Helicopter Accidents

Did you know that a helicopter accident is one of the most dangerous forms of air travel? In fact, a recent plane and helicopter survey shows that helicopter crashes are 90% more frequent than airplane crashes. While it may be possible to only incur serious injury from a helicopter crash, it is more typical for it to result in a wrongful death. When dealing with insurance companies involved in helicopter accidents it is important to have proper guidance.

In LA, helicopters can be a viable solution for quick transportation compared to congested streets and heavy traffic which could result in an auto accident. Helicopters are frequently used to transfer injured people who are in isolated locations to and from a hospital. In addition to people in isolated locations, helicopters are also used to transport injured pedestrians and workers injured on the job to a hospital for treatment.

California Helicopter Crash Injury Lawyer
Helicopter Crash Injury Lawyer

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A helicopter accident can put significant stress on you and your family without proper consultation. Our attorneys are knowledgeable of aviation laws which relate to helicopter crashes, and we make it clear to the insurance companies that we are only willing to deal with fair settlements. We are amongst the most knowledgeable in the industry and will help guide you through the complex legal issues involved. You can trust that if you work with a lawyer from our firm that we will leave no stone unturned as we fight to help you protect the best interests of both yourself and your entire family.

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