you rebuild and recuperate.

Orange County Injury Claims for Hearing Loss

An injury claim may be filed for hearing loss in relation to different types of accidents or other situations. For example, physical trauma to the head, brain or ear may cause hearing loss in one or both ears. Continued exposure to loud noises at work may lead to hearing loss, sometimes many years after one was originally exposed to this noise. Hearing loss may also be associated with illness or disease.

In cases where loss of hearing is related to an accident, act of negligence or carelessness, work-related injury, or any type of situation that was caused by another person’s conduct, you may have the right to file a personal injury or workers’ compensation claim to seek financial benefits. Our law firm deals with all types of these claims and lawsuits throughout the Orange County area, and we will be happy to discuss your particular case with you in detail.

Loss of Sensation and Injury Accident Claims

Orange County Serious Injury Attorney

When nerves are crushed or damaged in an accident, the victim can experience varying degrees of loss of sensation. In some cases, as the bruising resolves, the sensation returns. In some serious cases, however, the victim loses sensation permanently. This loss of sensation can be the result of Vehicle Crash, pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice and other incidents in which another person was negligent. When this is the case, it is urgent that you contact an Orange County serious accident attorney to evaluate you case and assist you with your claim or lawsuit against the liable party.
Have you suffered from Loss of Sensation through Negligence?

When an individual suffers permanent injury through negligence, the claim for compensation will likely be very high value due to the fact that the quality of life of the victim has been diminished through the accident. The loss of sensation can result in an inability to work or function in life as prior to the injury and the settlement, judgment or verdict should reflect this. There are a number of damages that will be included in a claim filed on behalf of the client in such a case, including loss of wages, medical costs, future wage loss, other financial losses, loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering, based on the details of your case.

At Pacific Attorney Group, our legal team is prepared to relentlessly pursue fair compensation for clients who have suffered an injury in which they have lost sensation. Such cases are usually considered catastrophic due to the long term changes and challenges that the victims now face. Our legal team has over 35 years of combined experience in fighting for compensation for clients who have suffered permanent damage through the negligent actions of another. Whether the loss occurred through an accident or medical error, it must be addressed legally by a professional from our firm.

Nerve Damage in Injury Cases

Orange County Serious Injury Attorney

Severe accidents can result in damage to nerves, either through crushing, bruising or in the most extreme cases, the nerves have been severed. Nerve damage injuries can come about through Vehicle Crash, work accidents and other incidents in which the body suffers a massive impact. The symptoms and conditions that can result from damaged nerves range from numbness that eventually resolves to paralysis, whether quadriplegia or paraplegia. In cases in which the actions of another individual led to the nerve damage, it is critical that you contact an Orange County catastrophic injury attorney to address the legal aspects of the injury case.

Nerve Damage Injury Lawyer in Orange County

Some cases of nerve damage are the result of medical negligence or malpractice, whether through a surgical error or in some cases during the birth process. The victim can suffer lifelong effects from the negligence and require ongoing medical or nursing care. Each case of nerve damage has individual circumstances and degree of damage to the nerves. No matter what the situation, when the injury has been caused through the actions of another individual, a claim or lawsuit should be filed to pursue compensation for the damages suffered.

At Pacific Attorney Group, our legal team takes on such cases with the full dedication to the client that is needed in any catastrophic injury claim. As the injuries are often permanent and the victim will never again enjoy the condition that they had before the incident, the claim must reflect all the types of damages suffered. The attorney from our firm will seek to recover compensation that is commensurate with the loss of ability and challenges our client will now be facing. Our legal team is experienced and compassionate and is prepared to fight for the client’s right to a settlement, judgment or verdict after suffering nerve damage through negligence.

Neurological Disorders in a Catastrophic Injury

Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Being a victim of a catastrophic injury can change your life forever. Relationships, family dynamics, financial stability and quality of life can all be adversely affected. When dealing with a neurological disorder that is a result of injury, diagnosis and treatment can prove to be difficult and a lifetime of therapy could be required. In any accident or trauma to your brain that is caused by the negligence of another, such as an automobile or workplace accident, you could be eligible to receive monetary damages. Your rights are very important to protect, as being the victim of an injury-induced neurological disorder could bring you to the brink of financial ruin. For more information on how to proceed in your case, it is in your best interest to contact an Orange County catastrophic injury attorney as soon as possible.

Neurological disorders result from either a disease or trauma to the brain and nervous system. Although these disorders prove many times to be complex, cutting edge medical research continues to provide answers and treatment solutions. Symptoms can be varied and many, but are all likely to have serious effects on your lifestyle. Some of the common issues surrounding a neurological disorder may include:

  • Loss of coordination or balance
  • Loss or impairment of speech skills
  • Numbness in an extremity
  • Tremors or muscle stiffness
  • Difficulty with automatic functions such as blinking or swallowing
  • Dementia

Obtaining Assistance in a Neurological Disorder Case

Protecting yourself and your family in a case of catastrophic injury is crucial. The experienced attorneys at Pacific Law Group can work with you and vigorously pursue a financial settlement that could help return you to financial security. Our lawyers work daily with cases of worker’s compensation and have the know-how to provide you with an outstanding level of personal service and legal representation.

Don’t lose anymore sleep over your case. Contact an Orange County Catastrophic Injury Attorney today to begin protecting your legal rights.

Orange County Serious Injuries

Our Orange County serious injury firm is dedicated to offering each victim the high quality, cutting edge legal services they need following an accident. When individuals are subjected to a catastrophe that engenders physical or emotional damage, they need to gain access to in-depth, results-oriented legal assistance from an Orange County serious injury lawyer with extensive experience. After attaining more than 40 years of combined experience in the field, the professionals of our firm have the knowledge and skill set necessary to optimize and expedite each aspect of the legal process. As such, we are effective in seeking justice and enabling clients to attain the financial compensation they deserve following an injury. Our practice areas include:


Learn more about our Orange County firm and how we can assist you with attaining the settlement or compensation you deserve by reviewing our website at

Orange County Electrocution Accident Lawyer

Electrocution Accidents in the Workplace

Have you been the victim of electrocution in the workplace?  Electrocution accidents are more common than you may think.  They are the fifth leading cause of injury deaths in the workplace for adults, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Working   near or with a source of electricity, always poses potential risks to the employee.  Jobs like electricians, utility workers, and electrical helpers, are at high risk for this type of injury, as well as those who work in construction and manufacturing.  The most common consequence of electrocution is burns, which can range from relatively minor to extremely severe, covering a large portion of the body.  The heart and nervous system may also be affected.  It is crucial that you seek immediate medical help if you are electrocuted.  Contacting an Orange County workers’ comp lawyer is important as well so that you can determine what needs to be done to recover compensation for your injuries.

Electrocution Accident Claims

When an appliance, power tool or other equipment that runs on electricity is defective the chance of being electrocuted increases.  If you believe you have been harmed by a defective product in the workplace, you may choose to file a claim against that product’s distributor or manufacturer.  Securing the help of a competent attorney is necessary if you feel you have the right to file a third party claim to recover damages for your workplace injuries.  Our attorneys have the expertise to determine who is at fault.  They will fully evaluate your claim to maximize your chances of receiving full compensation for medical bills, future medical benefits, lost wages, disability, and rehabilitation.  If you or a loved one has suffered an electrocution injury, you need a competent workers’ comp lawyer to fight for your interests.  The team of attorneys from Pacific Law firm has the resources to help you.

Orange County Equipment Malfunction Injury

Equipment Malfunction and Workers’ Comp

Heavy machinery or equipment in the workplaces poses a potential danger for employees.  Manufacturing and construction are two industries where this is especially true.  If cranes, scaffolds or excavation equipment malfunction, severe injures may occur.  If boilers, valves conveyor belts, welding equipment or forklifts do not operate correctly, a worker’s life may be changed forever.  In an instant an employee may suffer a traumatic brain injury, paralysis, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, or even worse, lose his life.  If you sustain an injury from an equipment malfunction, your employer may not tell you what you need to know about filing a workers’ comp claim for your injury.  You need to know your rights.  An Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer will help you understand how to file a claim to obtain the workers’ comp benefits you may be entitled to.

Compensation for Equipment Malfunction Accidents

It is an employer’s obligation to create a safe work environment for his employees.  He must be constantly vigilant to ensure safe work practices are implemented and followed, and regularly inspect, repair and maintain all equipment.  If you are injured due to malfunctioning equipment or machinery, you are entitled to file a workers’ comp claim.  There may also be defective parts or product liability issues related to the malfunction.  We will do a thorough investigation of your case to see if a third party (such as the manufacturer of the equipment) may be liable in any way for the injuries you received.  If this is found to be the case, you may be able to receive damages for medical injuries, lost wages, future wages and pain and suffering, in addition to benefits from your workers’ comp claim.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a workplace injury caused by an equipment malfunction, call a lawyer from Pacific Law Group.  With over 35 years of experience in representing clients with workers’ compensation claims, they may be able to help you recover the compensation you will need to get your life back on track.

Orange County Explosion Injury Accidents

Explosion Accidents and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Injuries from an explosion accidents, such as those caused in chemical and gas explosions, are often catastrophic.  Sometimes they are fatal.  Traumatic injuries can result, such as brain damage, severe lung injuries, blindness, loss of hearing, fractures, and loss of limbs.  Burn injuries can be extremely severe, causing much pain, nerve damage and scarring.  Long term hospital and medical care may be needed due to the devastating nature of these types of injuries.  Physical therapy may also be required.  If the person is not able to go back to the old job, vocational rehabilitation may be needed to teach the employee how to be able to earn a living.  There is often psychological and emotional damage as well that must be addressed.  If you have been hurt in an explosion Orange Countyworkers’comp attorney will advise you on what you can do to safeguard your legal rights.

Investigating Your Claim:  Get Legal Representation

A full investigation of your claim must be done to determine who is at fault.  When there is an explosion, negligence is almost always found to be the cause to some degree.  If this found to be true, you may be able to file a case against the product’s manufacturer or distributor.  There may be others in the workplace that are liable for your injuries as well.  These are known as third-party claims, and are in addition to the workers’ comp claim that you are legally entitled to.  If you or a loved one has been hurt in an explosion accident, contact a workers’ comp lawyer at the Pacific Law Group.  With many years of experience representing all types of workplace related injuries, they will diligently represent you in your workers’ comp or third party claim.

Orange County Eye Injury Attorney

Representing Victims of Serious Accidents & Injuries in the Orange County Area

If you, a friend or a family member recently sustained eye injury in an accident at work or in any situation that was caused by another’s conduct or negligence, our law firm can help. An Orange County eye injury lawyer at our offices can meet with you to discuss your legal options in filing a personal injury suit or workers’ compensation claim in order to seek financial compensation or benefits for medical care, missed work, and possibly much more. Our goal will be to help you seek the medical attention you need while recovering the money you need for your future.

Pacific Attorney Group handles all types of eye injury claims in the Orange County area. This includes injuries that resulted from toxic exposure or exposure to light or radiation at work, traumatic eye injury sustained in industrial accidents, auto accidents, falls and dog attacks, as well as a loss of eyesight or eye injury sustained from using defective or dangerous products. Our attorneys can offer a number of different services to our clients in this regard:

  • Helping our client in filing an insurance claim
  • Conducting all communication with law enforcement, the other party and the insurance companies involved
  • Undergoing negotiations with the insurance company to assist an eye injury victim in recovering a just financial settlement
  • Taking our client’s case to civil court if necessary, in the presence of wrongful conduct by an insurance company or if a settlement simply cannot be reached through negotiation

In taking on a client’s eye injury claim, our legal team will apply all of our resources in investigating the exact circumstances that led to the injury in order to hold the proper party responsible for their conduct.

Find out how we can help you seek justice and recover financial compensation for your eye injury claim in Orange County, California. Contact an Orange County eye injury attorney at our firm today!


Orange County Paralysis Claim Attorney

If a serious accident or injury has left you or a loved one paralyzed, it is important to consider working with a lawyer experienced in handling paralysis claims and lawsuits in your area. At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent clients throughout Orange County in filing insurance claims or lawsuits related to paralysis and any type of catastrophic injury or serious accident. Due to the serious nature of these claims, we are thoroughly committed to providing only the highest quality client service and personalized attention every step of the way. We know that your life is now forever changed. We want to help you seek justice and recover money that will help you build a better future.

An Orange County paralysis attorney at our law firm can help you with any type of spinal cord injury claim, including those that involve paraplegia, quadriplegia or paralysis of any kind, whether partial or complete. To receive a free consultation regarding your case, call us today at 800.358.9617. We will be happy to answer your questions and address your concerns while utilizing our legal knowledge, experience and resources in this field.

What Causes Paralysis?

Paralysis is a medical condition caused by an interruption of the messages sent to and from the brain and the rest of your body. Damage to any of the nerves in the body may result in partial or total paralysis, particularly when this damage occurs in the spinal cord. Depending on the point of injury along the spine, a person who sustains an injury of this kind may suffer from paralysis of the legs and lower torso or of both the arms and the legs. Physical trauma, disease or illness may cause paralysis.

If your condition resulted from another person’s actions, negligence or misconduct, we can help. Contact an Orange County paralysis lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group today.


Serious Accident and Injury Lawyer Serving Orange County

Paraplegia is a medical condition characterized by the inability to move or feel both legs and possibly the lower torso. Paraplegia may be caused by physical trauma to the spine or as the result of a degenerative disease or illness that causes nerve damage. When paraplegia is related to an accident or any situation that was caused by another person’s recklessness, negligence or intentional wrongdoing, you may have the right to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party.

That is where an Orange County paraplegia attorney at our law firm comes in. By calling our toll-free number at 800.358.9617, you can talk to a professional about your case and what you have experienced. You can find out what legal options you have and what you can do at this point in order to hold the negligent individual or company responsible for what they have done, and you can also find out what your claim may be worth. Your initial consultation is free and always confidential.

Helping with Your Orange County Paraplegia Claim

Suffering from a severe form of paralysis and spinal cord injury such as paraplegia may leave you facing an entirely changed life – one where you can no longer work in the same field and cannot participate in the activities you once enjoyed. Many people suffering from paraplegia experience a diminished quality of life. Our goal as Orange County catastrophic injury lawyers is to assist our clients in seeking the top notch medical care they need while protecting their rights and interests in seeking justice for what they have experienced and will have to endure.

For a free consultation to discuss your Orange County, California paraplegia claim or lawsuit, contact an Orange County injury lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group today.

Orange County Attorney for Amputation Claims

Amputation and dismemberment are catastrophic injuries that will permanently impact a victim’s life. If you or a loved one suffered amputation as the result of an auto accident, workplace injury or any other situation that occurred at work or was related to another’s negligence, an Orange County amputation attorney at our law firm can help. At Pacific Attorney Group we represent victims of catastrophic injuries throughout the Orange County area. We offer a free consultation to help you get started in receiving the help you need in order to seek financial compensation that will help you with medical expenses and future losses or damages associated with your injuries.

Amputation Accident Claims and Lawsuits

There are different situations that would warrant the filing of an insurance claim, workers’ compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit in relation to amputation or dismemberment. A victim may suffer from amputation in any type of auto accident, such as a motorcycle accident or pedestrian accident. Amputation may result from a work-related accident, such as an industrial accident or construction site accident. Amputation may also result from a dog attack or from an incident involving a defective or dangerous product. Surgical amputation may be necessary in some cases when a limb cannot be saved and must be removed in order to protect the health of a patient who has suffered a serious injury. Infection, irreparable damage to a body part and severe blood loss may be situations that would warrant surgical amputation.

Regardless of the circumstances of your Orange County injury claim involving amputation, surgical amputation or dismemberment, a lawyer at our offices can offer you the guidance and representation you need.

Contact an Orange County Serious Injury Lawyer

Do not wait to involve a lawyer at our law offices to help with your case. The earlier we are involved, the sooner we can start protecting your rights and working toward a positive case result. Contact us today to talk to an Orange County injury lawyer regarding your amputation claim or lawsuit!