Scaffolding Accidents

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A scaffolding accident may leave a victim with serious injuries or permanently disabled. In some situations, scaffolding accidents may be fatal. At Pacific Attorney Group, we are dedicated to helping scaffolding accident victims and their families by filing workers’ compensation or personal injury claims on their behalf. By becoming involved as early as possible and protecting the rights of our clients throughout the process of recovering their benefits or filing a lawsuit against the responsible party, we will fight to maximize their potential financial compensation.

A scaffolding accident may occur at a construction site and may involve a worker, pedestrian or visitor to the site. If a workplace accident, the victim may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits, even if he or she may have been at fault. In some cases, a third party may also be held liable, and in these and all situations involving scaffolding accidents our attorneys will work to research all potential resources for financial damages. We can investigate the true cause of the accident and then take legal action to seek maximum monetary recovery for medical care, lost earnings, future medical expenses and possibly more.

Workers Compensation in California
Workers Compensation in California

Injuries from Scaffolding Accidents

In a scaffolding accident, a victim may fall a great distance. Regardless of the length of the fall and the particular accident, however, a victim may be at risk of sustaining spinal cord injury, head trauma, broken bones, damage to internal organs and more. Immediate medical care will likely be required, as well as physical therapy or rehabilitation to help the victim regain abilities lost. The monetary compensation a victim may recover in filing an accident or injury claim can cover all of these costs, giving the victim the means to rebuild his or her life.

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