A fallacy of forgiveness in accidents prevents victims from getting their fullmeasure of compensation to allow them the best possible chance at healing. Fewlocations is this more prevalent then in the workplace. We spend a great deal oftime away from family and friends to not only keep a roof over our heads but tofoster an atmosphere where dreams may flourish. Relationships are formed asteamwork makes our careers go a little easier. No one wants to think that ourcoworkers or the company we work withtakes unnecessary risks to procuremore profit. Sadly, this happens quite frequently in California. Do not let thefeelings of friendship interfere with your legal rights when you become injured orill because of your workplace.

Accidents Just Do Not Happen

How many times have workers had to watch safety videos, practice drills, and given safety manuals? The avalanche of material attempts to convey to the workers that the company has thought of everything and that if a person gets hurt or sick on the job then it is an “act of God.” When the worst happens to one of their own, the company is prepared to take advantage of the forgiving nature in relationships combined with the sense of fate they attempt to instill to skate away from their responsibility in the accident.

Be Aware and Prepared

Workers are encouraged to come in sick or sleepy by overly aggressive attendance policies. Safety is preached until production falls behind and then these values are put on the back burner until the numbers catch up. While we can do all we can to resist the danger to cut corners, not everyone can withstand the peer pressure from the company. Our defensive safety first attitude helps but can not prevent all the accidents that harried people and unsafe conditions cause. Fortunately, California has ample workers compensation protection and compensation for those that are aware of it.

Too many times people have blindly signed away the full extent of their rights for the sense of relief a settlement at a fraction of what can be is offered. A prudent course of action for any worker is to have contact information in their wallets, purses, and mobile devices of professionals that know the ins and outs of the protocol and forms in worker compensation cases. Forgiveness can follow once the full extent of a workers compensation claim is awarded. Your best chance to completely protect you and your loved ones comes with the decades of professional experience that the Pacific Attorney Group has at their disposal. Reach out now to protect your family for the years to come when the worst happens at work.