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On-the-Job Injuries

Workers in any field or occupation may be injured, whether they spend the majority of their time operating heavy machinery on farms, sitting behind desks or working on scaffolding on construction sites. On-the-job injuries can affect anyone. The steps a worker takes after an injury may influence the medical care he or she receives and his or her financial stability in facing the upcoming weeks, months or years.

Pacific Attorney Group offers experienced legal representation to injured workers in LA and the surrounding areas in Southern California. We realize that work injuries can change your life, not only creating unforeseen financial instability but impacting your ability to work and even your ability to perform day-to-day activities and enjoy life. ALA workers’ compensation lawyer at our firm can help you seek medical care and benefits to help you rebuild toward a more stable future.

This website was created to offer helpful information to those interested in learning more about occupational injuries and workers’ compensation in California. Feel free to review what we have included here, or call our offices to discuss a particular issue during a complimentary consultation.

Single-Incident vs. Repeated Exposure Injuries

An on-the-job injury typically stems from one of two causes: a single incident or repeated exposure. Single-incident injuries most often occur as the result of accidents. A worker may fall from a ladder at a construction site or may be involved in an auto accident while making a delivery. These injuries will vary dramatically depending on the type of accident and circumstances surrounding the incident, such as whether the worker was wearing protective gear at the time.

Repeated exposure injuries occur from recurring, ongoing incidents. This may be continual exposure to loud noises at a manufacturing facility or repeated heavy lifting in a warehouse. Some examples of work injuries resulting from repetitive motion or repeated exposure may include: hearing loss, carpal tunnel syndrome and back injuries.

Occupational injuries of all kinds are covered by workers’ compensation, and most workers in California are entitled to benefits. This is a no-fault system, meaning the cause of the injury does not need to be proven for a worker to recover benefits. As long as the injury is work-related, the worker will likely be covered – even if the worker may have been to blame. (The only exception may be if the worker was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or if the worker purposefully caused injury to himself or herself).

Psychological Injuries & Workers Compensation

Psychological injuries may also be covered by workers’ compensation. These occupational injuries are not discussed as frequently as physical injuries, but workers who suffer psychological trauma as the result of work conditions, an incident at the workplace or physical on-the-job injuries may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. Benefits for psychological injuries may vary on a case-by-case basis, so it is important to talk to your attorney to see whether you may be covered.

Injured at work? Call a workers’ comp lawyer.

If you were injured at work, do not wait to talk to a lawyer. Workers’ compensation lawyers are prohibited from charging or accepting up-front fees for their services. Instead, legal fees are determined by the court and paid out of a worker’s award. This means your lawyer only gets paid if you do. The insight and representation of a skilled legal professional may make all the difference as you approach a difficult claim or try to deal with a situation where a claim has been delayed or denied. At Pacific Attorney Group, we handle workers’ compensation claims, hearings, trials and appeals for workers. Call today!