Orange County Bad Faith Insurance Claim Cases Lawyer

Have you been denied a valid claim in an auto accident?

When an insurance company fails to pay a valid claim, legal action can be taken to demand that they pay the compensation for damages that they should have. Insurance companies often make efforts to deny or reduce valid claims, and their adjusters are fully trained to get statements from the injured to try to use in the reduction or denial of a claim. In such cases, it is critical that you contact an Orange County car accident attorney from Pacific Attorney Group.

Insurance Bad Faith Attorney in Orange County

These cases come about through a variety of causes; the claim may have been incorrectly filed, they may not have proper documentation, or the responsibility for the accident may be contested by the insurance company in question. The legal team at the firm is very familiar with addressing such cases, and has outstanding resources to draw on in proving responsibility in the accident if necessary. Professional accident investigators may be needed if the insurance company is claiming their negligent driver is not responsible.

In other cases, your own insurance company may be failing to uphold their contract and refusing to pay a claim that they are required to. In either case, a legal action against the insurance company must be immediately drafted and filed in order to get justice and fair treatment. Our legal team is well-qualified and has over 35 years of collective experience in such cases. When one is taken on by the team, you can be assured that every effort will be made to demand that the insurance company uphold their contract or pay the valid claim, depending upon the circumstances of the incident. Act quickly as time passing can make such cases more difficult to document, and witnesses are harder to find that can support your case.

Contact an Orange County Insurance Bad Faith Attorney at once if you have been treated unfairly regarding a car accident injury claim.