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Santa Rosa is a city in northern California. It’s the biggest city in the Wine Country of California’s North Bay and North Coast. Right now, the population is nearly 175,000 people, and that number increases every year.

This history of Santa Rosa is an interesting one. It was first occupied by the Bitakomtara, a Native American tribe. But this tribe’s population largely lost its numbers from smallpox, which was brought by Europeans. Mexican and Spanish settlers then built up the area, and Santa Rosa became a fully incorporated city in the late 1800s.

Santa Rosa’s population has grown steadily as California became a state and more Americans fled to the area. Today, it’s California’s 28th largest city. The amount of commerce is large in this area of California as well, and with this influx of people and businesses, accidents are bound to happen.

When You’ve Been in an Accident, You Need Experienced Lawyers on Your Side

Santa Rosa
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The victims of dog bites, workplace accidents or vehicle accidents are often left with hundreds of questions and medical bills piling up but no where to turn. When you’ve been through a serious accident like any of those listed below, you need professionals on your side, and that means hiring experienced personal injury lawyers who can take on your case. At Pacific Attorney Group, we deal with the following service areas. Have you been in one of these situations recently?

If you’ve been involved in any of these accidents or if someone in your family had a wrongful death as the result of an accident, let us know. Pacific Attorney Group can help.

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At Pacific Attorney Group, our skilled lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the victims of personal injury accidents. We’re serious about the work we take on, and we look at every case we take on as if it’s going to be tried in court. Each case gets our most serious attention and dedication.

Let us sit down and discuss your injuries and situation with you to see how we can get you the best possible results. You don’t have to just live with injuries, bills and lost wages when the accident that happened to you wasn’t even your fault. Let us get you the dollars you are owed. Call Pacific Attorney Group today at 1-800-358-9617.