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When people think of California, images of sunny beaches and warm weather come to mind. Located in the enclave that is Southern California, Costa Mesa fits this description as well. Part of Orange County, California, Costa Mesa was incorporated back in 1953. It is also known as the setting of the popular sitcom “The OC.” Since its inception, it has grown from a farming town of around 15,000 to a population of over 100,000. While the city has quickly grown, unfortunately, it is also the cause of many different accidents. The size of the roads tends to lag behind the rest of the city. Buildings are built too close to the streets. People are in a hurry to get somewhere. The number of accidents has grown. Close to 900 car accidents have occurred in the past 5 years in Costa Mesa. In 2014 alone, 14 people were killed in car accidents. Numerous accidents have involved alcohol. Clearly, someone should ask for help when involved in a car crash.

Attorneys Can Help

For victims of a car accident in Costa Mesa, there are specific actions that should happen first. Check on everyone involved and ask if people are hurt. If someone is injured ask for medical help by calling 911 immediately. Then, call the police to report an accident. Give the location and number of people involved. Talk to the other driver and collect the license plate tag, insurance information, and phone number. Then, contact a Costa Mesa car accident lawyer. Injuries frequently result during car accidents. These injuries are expensive. Along with injuries, someone usually winds up getting a ticket at the accident scene. Fault is assigned and can cause insurance rates to skyrocket. A car accident lawyer Costa Mesa can help with all of these issues.

Different Accidents

A Costa Mesa car accident lawyer can provide assistance with a wide array of different accidents. Most accidents involve two cars. Maybe someone was speeding. Perhaps someone ran a red light. Injuries can result from these accidents and require a Costa Mesa car accident lawyer. Sometimes a larger SUV is involved. Noisy kids distracted drivers. Equipment was tumbling around in the back seat. These can commonly cause an auto accident. Sometimes even trucks are involved. These are serious accidents that almost always have other implications. Make sure to ask a lawyer for help whenever a truck is involved.

Accidents come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes someone runs into the back of another car. This a common auto accident an experienced lawyer can handle. A T-bone accident is much more serious and can result in significant injuries that require legal attention.

Speaking of injuries, legs are commonly pinned inside of vehicles when the front end of a car gets compacted. Sometimes arms are broken when other cars are T-boned. Whiplash commonly occurs when a head impacts the headrest. Faces are burned by air bags. These are serious injuries that a lawyer can help with.

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