San Diego Slip & Fall Attorney Can Help You

Property owners throughout San Diego have a legal obligation to provide an environment that is reasonably safe for lawful visitors. For example, properly inspecting the property or performing repairs can help avoid such conditions as uneven pavement, wet floors or missing stairs that may cause a slip and fall accident to occur. When property owner negligence causes a slip, trip or fall, this may be grounds for the victim to file a personal injury claim for his or her injuries. This is where a San Diego slip-and-fall attorney comes into the picture.

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Slip and Fall Accidents – Examples of Hazardous Conditions

Numerous different situations may cause a slip and fall accident to occur. These may be referred to as hazardous conditions and may include:

  • Standing water
  • A freshly waxed floor
  • A spill on the floor\
  • Object in a walkway
  • Large crack or pothole
  • Missing or defective stair
  • Poorly placed floor or door mat
  • Lack of a “wet floor” or other warning sign

Establishing exactly what caused your slip and fall accident is important, as this may expose property owner negligence and give an injury victim the foundation needed to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. With the resources to handle your claim, our firm can assist you with this important matter.