Subway Accidents

At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent victims who have been injured in subway accidents and metro accidents. We also assist those who have been injured at subway stations, such as due to a slip and fall on a stairway or platform or even an attack or assault that occurs due to negligent security.

Accidents of this kind are often very serious and may affect numerous passengers at once. Because of the high speed and impact of a subway accident, both the operator of the subway and all passengers will be at risk of injury or even death. Your initial consultation with an attorney is free if you are interested in reviewing your legal rights and options in regard to your accident and injuries.

Raymond Corrado
Raymond Corrado Killed in Crash on MacArthur Metro Station in Los Angeles

About Subway / Metro Accidents

Thousands of commuters rely on subways and metros for daily transportation to and from work or school. With the number of attractions throughout the LA area, many tourists and residents also utilize the subway system to go to shows, and museums or see the many sights the area has to offer. This is an often safe and convenient, not to mention inexpensive, means of travel.

Unfortunately, people who ride subways may also be at risk of being involved in an accident at some point. Driver error, faulty brakes, negligence maintenance of the train or improper track maintenance may cause a serious or potentially fatal subway accident at virtually any time. A subway or metro passenger may also be at risk of injury while in the station or in the car.

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer Before It’s Too Late

If you were injured in a subway accident, you may have the right to take legal action against the County Metropolitan Transit Authority or another party that may have been responsible for your injuries. An attorney can evaluate your case and determine against whom you may be able to file a lawsuit.

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