Fontana Personal Injury Lawyers

Fontana’s motto is “City of Action” and it’s lived up to that motto since its founding in 1913. During World War II, Henry J. Kaiser selected the farming town for his new steel mill. He then built Kaiser Permanente to care for his employees. It’s since grown into the largest medical facility of its kind in the U.S. Fontana has grown with it, with more than 200,000 residents. The city is currently in negotiations for two commercial shopping centers.

Our personal injury and accident law firm has grown along with the population. We bring decades of experience to representing our Fontana clients when they’ve been injured or harmed through no fault of their own. We’ve successfully represented thousands of clients, and our legal team has helped them receive millions of dollars in compensation.

Personal injury and accident attorneys work with individuals to help them recover the costs of their injuries. We represent clients who have received injuries ranging from a broken bone to life-threatening trauma. Compensation can include all the medical costs that you need to heal, repairs to property such as your vehicle, reimbursement of time lost from work, and punitive damage. Punitive damage is compensation for pain and suffering.

You’ll be assigned a case manager who will work personally with you to assist you and your family through all the intricacies of medical, insurance, and myriad other important decisions. We know that each client has specific needs and goals, and we’ll take the time to explore all the options available. We’ll then develop a strategy for compensation that fits the particular circumstances of your case.

Your case manager will work closely with other members of our team in negotiating compensation from everyone responsible for your injury.

It’s important to establish your claim for compensation quickly when you’re an injured victim, and we’re available 24/7. There’s no charge for your initial consultation, and you won’t owe us a cent unless we win your case. Call us today at 1-800-358-9617 to get started on protecting your legal rights.