Paralysis Caused by Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit California for Paralysis Victims

Depending on at what point the spinal cord sustains injury, a victim may suffer from paraplegia or quadriplegia and full or partial paralysis. The spinal cord acts as a conduit for any and all messages to and from the brain and the rest of the body, an when the spine sustains physical trauma that results in a damaged, stretched or severed spinal cord, the victim will experience partial or total loss of feeling from that point downward. For example, a spinal cord injury at the neck may result in full paralysis from the neck down. If the victim suffers spinal cord injury toward the base of the spine, however, paralysis may be limited to the legs and lower body only.

If you or someone you know was partially or fully paralyzed in an accident or because of another person’s negligent conduct, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim in civil court. Pacific Attorney Group can meet with you to talk about your options. Our firm handles all types of claims related to spinal cord injury and paralysis, including slip and fall accidents, injuries from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace accidents and much more. We also take on claims involving medical malpractice, if a doctor’s negligence or wrongdoing led to paralysis, as well as cases involving intentional wrongdoing, such as a physical assault or attack.

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