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Boating is a favorite activity of many people throughout California, and with the beautiful year round weather in Long Beach it is something many enjoy doing on a daily basis. Just like any other type of moving motor vehicle, boats do have the potential to be involved in accidents and unfortunate individuals can be injured. A majority of boating accidents in Long Beach happen because someone somewhere was negligent. Whether it’s another boat driver or a boat manufacturing company, negligence can take almost any form. At Pacific Attorney Group, we are dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured boat accident victims in Long Beach and will take legal action against any negligent person, company or entity who causes a boat accident.

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Considering the 3,400 miles of ocean shoreline and the 8,000 square miles of inland waterways in California, there are many opportunities for accidents to happen. The more boats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, and swimmers in the water, the higher the chance that an accident will occur. There are many possible causes of boating accidents, but the majority happen when boats collide with other moving vessels. Other common boating accidents involve water skier mishaps and falls overboard. Regardless of what you think may have caused your boating accident, it is best to speak with a lawyer about your situation. A Long Beach boating accident attorney will examine all aspects of your accident & injuries in order to find out if another person’s negligence contributed the mishap. Whether your injuries are the result of another’s negligence or faulty boating equipment, your lawyer will take all the legal actions necessary to make your personal injury claim successful.

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