Orange County Vehicular Manslaughter Accident Lawyer

Vehicular Manslaughter Involving Motorcycles

A charge of manslaughter usually occurs following a motorcycle accident in Orange County that results in the accidental death of an individual. California law governing manslaughter is complex, as are the variety of relevant conditions or circumstances that might be present in the accident. Matters such as drug intoxication, willfulness, negligent disregard, and other similar factors can bear on the fact of manslaughter and the seriousness of the crime committed. This complexity demands that someone in a motorcycle accident that results in death have the help of an experienced, knowledgeable and persistent Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer with successful experience in vehicular manslaughter cases.

Have you been charged with vehicular manslaughter in an Orange County motorcycle accident?

Many factors can affect the outcome of a vehicular manslaughter criminal charge in California:

  • Did the accident cause the death?
  • What was the state of mind of the person causing the accident?
  • Were drugs or alcohol involved?
  • Was there negligence, and was it willful?

As one might expect, the criminal stakes are significantly higher in instances of death during a motorcycle accident. It is extremely important that an individual involved in an accident in which death occurred, be represented by the most expert, aggressive and persistent legal help available. The lawyers at Pacific Attorney Group understand the unique charge of vehicular manslaughter. We know the need to acquire all important accident facts including witness observations, the physical, emotional and possible intoxication states of any parties involved and other similar facts as quickly as possible following the motorcycle accident. Details in these cases often have significant relevance. We dedicate ourselves to this principal and are aggressive in our demand to uncover all important data about the accident, its environment and the laws of California that relate to the fine points of the ultimate criminal charge and its defense.

Contact a knowledgeable and successful Orange County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer if death has occurred during a motorcycle accident in which you were involved.