Motorcycle Accidents – Who Is at Fault?

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Fault is one of the many issues that will need to be addressed in the wake of a motorcycle accident. This is actually one of the most important issues to resolve, as California implements a fault-based system when it comes to traffic accidents. This means that the party who is responsible for causing the collision – such as a driver who runs a red light or who is texting while driving – is held legally accountable for paying financial compensation to anyone injured in the accident. Compensation is typically paid through an at-fault party’s auto insurance policy. You can learn more about this by contacting a motorcycle accident attorney.

If you or someone you love was involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be asking yourself who is to blame. Or, you may have an idea of what caused the collision but may have found yourself in a situation where you are being blamed for an accident you did not cause. Contact Pacific Attorney Group to speak to a motorcycle accident attorney. Our motorcycle accident attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group, helping them resolve insurance claims and lawsuits related to their collisions. We have the resources and access to professionals in various fields to accurately determine the cause of an accident in order to seek compensation from all possible sources.

Most motorcycle accidents can be attributed to driver negligence, but taking a closer look at what parties may be to blame can help you gain a better understanding of who may be held accountable. The following are parties that may be held legally responsible for a motorcycle accident:

Another Driver
In most motorcycle accident cases, fault will lie with an individual driver. A driver who fails to act with proper caution or care while on the road may be held to blame for an accident that results from his action or inaction. A simple example is a driver who runs a red light and collides with a motorcycle. That driver may be held to blame.

Motorcycle/Auto Manufacturer
There are some cases where a defective motorcycle or auto part may cause a collision, and in these situations the manufacturer, distributor and/or retailer of that part may be accountable. A complete investigation into the vehicles can reveal whether brake failure, tire blowout or a similar defect caused an accident.

Defective and dangerous roadways can also cause motorcycle accidents, and when this occurs the municipality or other government entity responsible for maintaining the road may be held liable. These cases can be exceedingly complex and typically involve shorter statutes of limitations in which a victim must file a claim, so it is important to talk to an attorney about your options.

Trucking Company
At times, a trucking company or other corporation may be liable for a motorcycle accident. If a commercial truck strikes a motorcycle because the truck was improperly loaded, the driver was forced to work long hours in violation of trucking regulations or a similar scenario, the trucking company may be legally responsible.

A motorcyclist may also be at fault in a collision, but even if you were partially to blame, you may still be able to recover financial compensation from another party. In California, the other party may be considered at fault as long as they were more than 50% to blame for the collision. Your financial compensation, however, may be decreased by whatever percentage you were to blame.

Take this opportunity to find out more about who may be held accountable after your accident. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney at our firm.


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