Orange County Construction Accident Lawyers & Attorneys

Despite of using work boots, hard hats and other safety equipment, construction accident often takes place at the construction site. It is ensured that all the elements should be present for the safety of workers, but these are always not sufficient for keeping you safe.

Team at Pacific Attorney Group includes experienced Orange County construction accident lawyers, who are dedicated to provide justice to the client injured at construction sites. We understand that workers deal with some of the most dangerous working conditions faced by any employee in the industry. The injuries in construction accidents can be a result of faulty equipment, error in judgement, machinery error, chemical leakage or explosion, electrical short circuit or sometimes due to fall from scaffolds.

The lawyers at Pacific Attorney Group know the extreme mental and financial difficulties faced by the accident victim and his family members. Because of such a pain, it is impossible to concentrate on the court procedures. The reputed lawyers of the firm stand on your behalf to handle the litigation and support you in getting better to rebuild the life. They will keep you updated of all the hearing dates of the accident case, tell the possible measures to be taken and also ask for your opinion. You will find the accidents attorney giving you vital advice and consultation at every step.

If you don’t have any idea about laws for accidents occurring at work site, compensation amount and other related issues, you can consult Pacific Attorney Group via phone or email. Contact the Orange County construction accident lawyers’ a construction accident attorneys and arrange a free consultation for your case.

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Orange County Ladder Accidents Lawyer

Ladder Accidents and Injuries in the Workplace

Falling from a ladder can result in serious injuries to workers who suffer from such an accident in the workplace.  Ladders are used in many occupations across Orange County, including construction sites, warehouses, retail stores and by painters and roofers.  Failing to use them properly or placing them improperly can lead to serious falls resulting in tragic accidents.  Fortunately in California, workers are protected by workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of whether a worker was careless or at fault for the accident themselves.  When injured from a ladder accident, contact an Orange County workers’ compensation attorney to assist you with the information you need regarding how best to obtain all benefits you are entitled to.

Although your employer is obligated to provide you with these benefits, it is best to have your own legal counsel to represent your interests.  Employers may not always provide you with the information you need to know, such as what treatment options you are entitled to, disability and rehabilitation coverage and any other benefits you may qualify for.  With the aggressive and knowledgeable assistance of the Pacific Attorney Group, you can feel confident whatever compensation you are entitled to will be sought after when we present your claim.

Injuries from Ladder Accidents

Falls from any height can cause injuries, but when they are from ladders which can reach up to a high altitude a person can find themselves with severe injuries such as broken bones, neck and back injuries, or even fatalities if the fall was from a great height.  When facing these injuries you want to know you will get the best treatment available in order to fully recover from your injuries.  Our legal staff will assist in this regard, ensuring you are not shortchanged in your treatment and that you are allowed to fully recover before having to return to work.  For those who possibly lost a loved one in such a fall, your family may be entitled to compensation for the loss as well.  Get the information you need to protect your rights as an injured worker by contacting our office for a free initial consultation.

Orange County Falling Objects Injuries

Falling Objects Causing Injuries in the Workplace

Common accidents in the workplace include injuries from falling objects, such as overhead boxes in a warehouse, poorly stacked office supplies in an office or even roofing or other building material in a construction site.  Any of these things falling and striking a worker can lead to severe injuries such as head injuries, neck and back injuries, contusions and possibly even lead to death if the object is heavy enough.  If you or a loved one has been injured at work by a falling object, an Orange County workers’ compensation lawyer should be contacted to discuss the best options for obtaining the benefits you deserve.

Workers’ compensation laws in California provide benefits for injured workers.  Regardless of negligence or carelessness, you are entitled to certain forms of compensation when injured, which include wage compensation, medical treatment and even rehabilitation and vocational training if necessary.  At the Pacific Attorney group in Orange County, we provide excellent legal representation for those workers injured on the job.  Although you can expect to receive these benefits regardless, it often occurs that an employer will attempt to minimize or deny that the injury occurred on the job.  This could put you at risk of losing not only your job, but vital medical treatment you may need in order to recover.

Working for Employee’s Rights

Our firm believes that employees work hard every day for their employers and when they are injured on the job they deserve the compensation they are entitled to by law.  We aggressively pursue every possible benefit you may be entitled to and make certain that you receive the medical treatment you need to fully recover and get on with your life.  Having our team on your side will help you get through the complex laws and paperwork involved in a workers’ compensation claim, allowing you to put your attention on recovery.