Driving in the City of Angels

2017-03-29_132247No matter whether it happens to be your very first visit to Los Angeles, or perhaps you happen to be a regular guest, this article has some fundamental guidelines to help you when you are behind the wheel. This article also provides ideas that will allow you to learn more about the many facets of driving in the City of Angels.

Learn how to plan for the traffic – If you are one of those drivers that doesn’t leave plenty of time to arrive at your destination, then you are going to be surprised. Every time you get on the roads in L.A. you’ll have set aside a considerable amount of your valuable time to the fun of dealing with busy roads. You will, therefore, have to learn the art of planning for the traffic appropriately. Congested roads are going to a fact of life if you live in L.A.! The moral of the story is always plan on dealing with heavy traffic. You can never predict where L.A. traffic is going to strike next!

Don’t ever assume that there won’t be traffic – L.A. rush hour variations are absolutely less than predictable. Therefore, as a consequence, they are not possible to avoid. It doesn’t matter if is three AM on Sunday morning, you’ll still have to assume that there will be heavy traffic.

Learn to love your automobile – You’ll have to learn to love your automobile for the simple reason that L.A. has been designed for getting behind the wheel. You’ll have a hard time utilizing general public transport. As result, in the near future, you’ll start to become aware of what a significant amount of time you spend driving. Therefore, help to make your vehicle as serene as you possibly can. If you’re lucky then you’ll avoid any accidents and will not end up needing an accident lawyer.

There are a lot of cars on the road – For anyone who is heading for Los Angeles, one of the first things you’ll realize will be the fact that practically everyone in the metropolis drives. Figure out how to have a passion for increasingly being in your automobile. Regardless of whether you are you are getting together with somebody from work, on the move to get a job done, or alternatively sprinting to your workplace, you can expect to spend a lot of time in the car.

You really need a car – On top of everything that was mentioned earlier, a good amount of L.A.’s numerous well-known panoramic areas, like the Pacific Coast Highway, may only be be visited by a vehicle. On the other hand, as a consequence of the numerous highways, moving across the city could very well be easy as pie.

Use Google Maps – Remember to make use of Google Maps to prevent yourself from becoming disoriented. You can also use Google Maps to help yourself avoid the congested roads. Hopefully you’ll avoid accidents, and won’t need an accident lawyer.

Parking is a nightmare – In the event you park your car, remember to make certain to study the car parking signs around the area where you parked, as you don’t want to wind up with a parking ticket. In the event that you happen to be parking in a car garage, remember to keep in mind the place where you parked, as the parking garages in L.A. are enormous.

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Accident Lawyer for Thanksgiving Tragedies

2016-11-28_163327Thanksgiving is surpassed only by Easter or Spring break for tragic accidents. The Black Friday shopping frenzy contributes to the record number of traffic accidents in North Carolina over the four-day holiday weekend. The American Automotive Association expects 1.4 million travelers on the North Carolina highways and 670,000 travelers on South Carolina roads over the four-day 2016 Thanksgiving holiday.

The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the deadliest times of the year and Mothers Against Drunk Drivers reminds all of us not to drive drunk, not to use cell phones or text while driving, especially in slow moving construction areas where traffic patterns shift unexpectedly. While MADD works to eliminate violent drunk driving, 10,000 lives were lost to drunk drivers in 2015. If you yourself become an accident victim over the thanksgiving holiday, you need a car accident lawyer to help you get the medical care you need and recover monetary damages for pain, suffering, lost wages, and property damage.

Traffic accidents may be traumatic, especially if a loved-one or head of household died in the accident. In cases of wrongful death or severe or life-threatening injuries, you need a car accident lawyer to determine the extent of your loss and to calculate the minimum amount of money necessary to compensate you for:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Emotional distress

Drunk drivers cause 33 to 39% of their fatal accidents the day before Thanksgiving or the Day before Christmas: 973 people were killed by drunk drivers in the United States during 2015 from the Thanksgiving holiday to New Year’s Day. A car accident lawyer, a personal injury attorney, can comfort you and try to help you adjust to your loss. A good personal injury attorney can help you get the benefits you need from:

  • Social security
  • Medicare
  • Workman’s compensation
  • Supplementary insurance

Prepare yourself adequately for the holiday season to avoid becoming a statistic. Repeat offenders cause one-third of the damage, injuries, and alcohol-related deaths, during the holiday season. Realize we share the freeways with 2 million drivers with prior DUI convictions. Someone will die every 53 minutes in a collision with a drunk driver in the United States during the holiday season. Travel and shop sensibly, but car accident lawyers will be available if you need them

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Southern Californians Receive Ferris Wheel Rescue

In Thousand Oaks, California, two people were injured and dozens more were stranded high up in the sky when a Ferris wheel malfunctioned at a fall carnival in the area. The Thousand Oaks Carnival was being held on the California Lutheran University campus, and the Ferris wheel stopped functioning as it should have been at about 9 p.m. on Sunday night. The Ventura County fire officials had to head to the scene of the accident and rescue about 30 people using a ladder truck. They would climb up, disbar the safety restraint and then carefully bring the men and women down the ladder and back to safety on the ground.

Supposedly, two people were treated for minor injuries as a result of the Ferris wheel malfunction. The cause of the malfunction is currently under investigation. All fair and carnival rides should be carefully inspected by a safety official before they are used and open to the public. If a ride is not approved for use because of technical or manufacturing malfunctions or due to an expired permit, then the carnival workers must not operate the ride while at the fair. If you have been injured while on a carnival ride because of a dangerous malfunction, then you may have the right to sue the carnival organizers or the specific owner of the ride.

In most cases, carnival workers being their specific attraction to set up at the carnival and are gaining their own profits with the ride. You may be able to sue the individual who did not abide by safety regulations. If an operator knew that the ride was in a dangerous condition but decided to run it anyway, he or she can be arrested in connection to being compelled to cover all damages gathered by victims. Contact a personal injury attorney today if you want to sue a carnival worker or ride operator for causing you harm while at a carnival or fair!

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Plastic Surgeon Responsible for Cosmetic Nightmare

A middle-aged woman from New Jersey wanted to have her eyelids restructured so that they would not sag down towards her eyes when she was going about her day. As a result, she booked an appointment for eyelid reconstruction at a local plastic surgeon. While she expected to emerge from the procedure feeling confident and beautiful, the opposite happened. Marilyn Leisz can no longer close her eyes, even when she’s sleeping, because of a doctor’s mistake in performing the procedure to reconstruct and remove bumps from her eyelids. The victim says that in order to blink she has to squeeze her eyes very tightly. The married mother of two went after her plastic surgeon in a lawsuit because she claims that she believes that he was negligent in meeting her needs.

The doctor’s attorney claims that Leisz was warned of the risks of the surgery when she went in in 2005 and never complained about the blepharoplasty until 2012. Leisz says that this is not true and that the faulty surgery has caused her undue harm. She says that she has to use gel at night and a vaporizer so that she doesn’t scratch her eyes. She is also losing her vision and lives in fear of going blind because of the plastic surgeon’s accident. She says that she can’t do any of her previous favorite things such as tennis, horseback riding, and bike riding. Leisz says that she has had other procedures before receiving the blepharoplasty but that she is scared to go under the knife again in an attempt to correct the problem. Some surgeons claim that they can reverse Leisz’s condition. Contact a personal injury attorney today if you have been injured by a plastic surgeon or medical malpractice mistake and want compensation.

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Couple Sues Doctors for Decapitating Baby

Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette were thrilled to be new parents, until they lost their newborn to a doctor’s ghastly mistake. During a February 2011 appointment, the couple were told that the baby would have to be delivered through a C-section because his abdomen was too big for the birth canal. When Arteisha went into labor during her 28th week of pregnancy, her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital where they were prepared to have an emergency C-section. Allegedly, the doctor who performed the birth insisted that Arteisha have a normal, vaginal delivery. She insisted that she wanted to have a C-section and the doctor refused. As he was trying to pull the premature baby from the birth canal, he disconnected the child’s head from its spinal cord.

Knowing that he had effectively killed the child, he shoved the baby back into the mother and performed an emergency C-section. When he pulled the child out of the mother this second time he tried to cover up the mistake and hand the child to the parents with the head severed. Arteisha also claims that the doctor performed the emergency C-section before the anesthesia had kicked in and she was left in agony has he conducted the rushed procedure. The couple is now seeking damages for wrongful death and negligence against the doctors who assisted at the birth and the Midwest Maternal & Fetal Medicine Services.

They also listed the Signature Medical Group as a defendant. The couple began their lawsuit in September and now hoped to merit millions after telling the court their horrible and saddening story. If you have been wronged by a doctor or experienced medical malpractice when giving birth to your child, then you can sue as well. Contact a personal injury attorney at the Pacific Attorney Group if you need representation on your medical malpractice case.

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Man Cooked to Death in Tuna Canning Factory

Jose Melena was a 62-year-old employee at the Bumble Bee tuna canning factory in California. The older gentleman was nearing retirement and was looking forward to spending time with family and friends outside of work in the canning facility. Yet he never made it to that stage of his life. Melena was killed unexpectedly when he somehow fell into a steamer machine and was cooked along with pounds of tuna. The Whittier Daily News reports that Melena was found Thursday shortly after 7 a.m. at the plant in Santa Fe Springs.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and health has been investigating the incident. They say that it is unclear how Melena ended up in the steamer machine. They are assuming that the entire incident as a total accident and that Melena somehow fell into the dangerous steamer. The state department will continue to investigate the incident in order to determine how to take further action. Chances are that Melena’s family will sue Bumble Bee Tuna for the wrongful death of their loved one.

Operations at the canning facility have been suspended for the time being while police and state officials continue to determine who will take the blame for the unfortunate death. A Bumble Bee Foods spokesman has already expressed condolences to Melena’s family and the company is gearing up for the legal battle that may ensue soon after. If your loved one has died in a work-related injury, then you have the right to sue for wrongful death as well. Whenever an employee is killed or injured on the job, the company that has employed that person should take some degree of the responsibility. Contact a personal injury lawyer at the Pacific Attorney Group today if you have a case that you would like to discuss or pursue.

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Lap-Band Victim’s Sister Starts Lawsuit

If you live in Southern California, chances are that you have seen billboards boasting that the Lap Band is the trick to thinness. The Lap Band advertisements encourage overweight men and women to contact 1-800-GET-THIN in order to receive the tools to embark on a weight loss journey. Yet for one sister, the lap band procedure was far from successful. An Orange County woman underwent Lap Band surgery in 2011 hoping that it would help her to lose the weight that she needed to bring back her confidence and health. Lap Band is an operation where patients are surgically implanted with a device that allegedly constricts the stomach and helps the patient to get full faster.

This Orange County Patient, Paula Rojeski, was not able to survive the surgery and died shortly after the medical procedure was complete. Her sister, Michele Pelter, has since started a lawsuit against the 1-800-GET-THIN campaign. She claims that they were responsible for her sister’s premature death. She claims that the company failed to warn her sister of the possible complications after surgery and neglected to recommend any other weight loss options to her. Pelter officially filed her lawsuit on September 7th in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

She has accused the anesthesiologist who was affiliated with the surgery of waiting 15 minutes before he advised a surgeon that Rojeski’s condition was worsening after surgery and they may want to take a look at what was wrong. The surgery center employees eventually called 911 and had their patient rushed to a real hospital, where she was declared dead. Rojeski is only one of the five victims that have died after a Lap Band surgery between 2009 and 2011.

The attorney representing 1-800-GET-THIN and the Valley Surgical Center claims that Rojeski had a heart condition from taking a weight-loss drug called fen-phen. Regardless, Pelter will continue to seek compensation for wrongful death in hopes that her lawsuit will shut down the Lap Band business or warn others of the dangers it presents. Talk to a personal injury lawyer today if your loved one has been victim to a dangerous and harmful weight loss procedure like the Lap Band. You can sue for wrongful death or medical malpractice as a result of the incident.

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Teen Receives Surgery After Drinking Nitrogen Cocktail

A teenager from Britain has attracted a lot of attention after she was rushed to surgery after drinking a combustible cocktail. According to ABC News, the 18 year old was celebrating her birthday at a bar in Lancaster when she couldn’t breathe and started experiencing stomach pain. She had been drinking a Jagermeister degestif which was made with liquid nitrogen. She was rushed to the hospital where she had to undergo a gastrectomy to save her life. The teen is now in serious but stable condition at the hospital. Now, celebrity chefs, master mixologists, and medical experts are looking at the case to determine what happened to this unfortunate victim at the bad.

Many have spoken out against the bar that gave the teen the drink, saying that anything hazardous should never be mixed in an alcoholic beverage. Bartending Magazine referred to the incident by saying that too many bartenders are trying out trendy new liquids in order to impress clients at the bar. Yet they are putting people’s health at risk as a result. The teen had to have a portion of her perforated stomach removed because of a gimmick that was meant to impress. According to ABC, liquid nitrogen is about minus-321 degrees Fahrenheit and if it is not used properly it can cause permanent frostbite or cryogenic burns.

It is used to flash-freeze food or make ice cream, and can turn herbs into powder or freeze alcohol. It is not supposed to be mixed into alcoholic drinks for immediate consumption. Yet more and more bars are using nitrogen for dramatic effect. If makes the glasses nice and chilled and the cocktails can emit a steamy vapor because of the chemical reaction. The bartenders have been trained to take the utmost care when mixing drinks, and using liquid nitrogen is a departure from this expectation. Bartenders say that a person should never drink nitrogen in its liquid form, because it will turn to gas inside the person’s body. Medical experts say that nitrogen is used to freeze off warts, not to be consumed. If you were served a dangerous liquid in your cocktail, then you have the right to seek compensation from the bar that put your health at risk. Contact a lawyer at the Pacific Attorney Group today if you want more information.

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Do GMOs Cause Cancer?

Genetically engineered food or GMOs are rarely investigated, and many scientists have not run tests to make sure that these edibles are safe to eat. Recently, some scientists that work for the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology decided to explore this little researched subject and discovered some scary results. French researchers on the project fed rats genetically engineered corn and found that they suffered mammary tumors as a result. The GMO corn was called Monsanto’s NK603. It is a variety of corn that is created to live through large dousing of round-up. Roundup is a pesticide that is often spritzed on nonorganic produce. Researchers have already shown that this chemical can be dangerous to humans because it is absorbed by the plants and then consumed in a person’s diet.

In the study, researchers fed the rats GMO corn and then gave them water laced with Roundup at the legal levels permitted in the United States. The exposed rats developed more mammary tumors than the control group and suffered organ damage. 20 percent of all males and 50 percent of all females who were drinking the Roundup and eating the GMO corn died early. GMOs have also been linked to allergies and digestive diseases in the past.

Critics who support GMO use say that the new research is not reliable or the results in rats don’t reflect the results that GMOs have on humans. The new research could support the Proposition 37 Right to Know initiative in California. This proposition says that if it is passed all manufacturers will be required to label their products with a warning that claims that there are GMOs inside. The proposition has worried the GMO industry, because they don’t want to lose business if GMOs start being connected with cancer and other illnesses.

Monsanto’s, one GMO company, has donated $7 million to strike down Proposition 37. If you have developed a disease and think you can link it back to a food with GMOs, then talk to a personal injury lawyer to determine whether or not you have the right to litigate. You may be able to argue that you were not properly warned of the risks of consuming a product. Currently, 90 percent of all Californians that will be faced with Proposition 37 say that they will vote for labeling on products that have GMOs enclosed. The only way to know if your food is pesticide and GMO-free at present is to buy organic. Organic foods can be expensive, and are typically only available at high-end grocery stores or farmer’s markets. Make sure that you discuss your situation with a lawyer if you believe you can link your cancer or another disease back to GMOs on your produce!

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Man Falls from Water Slide at Hurricane Harbor

In Valencia, California, a man was recently hospitalized when he tumbled from a water slide at a water park owned by Six Flags. The 19-year-old was at the top of the Venom Drop water slide, a large windy waterslide at the park. The platform was about 75-feet up in the air. The teen allegedly pushed passed the patrons who were waiting to get on the slide and jumped to the large slide. He chose to go head first on his stomach, rather than heading on his back, feet first, as was the protocol. The man was not cleared to go by the lifeguards, which is why he was not told how to slide down the slide.

Because he was riding incorrectly, the man lost his balance and topped over the thin edge of the slide. He landed on the pavement below with a bang. A witness says that just about everyone could hear the sickening crack as the teen hit the hard ground. The victim was unconscious when he hit the ground and was promptly transported to a local hospital. His name and condition have yet to be released. Six Flags issued a statement which claims that the teen forced his way through the crowd of people and onto the slide without being permitted to do so.

The park medical staff and local paramedics were immediately called to the scene and responded quickly in order to get the man the medical attention that he needed. Because the man was acting recklessly, there is a chance that he will not be able to seek compensation from the theme park for his injury. However, if the investigators can find that there was a mistake in the construction of the slide which allowed the man to fall over the edge, then he may have a case. If you have been injured in a water park or theme park accident, talk to a lawyer at the Pacific Attorney Group today for more information!

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