Overview of Motorcycle Safety

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

As a minority group of motorists, motorcyclists must operate their vehicles with extreme care and caution. With regard to collision statistics, motor vehicle accidents involving a motorcycle are 32 times more likely to result in one or more fatalities than accidents only involving passenger vehicles. Due to the fact that LA is one of the nation’s biggest metropolitan districts, coupled with the nature of its infrastructure, it is not surprising to learn that motorcycle accidents are quite common.

Due to this high frequency and high risk of accident, it is crucial that motorcyclists exercise appropriate levels of caution and care. Ignoring the law and common sense with regard to operating a motorcycle can and will likely result in far more than minor injuries. Injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident can range from minor bodily harm to catastrophic injuries such as broken bones , internal bleeding, brain damage, disk herniation, and the catastrophic event of death.

Motorcycle Safety Awareness

How can I avoid harm when operating a motorcycle?

Motorcycle operators must exercise a series of precautions and have an appropriate license for riding a motorcycle. For the best rate of success, we recommend that you sign up for an approved motorcycle operations and riding course before attempting to gain your motorcycle license. We have the following recommendation that we would like to share with you regarding the operation of your motorcycle:

  1. First and foremost, always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, regardless if you are the operator or passenger. In addition to being required by California law, helmets have been statistically shown to reduce the severity of injuries sustained by riders by 85%.
  2. When operating a motorcycle, it is imperative to be observant of the laws of the road and respect the posted speed limit.
  3. Under no circumstances should you operate a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.
  4. Whenever possible, avoid driving in poor weather and visibility condition, such as heavy rain, dense fog, snow, etc. These conditions not only make it more difficult to operate a motorcycle, they also make it more difficult for automobile operators to see motorcyclists on the road, leading to accidents.
  5. You must be aware of all vehicles around you. Don’t assume that if you can see them, that they can see you.
  6. If you are a newly licensed rider, avoid riding with passengers, especially at night, until you are fully confident in your operating abilities in all situations and road conditions.

Contact a Lawyer Who Understands Motorcycle Collision Law

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  • Related medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • physical pain
  • Future related medical expenses

Our legal team is a highly educated and experienced conglomerate of individuals intent on providing our clients with the best possible representation and highest level of compensation from the liable party. Through personal attention to each client, their case and their individual needs, we are able to make sure that all of our clients receive the most comprehensive legal advice.

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