Auto accidents happen every day and can occur without warning to anyone. There are many different auto accident lawyers that you should know about. The broad range available makes it challenging to find one that will meet your needs. It is essential that you know what kind of legal experience they have and if they were able to help anyone in a similar situation before.

Rear-end collisions are some of the deadliest auto accidents that can happen. If you have been involved in such an accident, you must know there is a way out. Feel free to reach out to the attorney at Pacific Attorney Group. Here we will discuss rear-end collisions and how Pacific Attorney Group – Accident Lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

What is a Rear End Collision?

Rear-end collisions occur when a driver is slowing down or stopped, and the vehicle behind them hits them, causing damage to their car. It is among the most common auto accidents in Los Angeles. It is primarily dangerous during rush hour when drivers travel behind each other, making it very hard to notice brake lights. The causes of rear-end collision accidents include driving close to the car in front of you, tailgating, speeding, drunk or distracted driving, or if the brakes malfunction.

Common Injuries in a Rear-End Collision

Occupants of the rear vehicle are often left with some form of physical injury. The most common injuries include concussions, arm and wrist breaks, chest injuries, cuts and bruising, soft tissue injuries, and whiplash. The severity of the injuries can range from minor to severe. It all depends on the speed and force of the collision. The pain you may have suffered from such an accident can be debilitating and difficult.

Visit a medical professional immediately after a crash. Some injuries may remain hidden for a few days after the accident. The physician may also refer you for physical therapy. A physician may also recommend you for pain medications if the pain is unusually intense.

What to do After a Rear End Collision

Immediately after any rear-end collision, check your surroundings to ensure no one is injured. If someone is injured, do not disturb them. Call 911 and report the accident. Take pictures of the accident scene and any injuries that you sustained. Capture all the registration information and names of the people involved if possible. The more details you get, the better your chances of winning your case. If the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries, you could file a lawsuit against them. You need an Los Angeles rear end collision auto accident lawyer to help you fight for compensation.

How Can an Attorney Help You?

An attorney can help you go after the person who is at fault. They will gather evidence, testify to your case, and fight for your rights in court. A good attorney will go after anything that is owed to you. This includes medical bills and physical therapy if needed, lost wages from missed work, and pain and suffering from getting hurt in the accident. A Los Angeles rear end collision auto accident lawyer will also be able to help you seek justice for how the crash has changed your life since the crash occurred.

They can also help you negotiate with the insurance company. The insurance adjusters may trick you into taking the lowest amount possible. They will try and play on your emotions to show that their offer is more than fair, but they do not want to give you what you deserve and need. A lawyer will see through this and ensure you are given your rightful compensation. They can use different methods, including negotiation and litigation.

How Much Compensation Can I Get?

The amount of compensation an attorney can get depends on the specific details of your case. This includes your injuries, the other driver’s negligence, and the insurance company. If you were seriously injured, the compensation would be higher than if the injuries were minor. The insurance company may want to settle for a lower amount to avoid further legal action.

The amount of money you can receive will also depend on whether or not property damage is involved. If you have a totaled vehicle, this could also increase the compensation they will pay out. A Los Angeles rear end collision auto accident lawyer may recommend that you inspect the car before deciding its worth. They will consider all of this information and fight for what you deserve.

How Can You Avoid Rear-End Collisions?

Be aware of your surroundings. Keep your eyes straight ahead, and make sure you know the people behind you. Do not tailgate, as this may cause a rear-end collision accident. Avoid distractions while driving, such as phone calls, texting, or music.

Defensive driving is the best way to avoid rear-end collisions. Always watch for brake lights, even when you are behind someone. If you notice that the person is not slowing down or stopping, pass them and find a safe place to stop if possible. Focus on your driving, and do not let distractions win out. Do not speed, as this will cause a collision.

How Can I Find a Good Attorney?

A reasonable Los Angeles rear end collision auto accident lawyer is essential in any case to have a successful outcome. You need someone with experience who will only settle for the best results possible. You need an attorney who can fight in court and collect all the evidence required to prove your case, get on the witness stand, and help with your testimony. The team at Pacific Attorney Group – Accident Lawyers has over 75 years of collective experience in assisting clients to recover from auto accidents. They are highly skilled in handling your case from start to finish. Our team comprises seasoned trial lawyers who understand how to get the maximum compensation. We understand how much your injuries cost you and how hard it is to get back to what your life once was.

Rear-end collisions can cause a lot of damage. You may need help to recover from the injuries. Call Pacific Attorney Group – Accident Lawyers or fill out the contact form online to learn more about how they can help.