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Everyone knows that California is known for its beautiful weather. Located in sunny southern California, Palmdale is no different. Just on the other side of the San Gabriel Mountains from LA, this city has become a rapidly growing location. Founded in 1886 shortly after the gold rush brought an influx of people to the West coast, it has grown to a population of over 150,000. Unfortunately, this growing population means that car accidents are a common occurrence in this area.

For example, State Road 138 has been nicknamed the “Blood Alley” due to the high frequency of accidents on that stretch of road. Therefore, over 1,000 people have been either injured or killed in car accidents in the past 5 years. Close to 100 accidents have involved alcohol. There have been over 400 arrests for drunk driving. Cars have even struck houses, injuring innocent pedestrians in the process. Without a doubt, people need help when it comes to car accidents.

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An Attorney Can Help

For people involved in an auto accident in Palmdale, California, there are certain first steps that should be completed. First, check to make sure other people aren’t hurt or injured. If so, do not delay. Call 911 for medical attention or ask for assistance immediately. It might save someone’s life. Then, call the police to report an accident. Make sure to give the number of cars and the location. Next, make sure to exchange information with the other driver. Get insurance information, phone numbers, and license plate tags. Finally, call a Palmdale car accident lawyer. There are numerous financial implications from the fault of the accident and insurance rates that might be involved. Usually, someone at the scene of the accident will get ticketed. Make sure to call a car accident lawyer for assistance. It can have numerous financial implications.

Types of Accidents

A Palmdale car accident lawyer can help with all different types of accidents. Sometimes it is only cars that are involved. Maybe someone missed a red light. Perhaps someone was speeding. These are typical accidents that a car accident lawyer Palmdale can help sort out. For people who are transporting equipment or kids in an SUV, bad luck can sometimes strike. This isn’t a problem for a Palmdale car accident lawyer. Even worse, trucks can get involved in accidents as well. These are frequently messy accidents that definitely need a car accident lawyer for help.

Accidents can take all different shapes and forms. Sometimes people get rear-ended. Other times an auto accident involves a T-bone. Regardless of the circumstance, a lawyer can help.

Accidents also cause injuries. People frequently have leg injuries when the front of the car gets impacted. Arms can get sliced up by the glass, especially in a T-bone. Faces get burned by the airbags. These are common injuries during accidents.

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