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Oceanside Personal Injury Attorney
City of Oceanside

The pleasant suburb of Oceanside has been home to almost 176,000 people since being incorporated in 1888. Oceanside residents work in a wide range of industries, inside and outside the city.

Like other residents of California, the people of Oceanside cannot avoid the risk of being in a serious accident caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Crashes, hit-and-run accidents, and workplace accidents seriously injury Oceanside residents every year.

Practice Areas

A serious injury accident leaves the injured party with mounting bills and emotional stress that no one should try to handle alone. If you get in a serious accident, you need to have an experienced attorney on your side. At Pacific Attorney Group our lawyers and staff have experience in a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

We want to help you focus on recovering by going after the parties whose behavior contributed to the accident. WC claims sometimes are mishandled and sometimes bring illegal retaliation against the worker. Injury accidents bring on pressure the other party’s insurance company to settle as soon as possible. As tempting as it might be, never sign anything without speaking to an attorney first.

You should also do what you can to prepare for a legal case after your immediate medical needs are attended to. Get photographs of your injuries and the accident scene. Get contact information for witnesses. Trade contact information and insurance information with the other party. Keep copies of any communications from the WC board, your insurance company, and the other party’s insurer or legal counsel.

Again, never sign a statement or legal document from the other side without speaking to an attorney. While dealing with financial stress, emotional stress, and therapy or rehabilitation it can be tempting to sign something that keeps you from getting the compensation you deserve.

You Need an Attorney on Your Side

In the aftermath of a serious accident, you may be faced with serious emotional and financial stress caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Don’t face this situation alone. If you were injured in a serious accident you should contact or call Pacific Attorney Group at 1-760-691-5692 for a free, no-obligation review of your case.