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At Pacific Attorney Group our goal is to provide superb service to individuals who are in need of a competent personal injury lawyer. As long time residents of California we take pride in our level of knowledge about the California legal system including all of the state and federal laws that pertain to personal injury.
We do not represent corporations, banks or insurance companies; instead we focus our practice on providing aggressive, and results-oriented personal injury claims for plaintiffs in cases involving:

You need not risk your financial future working with lawyers who are not familiar with the statutes that apply to California Personal Injury Law. At Pacific Attorney Group we specialize in only personal injury law and we’ll make sure that you get the compensation that you’re entitled to.

We understand that a good personal relationship is the secret to successfully working with an attorney for your personal injury claims. We are committed to providing you not only with expert personal injury services, but also to providing you with the personal, one on one service you deserve.

We have 21 locations throughout the state of California with our law offices in:

Our years of personal injury legal expertise means that we understand the needs of our clients and we’re well recognized in our field.  We are fully aware that each personal injury case must be treated individually based on the circumstances of the case.  Let Pacific Attorney Group provide you with our expertise in all fields of personal injury law and let us help you get the settlement you deserve.

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Personal Injury

Most personal injury legislation goes back to older “Common law policies.” Common law differs from state to state and the regulations for a LA personal injury lawyer will be at variance with a lawyer in Missouri for instance. A LA personal injury attorney can assist in a variety of situations where personal injury laws apply.

Products Liability

Product liability civil cases permits plaintiffs to hold a company or business responsible for injuries that may have incurred while using their product. The intent of product liability law is to work with cases at a state-by-state level; nonetheless, at times there have been incidents where the federal government has stepped in to legislate product liability cases.

Tire Defects

In 2000, the Firestone Tire recall ignited consumer’s awareness of the possible dangers inherent in defectively produced vehicle tires. Tire manufacturer recalls are not unusual and most major tire manufacturers have had a recall at one time or another. However, in most cases the recalls have only been instigated after a momentous number of consumers have been injured or killed…

Seat Belt Failure

Seat belts involve moving parts that must meet certain standards set forth by federal and industry safety standards. When seat belts malfunction, individuals can undergo severe harm as well as spinal cord injuries. Some seat belts are defective because of the manufacturer’s design, such as lap-only seat belts that fail to contain the upper body…

Van Rollover

There have been numerous warnings issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through the years concerning rollover accidents involving vans. The NHTSA states that the possibility of a rollover are steeper when there are lots of passengers in the van, when they are driven on bumpy roads at high speeds, when items are on the roof, and when tires are under-inflated…

Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle riders think that they will never be implicated in a motorcycle accident. Nonetheless, for the last ten years, motorcycle injuries and accidents have been on the rise. As the number of motorcycle accidents continue to rise, those less enthusiastic about motorcycle riding determine that it is the motorcyclists at fault, not the automobile drivers…

Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle should be a pleasurable and comforting experience. Unfortunately, vehicle drivers don’t often give bicyclist the respect they deserve. Bicyclists are expected to follow the same rules as other vehicles on the road. However, through the inattention or obstinacy of other vehicle drivers, injuries happen which may demand assistance from a bicycle accident lawyer…

ATV Accidents

An ATV, all terrain vehicle, is identified as a motorized vehicle created to travel off the beaten path. Many individuals use ATVs for utility or recreational purposes. ATVs are separated into two distinct classes; Type I is to be utilized by one operator, and Type II is produced for a driver and passenger. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, states that ATV accidents are responsible for over 100,000 injuries every year…