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In a crowded city like San Francisco, many citizens choose bicycling as their main form of transportation as it saves the trouble of finding a parking space. In addition, bicycling is friendly for the environment and more affordable than driving. While many benefits of bicycling exist, there are a number of risks associated with biking as well.

Bicyclists must be extra cautious for all types of dangers. Bicyclist may get into an accident due to defective roads or driving hazards. Cyclists may also accidentally hit another biker or pedestrian if they cannot come to a halt fast enough. In addition, a bicyclist can get hurt if their bicycling equipment is defective and harms them. Manufacturers’ defects do exist and can pose a problem for bicyclists.

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Bicyclists must follow all the rules of the road to ensure their safety and prevent possible collisions. Additionally, it is absolutely crucial for all bicyclists to wear protective gear, like helmets and elbow pads in case an accident happens. Helmets and elbow pads may help protect the bicyclists during minor collisions.

However, they may prove to help very little in major collisions involving multiple vehicles. Bicyclists must share the road with all types of vehicles including SUVs, trucks, and big rigs. These vehicles have bigger blind spots and consequently, have a more difficult time viewing bicyclists in their blind spots. Because of this inefficiency in visibility, large vehicles have a tendency to hit bicyclists on the road.

When a bicyclist is hit by a vehicle, the results can be fatal. A bicyclist has little protection to guard him or herself with. When a larger vehicle collides with a bicyclist, the bicyclist can suffer from numerous injuries including brain damage, spinal cord injuries and numerous fractures. In many cases, these injuries result in death.

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney

After a bicycle accident, many victims must suffer devastating consequences. Some suffer from disabling and permanent injuries that force lost time from work. These injuries can result in future loss of income and threaten the livelihood of everyone they support financially.

Injuries can also affect intimate relationships and cause emotional suffering for loved ones. Victims of bicycle accidents should not only be compensated for financial loss, but for the physical and emotional suffering as well. If you were recently injured in a bicycle accident, you should contact a San Francisco bicycle accident attorney.

While you may be afraid to contact an attorney for financial reasons, it will not cost you to speak to one of our San Francisco personal injury attorneys. If our attorneys decide to represent you, we will not charge you for our services, unless we win your case.