Mark Shayani

So many people have to deal with the legal ramifications of suffering an injury or disability. There are many dangerous jobs out in the world and somebody has to do them. Yet despite all the hard work, those workers put into their jobs, they are often very poorly compensated when they suffer an injury at work.  That’s why we have men like Mark Shayani. They very rarely receive the appropriate compensation that they need and deserve.

To make matters worse, so few of them have someone to help them when these injustices happen. Most of them just give up after the fact not knowing what to do from that point onward. This is just another part of harsh reality for the people unfortunate enough to have to deal with this system at play. The people who wind up suffering a work related injury are often left alone and mistreated by a system that does not pay them the appropriate compensation that they are owed and have rightfully earned after all of the work that they have done. What these people need is a good attorney to help them with what they need. Not just a good attorney, but an attorney who listens to them and is compassionate towards their needs.

Mark Shayani is a full time attorney who operates in the state of California and is a man who is very passionate about helping his clients with relation to personal injuries and other work-related injuries. But this man is more than just passionate, he’s also effective. He has settled and collected millions on behalf of his client’s hundreds of times. If that’s not impressive enough on its own, he managed to settle all of those cases single-handedly. This is a man on a mission, and he’s not one to lose or accept defeat.

Mark Shayani graduated from The University of Texas where he would obtain his degree in law. After doing so he would then go on to team up with other attorneys just as passionate about the appropriate compensations for work-related injuries as he was. Together they would form a group called “Pacific Attorney Group”, who would then go on to help with personal injury cases.

But Mark Shayani wanted to connect with his clients better so he would be able to understand their pain more so he would go back to school in Texas soon. He would graduate with a degree in Medicine in the year 2000. After graduating he came back with renewed determination and even more passionate than ever about helping people and their cause.

Mark Shayani is always looking for new ways to connect to clients and make him a better attorney, so much so that he’s been to school four times. Shayani, along with the Pacific Attorney Group, has made a huge impact in the lives of countless injured workers in need. Shayani is known for his caring and compassionate nature towards others and all of that is portrayed quite clearly in all of his work in every case he takes.

Even though he has studied the subjects in school, Mark Shayani is not a practiced medical professional and does not have a license in the state of California. He is however admitted to practice law within the state of California.

If you would like to make contact for any personal injury situations please call 1-800-358-9617