Get the Legal Support You Need After a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? An attorney at our law firm may be able to help. We offer legal counsel to injured victims of motorcycle accidents throughout the San Diego area, and we offer a free initial case evaluation to discuss your case and your legal options with you. At the time of your consultation, you will be able to talk to a professional about what occurred and what you can do to seek financial damages for your injuries.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Determining who should be held legally accountable in a motorcycle accident is important. This must be established in order for a victim to recover the financial compensation he or she needs for medical expenses and other injuries or losses associated with the accident.

Most San Diego motorcycle accidents are caused by driver negligence. This may be the rider of the motorcycle or perhaps the other motorist that was involved, due to speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving or simple carelessness. In other cases, a motorcycle accident may be caused by dangerous roadways, in which case the local government may be held responsible. A defective product may also cause a motorcycle accident to occur, giving the victim grounds to file suit against the manufacturer, distributor or retailer.

Involving a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

If you would like to make sure that your rights and future are well protected in regard to your motorcycle accident insurance claim or lawsuit, entrust your case to a San Diego personal injury lawyer with the knowledge, experience and dedication to see it through to the best result possible.

San Diego Causes Of Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

What causes motorcycle accidents? This is an important issue to consider, particularly if you or someone you know was recently injured in an accident of this kind. Driver distraction, inexperience, inappropriate response to an emergency situation, speeding, reckless driving, texting, talking on the phone, drunk driving, defective motorcycle parts, dangerous roadways and poor weather conditions may all cause a motorcycle accident to occur. Determining what caused your particular accident will directly impact your ability to recover financial damages from the other driver, as well as what amount you can receive.

At Pacific Attorney Group, we help clients throughout San Diego in all types of motorcycle accident claims, including motorcycle versus truck accidents, motorcycle versus car accidents, motorcycle versus motorcycle accidents and also motorcycle accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists. We understand the importance of establishing the cause of your motorcycle accident in order to help you seek and recover the financial damages you need.

Reconstructing Your San Diego Motorcycle Accident

Determining what caused a motorcycle accident is an important part of building a claim or lawsuit against the responsible party. Reconstructing a San Diego motorcycle accident will often be a key aspect of this, as well as carefully reviewing police records, witness accounts of the accident and also interviewing you about what occurred. It will be necessary in these situations to prove that the other party acted in some way or was careless and therefore caused the accident to occur.

Motorcycle accident claims require a special approach tailor-made to fit the unique aspects of these collisions. Motorcycle riders stop, turn and accelerate in a different manner than operators of other motor vehicles, and therefore it will be necessary to have a complete understanding of these methods as well as the mechanical workings of a motorcycle to effectively establish what caused the accident and to prove that the motorcyclist was not at fault – even if the other party is claiming this is so.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn Injuries Resulting from Motorcycle Accidents

Burn injuries can be one of the most serious and painful types of injuries a person can experience. When someone is riding a motorcycle, it can be even more so, as there is no protection offered on a motorcycle from fire or roadside burns. Burns are categorized by the degree of severity, from 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree, with a 3rd degree burn being the most serious. In a motorcycle accident, a burn injury can result from the impact of a motorcycle and another vehicle causing some type of gas explosion resulting in a fire. If you or someone you know has suffered a burn injury in a motorcycle accident, contact a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer to protect your legal rights.

At the Pacific Attorney Group, we have over 35 years of combined experience in helping our clients to obtain compensation for their motorcycle injuries. With burn injuries it is crucial to have a knowledgeable legal team working for you to ensure liability is proven to be caused by the other party. You will likely face extensive medical costs in treatment for your burns and may even require surgery and plastic surgery for repairs to the burned area.

Help With Your Personal Injury Claim

Our firm understands the emotional and physical pain that a burn injury can cause. This is no time for you to have your attention on anything but recovering from your injuries. Trusting our firm to protect your interests is our main goal. We are committed to ensuring you are compensated for every aspect of your claim, which can include your current medical costs, future costs of care or surgery, lost wages and potential loss of earning potential as well as for the pain and suffering you have had to endure in this type of an accident.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Crashes involving motorcycles are usually considered much worse than accidents involving other types of vehicles, due to the lack of solid barriers between the rider and other vehicles. These accidents carry a higher instance of serious injuries and death to the motorist than other vehicular accidents.

Victims of motorcycle accidents are entitled to sue for damages and loss. These lawsuits are evidenced based, and the awards vary depending on the severity of the situation. Many times, litigation can be avoided with successful negotiation of insurance settlements.

Pain and suffering is a term that encompasses physical and emotional damage that results from the effects of an injury. In the legal world, it is a part of what encompasses general damages. It is very difficult to assign a monetary value to these types of claims. A San Diego motorcycle accident attorney is an expert in helping you earn fair compensation for any damages that you have incurred.

Free Motorcycle Accident Review

If you have been seriously injured in an San Diego motor bike or motor cycle accident, it’s time to seek help from a top Motor Cycle Accident Attorney. Right after an injury occurs, it is a stressful time since your future health may be at risk. There are many unknowns. Doctors have to be consulted. Medical bills need to be paid. We will help lift the emotional burden by managing the details of your accident claim so the physical healing can begin. Call for a confidential talk with an experienced and caring·San Diego motor cycle accident attorney who can give you sound advice on how to pursue your injury claim.

As your San Diego Motor Bike Attorney , we provide Free telephone, home or hospital consultations. We provide evening and weekend appointments. We have offices throughout San Diego for your convenience. We have successfully resolved thousands of cases.

San Diego Motorcycle vs Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Serving San Diego

An accident between a motorcycle and a bicycle may be an uncommon occurrence, but it is a matter that is best addressed with competent legal help. A San Diego motorcycle accident attorney at our law firm can assist you if you, a friend or a family member has been injured in a motorcycle versus bicycle accident in the San Diego area and need legal guidance and representation. We have more than 35 years of combined legal experience to apply to your case and will be happy to discuss your options with you. All you have to do to get the process started is to call our offices at 800-670-8142. We also charge no legal fees unless we successfully recover a settlement or secure a jury award on your behalf.

You do not have to face a bleak, vulnerable future that is rife with financial difficulties and other problems. Let a lawyer at our law firm help you seek justice and recover the financial damages you deserve.

Injured in a San Diego Motorcycle vs. Bicycle Accident?

Regardless of how a motorcycle and bicycle may collide, the rider of the bicyclist will likely sustain more injury. The larger size and weight of the motorcycle will put the bicycle and rider at a disadvantage and higher risk of damage upon impact. Head trauma is a common occurrence in an accident of this kind and may occur even when the victim is wearing a safety helmet in accordance with state standards. No matter what injuries you may have sustained or what financial or emotional difficulties you may endure in relation to your San Diego motorcycle versus bicycle accident, an attorney at our law firm can provide you with an honest assessment of your case. We can offer you valuable advice pertinent to your particular situation in order to help you make an informed choice about your insurance claim or lawsuit.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Road Rash Injuries Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles can be an entertaining means of transportation and also very economical to use. Frequency of motorcycle use has increased recently, likely due to higher gas prices. With this increase there has also been an increase in accidents from motorcycle accidents, some resulting in road rash. Road rash is a common injury in motorcycle crashes, as bikes offer little protection to riders. When an accident occurs where the rider is thrown from his motorcycle, it can often happen that the driver is dragged or scrapes along the roadway for some distance, resulting in serious to severe road rash burns to the body. These injuries can be extremely painful and require extensive medical care. Consult with a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney to find out how we can help you with your personal injury claim.

Our offices at the Pacific Attorney Group have over 35 years of combined experience assisting those injured in motorcycle accidents. Liability issues for these types of accidents are unique and take an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to ensure negligence on the part of the other party is well documented.

Consequences of Road Rash Injuries

A road rash injury can leave a person with serious injuries that can lead to hospitalization, surgeries to repair the damage and even lifelong effects that can drastically affect a person’s quality of life. Infections can set in and reconstructive surgery may be needed, greatly increasing the cost of medical care. For protection of your rights in this type of accident, our firm is ready to aggressively negotiate with the other party to ensure you receive all compensation you are entitled to. With proper investigation and documentation, our firm can pursue damages for your medical costs, future medical care, lost wages and pain and suffering as well.

San Diego Uninsured Motorists Accident Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Being involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle is bad enough, but when you are struck by an uninsured motorcyclist, it becomes even more difficult to resolve your personal injury claim. When you find yourself in this position, it is best to contact a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer to pursue the benefits you may be entitled to. Foremost is ensuring you have the right type of insurance when riding a motorcycle. Because motorcycle riding can be riskier than driving a passenger vehicle, obtaining adequate coverage is vital.

Many motorcycle accident lead to severe and even catastrophic injuries. When these are caused by the negligence of an uninsured motorist, your options are to pursue the driver of the vehicle personally for your damages, or seek other forms of insurance that may help defray the costs of treatment. At the Pacific Attorney Group, we are well-versed in researching all possible sources of coverage for your injuries. Whether it be uninsured motorist coverage on your own policy, health insurance coverage or any other type available to you, our firm will aggressively search for the compensation you need.

Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents can include road burns, fractures, head, neck or back injuries and even result in death. Obtaining the medical care you need is crucial to your recovery. Our firm will relentlessly pursue those responsible for your accident and hold them accountable for your losses. Don’t risk being left with no coverage after a serious motorcycle accident; retain a knowledgeable and caring motorcycle accident attorney from our firm today.

Many bike riders who have uninsured motorist coverage may find their insurance company reluctant to pay out until they feel all available other options have been investigated. Our firm knows the insurance laws and the duty your insurance company has to provide you with coverage in a timely manner. Let us work for you to obtain the coverage you deserve.

San Diego Motorcycle vs Truck Accident Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A traffic accident between a motorcycle and a large truck will most often be catastrophic. The great disparity between the two vehicles in regard to their size and weight places the motorcycle and motorcycle rider at a distinct disadvantage in the event of a collision, increasing the risk of serious property damage and physical injury. A fully loaded commercial big rig or semi truck may weigh up to 80,000 pounds or possibly more with a special permit. Considering the significant size and weight difference between a large truck and a motorcycle, it is easy to see why the motorcycle will sustain the worst of the impact. While the truck driver may walk away unscathed, the motorcyclist may suffer permanent or fatal injury.

Making sure you have skilled legal counsel in the wake of a motorcycle versus truck accident in the San Diego area is important. At Pacific Attorney Group, we believe that our clients deserve the best opportunity to seek justice and recover the money they need for medical bills and more. A motorcycle accident attorney at our offices can talk to you about what you have experienced and how we can help when you call us for a free case evaluation at 800-358-9617.

Accident Reconstruction & Motorcycle vs. Truck Accidents

In working with professionals in accident reconstruction concerning large trucks in particular, we can work to assess exactly what caused your motorcycle versus truck accident. We can evaluate the truck driver’s actions or possible reaction to an emergency situation or poor weather that may have caused your accident and can also determine if a factor such as an unbalanced or overloaded truck caused the driver to lose control and collide with your bike. Whatever the situation, we will work tirelessly to determine how to resolve the matter while protecting your interests.

San Diego Motorcycle Liability Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in San Diego

It is commonly assumed that in a motorcycle accident, the rider of the motorcycle is responsible for the collision. And while, percentage-wise, it is true that the rider is responsible on occasion, it is far more infrequent than one might expect. A very large number of these accidents are caused by drivers in cars, trucks, and buses, who have turned their vehicle into the innocent rider, or run into the back of them in a stopped situation. Proving liability is crucial for the victim in such a situation, so that they can be rightly compensated for the injuries and damages they have suffered in the accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies oftentimes try to reduce the amount of your claim or deny liability, and that is why it is important to have an attorney representing you in your case. An experienced San Diego motorcycle accident attorney can thoroughly investigate your accident to determine your innocence in the collision, and use the information found to give you the best chance of receiving the settlement you deserve.

Legal Help for your Motorcycle Accident

The costs associated with a motorcycle accident can be extremely high. Aside from the damage done to your property, you may have suffered serious injuries which require costly medical care and therapy. The injuries may also have left you unable to work, furthering your financial hardship. As the victim in your accident, you should not be held liable for the damages due to lack of representation. Contact a skilled attorney at Pacific Attorney Group, and we will thoroughly review your accident to properly determine liability, and represent you in court. We will do our utmost to increase the likelihood that those actually liable take responsibility for their actions, and provide you with the compensation necessary to help you cover your accident costs and your physical and emotional hardship.

If you are seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, contact a San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney who to assist you in seeking maximum compensation.

San Diego Motorcycle vs Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Representing a motorcycle versus motorcycle accident victim requires extensive legal knowledge and the proper resources to fully investigate the matter to determine exactly what caused the accident and who should be held accountable. At Pacific Attorney Group, we help motorcycle accident victims throughout San Diego and the surrounding areas in Southern California. A motorcycle accident lawyer at our offices can meet with you to talk about your motorcycle versus motorcycle accident and what can be done to protect your legal rights in order to help you seek justice.

Your initial consultation to discuss your San Diego motorcycle versus motorcycle accident is free. This will be an opportunity for you to learn more about your legal rights and your options in moving forward with an insurance claim or lawsuit in order to recover the money you need – and we believe you deserve.

Help for Serious Injury Victims in San Diego Motorcycle Accidents

Although California law requires a motorcycle rider to wear a safety helmet, the rider may still be at risk of great injury. Particularly in a high speed or high impact collision, a motorcyclist may sustain serious head trauma, spinal cord injury or damage to internal organs. This is one factor that makes motorcycle versus motorcycle accidents so serious.

Make sure you have proper legal counsel to represent your interests and protect your rights in regard to your motorcycle accident claim. With the resources to investigate your San Diego motorcycle accident case and to conduct an accident reconstruction, an attorney at our law offices can offer you the level of assistance, guidance and representation you need to reach a better case outcome.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Contusions Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego

A contusion, commonly called a bruise, is often thought of as a minor type of injury that can occur from a motorcycle accident. Although many bruises are painful they are not serious and one would not necessarily think of hiring a lawyer to help them fight with insurance companies or work with medical professionals in order to ensure that a bruise was treated correctly. At the Pacific Attorney Group experience illustrates that there can be another side to bruises. As with more obviously serious motorcycle accident injuries such as fractures or avulsions we feel you need to be fully informed on contusion injuries and have a knowledgeable advocate on your side to fully protect your interests.

The key thing to know about bruises is that they can cover up a much more serious problem. Bruises can become serious when they are connected with severe injuries such as internal bleeding or fractures, both of which can occur from the violence and impact of a motorcycle accident. Bruises are actually graded on a scale from ones that result in very little damage up to critical bruising that can cause death. Severe bruising can cause bleeding and excess fluid to build up resulting in swelling. The swelling then cuts off blood flow to tissues that vitally need it. This can prove extremely harmful to internal organs including the brain and can cause these organs to function improperly or fail. We feel it is vital that you enlist the aid of a dedicated and hard-working San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure your motorcycle accident contusions may receive appropriate medical attention.

What can be done in your defense?

Perhaps one of the worst contusions that a rider can receive from a motorcycle accident is a brain contusion. A brain contusion can result in permanent brain cell damage. It can cause additional pressure on the brain resulting in further brain tissue damage and if not diagnosed and handled can disrupt the functioning of the nerves in the brain. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly tough on the brain due to the violent bouncing back and forth of the brain when the head is being severely thrown from side to side.

The injuries described above can drastically change your life and the lives of those you love. If you have been involved in an injury you may face hospital bills, replacement of your motorcycle and related gear, loss of wages and future medical bills. More importantly what may look like a common bruise may be covering up a more serious medical condition that requires urgent help. It is a sad but true statement that medical professionals and insurance companies and their attorneys are not always willing to do what is necessary to compensate you for your damages. Whether it is through the court system or by aggressive negotiations leading to a settlement, we pride ourselves on working hard on your behalf to get you the best possible outcome for your individual case.
Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego if you have received contusions from a motorcycle accident and desire competent and knowledge legal assistance for your case.

San Diego Why Hire A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego

As more and more drivers take to the nation’s roads, motorcycle accidents are increasing in their frequency. A large number of riders are injured in accidents in the United States every year. Because of the minimal protection afforded these riders, the injuries sustained in accidents can often be very serious, and very costly. If you have been in a motorcycle accident and have sustained serious injury, are being offered inadequate compensation or no compensation for your injuries, or the damage to you and your property is significant, then it is highly recommended you hire a motorcycle attorney to represent you in your case. A skilled attorney can provide you with assistance in recouping your losses by negotiating with insurance companies or taking your case to court. Insurance companies will often try to foist inadequate settlements upon you, as they want to pay out as little money as possible, and an attorney will be able to fight for you in court to possibly obtain the compensation you are due. Contact a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer today, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your rights are being looked out for.

Legal Help in San Diego for your Motorcycle Accident

If you have suffered injury in a motorcycle accident, you deserve to be compensated by those responsible. Pacific Attorney Group has a dedicated, knowledgeable legal team, and we know how to get results for our clients who have been injured in accidents. Call us today, and we can provide you with legal help that will greatly increase your chances of a settlement in your motorcycle accident case, one that is sufficient to cover the costs of your pain and suffering and will allow you to recover and move on from your difficult experience.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Hemorrhages Injury Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Bleeding, both internal and external is technically known as a hemorrhage. A hemorrhage is a common result of motorcycle accidents due to their sometimes violent nature and the relatively small protection that motorcycle riders have against other vehicles and the road. Medically speaking a hemorrhage is loss of blood from the circulatory system. The loss of blood can be external such as from a wound or from a natural opening such as the mouth or nose. Blood loss can also be internal where blood vessels leak inside the body. At the Pacific Attorney Group we know that motorcycle accidents can be traumatic both to the victims and their loved ones and that you need someone who is going to look out for your interests.

If you have been involved in an accident and have or feel you may have a hemorrhage of any sort we feel it is vital that you seek medical treatment quickly. We feel as well that it is important you enlist the aid of an experienced and competent San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer so that your immediate and future needs may be solved and you have someone working to ensure your rights are protected. Although minor external bleeding can be quickly and easily remedied there are other hemorrhages that can be less obvious and more serious and we want you to understand this threat and what can be done about it.

What You May Not Know About Hemorrhages

An injury is a common consequence of a motorcycle accident. Minor abrasions,lesions and the like are often swiftly handled at little expense and with no hassle from insurance companies. Hemorrhages however can by hidden and the bleeding can be gradual leading a person to believe that all is well or they are just recovering from normal the normal bumps and bruises incurred in an accident. Hemorrhages are classified by the amount of blood that is being lost from the circulatory system. As the severity of the hemorrhage increases a person may start to show slight changes in behavior, might look pale, have an increase in heart rate and other symptoms. Internal bleeding is not always obvious and if left undiagnosed and treated can lead to permanent health issues and even death.

Our stance is that your health and the quality of your life are too important to delay or miss medical treatment due to problems with insurance companies and their attorneys. The most severe type internal bleeding, a brain hemorrhage, can lead to permanent damage or death. Many thousands of dollars in medical treatments and rehabilitation plus all of your lost wages are at stake if a serious hemorrhage goes unnoticed. With a hard-working and dedicated lawyer on your side the best possible outcome for your case may be realized.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Avulsions Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are commonly traumatic leading to multiple injuries. A specific type of injury that can occur during a motorcycle accident is called an avulsion injury. An avulsion is where a part of the structure of the body (an ear, eyelid, nail, nerves etc.) is forcibly detached which often exposes what lies beneath i.e. muscle, tendons, underlying tissues and even bones. These injuries can often be costly and time consuming to repair and this is where one of our attorneys from the Pacific Attorney Group may be of service to you to ensure you get the care that you need.

The word avulsion comes from a Latin word avellere which means “to tear off”. Many times these injuries can be repaired with proper medical attention although some avulsions cannot be surgically repaired if the avulsion is too severe. Being involved in an accident with an avulsion injury can dramatically change you or a loved one’s life. We feel you deserve the best medical attention possible and a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer can work with you towards ensuring that you receive just compensation for your injuries.

Avulsion Types and What Can Be Done

Even with the protection of a helmet, ear avulsions can occur in a motorcycle accident if it is violent enough. Similarly eyelid, nail, nerve and tooth avulsions can also be a result of these accidents. Skin avulsions ranging from minor skin flaps up to amputation of a finger or limb are, unfortunately, all too common in motorcycle accidents. Each of these avulsions may take multiple surgeries, medication and extensive hospitalization in order to be repaired to the fullest extent possible.

Insurance companies and their attorneys will not always have your best interests at heart when they are proposing a settlement offer. We feel you need a team of lawyers who will fight for your rights. Prompt and extensive investigation of your accident may reveal the true factors that caused the accident and only an advocate working for you is going to be able to clearly lay out what the accident will cost you both monetarily and in terms of the quality of your life. Let our experience work to your advantage in any motorcycle accident resulting in an avulsion injury.

San Diego DUI Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

San Diego Drunk Driving Motorcycle Accident Attorney

DUI (driving under the influence) is defined as operating a motor vehicle while with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater or while one’s normal abilities are impaired as a result of alcohol or drug use. A DUI motorcycle accident therefore may be a term used to refer to a motorcycle accident that involves or is caused by drunk driver or a driver who is under the influence of any controlled substance. These accidents may be extremely serious and may cause lasting injuries to the individuals involved – most likely the rider of the motorcycle.

Getting legal help with your San Diego motorcycle accident claim is important. If you would like to learn more about your rights after a drunk driver caused an accident and therefore left you or someone you love injured, a San Diego DUI accident attorney at our offices can talk to about how we can help and what you can do to address this matter. Call us today at 800-358-9617 to schedule your consultation, and you can find out more about our firm’s services and your legal options.

DUI Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In California, there were 537 motorcyclists who lost their lives in motorcycle accidents throughout the state in 2008. Of these, 26% were determined to have a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater. According to nationwide drunk driving statistics, approximately 32% of all fatal traffic accidents involved a driver with an unlawful blood alcohol concentration.* These statistics give weight to the serious nature of any DUI motorcycle accident and place much needed importance on taking legal action against drunk drivers to help victims of these accidents rebuild their lives while increasing awareness of this vital issue.

San Diego Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

The Severity of Spinal Cord Damage

Sustaining injury to the spinal cord is one of the most serious injuries that a person may sustain. The leading causes of spinal cord injuries include falls, auto accidents and assaults or attacks. When a spinal cord injury is caused as the result of another person’s intentional conduct or negligence, this may be grounds for a victim to seek justice in the way of a personal injury claim. Filing a claim or lawsuit of this kind may allow the victim of a spinal cord injury the invaluable opportunity of recovering financial compensation for what he or she has experienced and will endure in various different areas of his or her life: physically, psychologically and financially. It is for this reason we at Pacific Attorney Group are fully committed to helping our clients resolve their legal matters – we wish to help them rebuild and recover as much as possible, even in the wake of a serious injury such as spinal cord damage.

Involving a Lawyer


Talking to a San Diego spinal cord injury lawyer is an important first step in determining what legal recourse you have. A lawyer can do more than just advise you of your rights and options. When you contact a serious injury lawyer at our offices, we will take the time to address your concerns and will work to help you make the right choices about your case. After all, we wish to protect your interests and future.

Our law firm represents clients throughout the San Diego area. We have more than 35 years of collective attorney experience to apply to your individual spinal cord injury claim. When you call our offices, you will find that our staff is personable and compassionate. Your initial consultation is free and confidential, and we will take the time to talk to you about what you need.

To talk about your spinal cord injury claim and what can be done to seek justice in this important matter, contact a San Diego spinal cord injury attorney at our law offices today.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Multiple Fractures Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego

Whether it is for pleasure or as a primary mode of transportation most riders know the risks they face when they are on the roads. Drives often do not see or pay the needed attention to motorcycles which can cause devastating injuries to the rider. At times accident victims collide with both the other vehicle and the road making their injuries much worse than those suffered by drivers and resulting in higher medical bills, loss of wages and a complete loss of the motorcycle and related equipment. Although fractures are a common occurrence in motorcycle accidents, a particular medical result can be a multiple fracture which we at the Pacific Attorney Group want you to understand so that you can better cope with your medical and life situation.

With motorcycle fatalities and injuries on the rise and with the other driver usually at fault in the accident a knowledgeable and competent San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer can strive to see that you are fairly compensated for your injuries. Simply put a fracture is defined as the breaking or bending of a bone. Multiple fractures however are the simultaneous fracture of several bones. With the speed and violent impact that often accompanies motorcycle crashes, riders can be prone to multiple fractures. If you are or have been suffering with multiple fractures you know the pain involved and may be experiencing how this can change your life drastically. We feel you deserve the best motorcycle accident attorney you can get to work towards your full recovery both physically and emotionally.

What Can Be Done About It

Motorcycle accidents and their consequences are not always cut and dry cases. The insurance companies, their attorneys and even investigating officers may not investigate the cause of the accident thoroughly. One key element to your defense is going to be prompt and thorough investigation as to the cause or causes and who the responsible parties are. It is often difficult if not impossible for the injured person to deal with the police, insurance companies and their lawyers, the court system and medical personnel while trying to recover from their injuries. This is where a trained attorney can come promptly to your defense.

Some multiple fractures run the risk of serious infection which needs to be diagnosed and treated quickly. Multiple fractures often require surgery which can become expensive and time consuming. At times multiple fractures can mask other injuries that urgently need medical attention. If you or a loved one is suffering from multiple fractures retain a firm that prides itself on doing what is best for their clients regardless of what it takes. You deserve fair compensation for your injuries.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Abrasions Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego

In any motorcycle accident it is important that the facts and evidence are quickly gathered so that an individual can resume their life as soon as possible. As motorcycles are relatively small compared to most vehicles they are sometimes harder for drivers to see making riders more prone to accidents and injuries. Unfortunately motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities are on the rise. Injuries such as fractures, avulsions, contusions and abrasions have become all too common with motorcycles crashes. At the Pacific Attorney Group we understand motorcycle riders and their injuries and would like you to know that you have someone backing you who has the dedication and knowledge to help you fight for just compensation for your injuries.

An abrasion is a wound caused by damage to the skin. If you have suffered an abrasion as the result of a motorcycle accident you know how painful it can be. A common term for an abrasion is “road rash”. The term road rash makes the injury seem less significant which can be a mistake as there are several types of abrasions that are more serious in nature requiring more complex medical handlings. If not treated properly an abrasion can lead to infection and scarring. A competent San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer will strive to see that your injuries receive the correct treatment and that you are compensated for your injuries and other related losses.

Abrasion Information

Some abrasions require mild home remedies in order to heal. With the speed and impact that motorcycle accidents often have, a rider can have significant amounts of abrasions which are not only painful but can prevent a person from earning wages or leading a normal life for some time. A type of abrasion called a “corneal abrasion” comes about when the out layer of the eye has been damaged and we feel that any injuries to the eye need to be correctly diagnosed and treated. On severe abrasions skin grafts may be needed and scarring can occur if all road debris is not removed from the wound.

Whatever the extent of your injuries we are certain that you want the best medical care possible. We are equally sure that you will want to be fairly compensated for your injuries, loss of wages, medical treatments, replacement of your equipment and any other losses you have suffered. It is important that we begin the investigation into your accident quickly so that no evidence is lost or set aside. Insurance companies are not going to originate a fair settlement on your behalf. By working together we may be able to obtain the best possible outcome to your case.

San Diego Motorcycle Insurance Claims Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

Many individuals enjoy riding their motorcycles throughout the San Diego area, and are usually unconcerned about dangerous injury accidents. Sadly, these accidents are far too frequent and the injuries sustained can be life threatening, cause permanent damages or in the most tragic cases, the death of the individual. Any motorcycle accident that was the result of dangerous, reckless or negligent driving by another vehicle operator must be addressed with the assistance of a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney from Pacific Attorney Group. Our legal team has over 35 years of collective experience in assisting the injured in accident cases and is prepared to review and evaluate the situation with regard to your claim.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and have frequently been accused of treating injured individuals unfairly. The results of a claim you file without legal representation can vary widely, as there are requirements, restrictions, and even accusations that the injured was responsible. Never speak to an insurance adjuster in a motorcycle accident case without first retaining legal counsel. You are endangering your possible settlement when you do so, as insurance adjusters are usually well-trained in asking questions that can lead ot a reduced claim when answered without advance knowledge.

Our legal team takes pride in our ability and extensive experience in fighting for the rights of the injured in their claim or lawsuit seeking fiar compensation. We take on each case understanding fully the importance of the outcome for our injured client, and will relentlessly pursue a fair settlement based on the actual damages suffered by the injured victim. Each case requires a full review of the degree of the injuries and other damages and if you have lost work or have suffered extensive damages, you can be certain that the losses will be included in the claim filed on your behalf. Act quickly, as the evidence in such cases can be destroyed or lost, and witnesses to the event can become more difficult to contact as time passes.

San Diego Motorcycle vs Bus Accident Lawyer

Attorney for Motorcycle Accident Claims in San Diego, CA

A motorcycle accident involving a bus may be extremely serious, causing extensive property damage and injury to any involved motorcyclist, bus passenger or driver. At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent victims of motorcycle versus bus accidents throughout the San Diego area in Southern California, taking care to provide the level of assistance and representation our clients need. If you were injured in a motorcycle versus bus accident, do not hesitate to call a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney at our law offices at 800-358-9617. Your initial case evaluation is free and confidential, and you pay no legal fees unless we are successful in winning your case.

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident with a bus, the results may be extremely serious. The motorcycle rider is more likely to sustain serious injury than the occupants or driver of the bus, due to the disparity between the vehicles’ size and weight. Any bus: a school bus, tour bus or public transportation vehicle may be involved in a traffic collision in the presence of driver negligence, poor bus maintenance or a defective product. Dangerous roadways or poor weather may also contribute to a bus accident. When this accident involves a motorcycle, it is especially important to involve a competent legal professional who can step in and protect your interests.

Rebuilding after a Motorcycle versus Bus Accident

As a motorcycle accident victim injured by a bus, you may be facing hospitalization, extensive medical bills and an unsteady financial future. With a lawyer to handle your motorcycle versus bus accident claim, however, you can work toward a higher settlement or jury award that will help with all of the financial and other issues you are dealing with.

Lesions Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Part of the seriousness of a lesion can come about because they are not always recognized due to other injuries sustained in a crash. This is particularly true if there have been injuries to the head or spinal cord. Often times in motorcycle accidents the force of the crash can cause the head and neck to be violently moved away from the shoulders damaging tissues and causing lesions. The lesions associated with this type of severe trauma occur to a group of nerve fibers running from the spine through the neck and into the arm.

At the Pacific Attorney Group we understand what the victims of motorcycle accidents have to face both now and in the future. We feel that you need someone who is working with you to get the best possible outcome in your case. Swift repair and reconstruction of the extremities affected by lesions are providing a better chance for recovery than was possible just a few years ago. The truth is that insurance companies are not always willing to provide prompt and fair compensation for accident victims and either through a negotiated settlement or in a court of law our firm is dedicated to a successful result for you.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Concussion Injury Lawyer

What You Should Know About Concussions

Perhaps the first thing that you should know is that the medical profession does not fully understand what type of brain injury a concussion actually is. It is best defined as a brain injury with a temporary loss of the normal functions of the brain. It is not known however if the brain that has suffered a concussion is structurally damaged in some way or whether it is solely the loss of its functions that has occurred. Concussions have become better known and studied in recent years due to high-profile athletes receiving them. Even with this additional study the full causes and repercussions are not known. At the Pacific Attorney Group our view is that with the unknowns surrounding concussions the only proper medical course of action to take is to error on the side of caution and get the best diagnosis and treatment possible for your motorcycle accident concussion.

Often times a person involved in a motorcycle accident is not immediately aware that they have a concussion. Although doctors remain uncertain as to the physical damage the brain receives, the symptoms of a concussion are plainer to see. If you experienced a loss of consciousness or any sort of amnesia you may have a concussion. Other physical signs can be headaches, vomiting, dizziness, lack of motor control in the muscles, difficulty in balancing, blurred or double vision or even ringing in the ears. Due to the immediate expense involved plus future expenses for diagnosis and treatment, insurance companies do not always provide for the proper medical care that is due a concussion. A determined San Diego concussion injury lawyer may be able to defend your right to competent treatment and obtain the compensation you need if you have a concussion.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Concussions

Aside from physical effects, concussions can have emotional effects and impair the ability of the brain to function. Difficulty in focusing your attention, confusion and disorientation are all common signs of a concussion as the result of a motorcycle accident. If you cannot remember what occurred leading up to your accident this is one of the most definite signs that you have received a concussion and require immediate medical treatment. Commonly plenty of rest while having your condition monitored is what you will be required to do. Sometimes concussion symptoms do not disappear fully for weeks, months or even years which can affect your ability to earn wages and do the normal functions you desire and are required to do.

Any injury to the brain should not be ignored or treated lightly. A dedicated lawyer can work with you to ensure you receive the proper diagnosis and treatment of your concussion and may be able to get you proper compensation so that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones should the symptoms of your concussion linger.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence. In 2008, there were 1,081 motorcycle accidents that resulted in injury and 51 that caused fatalities – in San Diego County alone. In addition to the common occurrence of San Diego motorcycle accidents, these incidents are also likely to cause serious injuries. The rider of the motorcycle is going to be more likely to suffer injury in these situations, as evidenced by 2007 traffic accident data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). These statistics indicate that, per vehicle mile travelled that year, motorcyclists were approximately 37 times more likely to be injured and 9 times more likely to lose their lives in motorcycle accidents.

Whether you ride a motorcycle or know someone who does, you likely understand the importance of safety measures that should be taken to help avoid these accidents in the first place. It is an unfortunate truth that in addition to the already increased risk factor of serious injury in a traffic accident, a motorcyclist may be at a higher risk of being involved in an accident in the first place. Motorcycles are significantly smaller than the other vehicles on the road, and this means that a motorist (particularly one who is distracted or driving negligently) may be less likely to see a motorcyclist until it is too late.

Motorcycle Accidents in San Diego, California

Considering the sobering statistics that concern motorcycle accidents in San Diego, California we at Pacific Attorney Group are committed to helping victims of these accidents seek and recover financial compensation for their injuries. We would be interested in talking to you about your concerns and offer a free initial consultation to talk about your San Diego motorcycle accident claim and how a skilled attorney at our offices can assist you.

San Diego About Motorcycles Accidents Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are much more common on the roads than those involving passenger vehicles. Due to their small profile, other drivers frequently fail to see them, resulting in serious and fatal injuries to motorcycle riders. Many passenger vehicle drivers can be easily distracted by cell phone use or even texting while driving, resulting in a failure to see a motorcycle cross their path. Other factors involved in passenger vehicle drivers causing accidents include drunk driving, speeding, failure to obey traffic laws and inattention. To protect your rights following a motorcycle crash, retaining a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer is important to the outcome of your claim.

It is a well known fact that many insurance companies have the viewpoint that most motorcycle accidents are caused through the speeding or negligence of the motorcycle driver, thereby increasing the risk of your case being denied by the other party’s insurance company. By consulting with our skilled attorneys at the Pacific Attorney Group, you can rest assured all necessary investigation into the cause of your accident will be conducted by our legal team.

Types of Injuries

Because motorcycle riders have little to no protection from an impact, serious and often fatal results can occur in an accident. Many riders suffer catastrophic injuries, such as road burns, fractures, head injuries, internal organ injuries and some sustain fatal injuries. These severe injuries result in extensive medical costs which you and your family will need to cover if you are to recover from your injuries. It becomes vitally important to have someone working on your side to ensure your claim is treated fairly and that all possible compensation that is due you is offered. Our goal as your legal counsel is to maximize any potential settlement so as to cover all of your medical and financial needs following your motorcycle injuries.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Head Injury Lawyer

Head Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Accidents

While most motorcyclists wear protective gear – as is required by California law – in a serious motorcycle accident this offers little protection from head injuries. Due to the speeds and weights of passenger vehicles involved in collisions with motorcycles, head injuries pose a serious threat to a bike rider. A head injury can result in catastrophic injuries which can severely impact the rest of someone’s life. These are commonly known as mild traumatic brain injuries or severe traumatic brain injuries. As the brain controls the main functions of thought, mobility and even speech, a head injury can greatly influence the quality of life a person can expect to enjoy following such an injury. Some of the impairments which can result include:

  • Inability to perform a normal job
  • Inability to care for oneself, requiring daily care
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of cognitive functions

By obtaining the professional assistance of a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer, you and your loved ones can ensure you receive the medical treatment and care you need during this difficult time.

Fighting For Your Rights

Our firm will aggressively investigate your motorcycle accident to prove negligence on the part of the other driver involved in the accident. With such catastrophic consequences as a head injury can cause, it is crucial to have someone experienced and dedicated fighting for your rights. Our firm has over 35 years of experience in the personal injury field and is committed to seeking all potential claims for recovery of damages, including medical costs, lost wages and future earning potential, future required medical care as well as pain and suffering. When you need a caring and compassionate legal representative, you can count on us for help.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Suffering from Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a sudden external force to the head, which in the case of a severe TBI, can result from a fall from a motorcycle or an impact to the ground or another vehicle when involved in an accident. Although helmets help in preventing some head injuries, as there is little other protection to a motorcycle rider, TBIs are not uncommon. Depending on the force of the impact, the brain can sustain injuries including bruising, swelling, a fractured skull or bleeding in the brain. These types of serious TBIs can result in the following consequences to those injured:

  • Confusion and irritability
  • Dilated pupils
  • Trouble speaking or walking
  • Bleeding through the ears or nose
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Death

A severe TBI is a very serious condition and must be treated immediately as it can result in permanent and catastrophic injuries and even death. By consulting with a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer , our attorneys at the Pacific Attorney Group can work quickly to identify all responsible parties to your motorcycle accident in order to ensure you receive the proper treatment and care you need as soon as possible.

Future Effects of Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

With the serious effects that can result from a severe blow to the head following a motorcycle accident, it is important that you have someone fighting for your rights when it comes to pursuing compensation. Injuries such as these require extensive medical care, including possible surgeries, neurological examinations and other costly medical procedures. Our firm is committed to seeking all possible compensation you are entitled to, including your medical costs, future medical care, lost wages and future loss of earnings potential as well as pain and suffering.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Mild Traumatic Brain Lawyer

About Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is an injury to the head that is caused by sudden force. Those riding in motorcycles can easily sustain a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) even when wearing a helmet. Impact with a fast moving vehicle or a crash that results in a driver being thrown from their motorcycle can easily lead to a mild TBI. Often referred to as a concussion, the results can lead to such consequences as:

  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Balance problems
  • Mood changes
  • Lack of concentration or self control

When injured in a motorcycle accident, it is best to consult with a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney for professional and experienced representation. A TBI accident can often take some time to show up and be diagnosed, due to the lack of outward injuries.

Get the Legal Representation You Need

As motorcycle accidents can easily lead to TBI, getting the proper treatment to diagnose your injury is crucial immediately following your accident. The Pacific Attorney Group helps clients to obtain the needed medical care they require in order to fully identify their injuries and obtain the proper treatment for them. Without the help of a skilled professional, you risk your claim be denied if presented at a later time.

Our firm is committed to ensuring you and your family are well taken care of through pursuing the claims process and maximizing your compensation. Contact our office today for knowledgeable and caring legal counsel. We offer free initial consultations to those injured in a motorcycle accident as a result of the negligence of another.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Statistics Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in San Diego

It is a well known fact that riding a motorcycle increases your chances of a serious injury or even death by a considerable amount. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there are over 4,800 fatalities in motorcycle accidents each year nationwide and over 103,000 suffer non-fatal injuries. With this in mind, retaining a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer following a motorcycle accident is crucial in protecting your rights.

As motorcycles offer little protection to riders, statistics of motorcycle accidents are quite sobering. According to U.S. Department of Transportation statistics, a motorcyclist is 16 times more likely to be killed in an accident than someone in a passenger vehicle. More than half of the fatalities on a motorcycle result from the motorcycle striking another moving vehicle. To ensure you receive the compensation you will need to recover from serious injuries or from the death of a loved one in a motorcycle accident, contacting the Pacific Attorney Group will go far towards safeguarding your rights.

More About Motorcycle Accidents

Did you know that motorcycle fatalities account for 10% of all motor vehicle fatalities? That is why it is so important to wear as much safety and protective gear as possible when riding a motorcycle. Many passenger vehicle drivers fail to take notice of a motorcycle, especially at night, causing serious accidents to be much more likely for motorcyclists than for passengers in other motor vehicles. It is always beneficial to wear bright, reflective clothing at night and carefully watch other driver’s, avoiding anyone who is obviously speeding or driving erratically.

Due to the high likelihood of serious injury following a motorcycle accident, having a knowledgeable lawyer from the Pacific Attorney Group working on your behalf can go far towards ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. We have successfully recovered damages for many of our injured clients and look forward to assisting you as well.

San Diego motorcycle injuries

If you or somebody close to you was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that occurred in or around San Diego, you can arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation with a lawyer from the Pacific Attorney Group. The members of our team of San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers represent injured motorcyclists throughout the San Diego metropolitan area. We’ll be pleased to advise you of your options along with what we might be able to do for you. With the help of a San Diego personal injury lawyer from our law firm, you might be on the road to recovering compensation for the damages you suffered in the form of:

Past and future medical bills
Past and future lost earnings
Pain and suffering
Permanent disability
Permanent disfigurement

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury than anybody else on the road. There’s no steel barrier around them to protect them from an impact, and they have no air bags to cushion them or seat belts to restrain them. Once an impact occurs, the only things to stop them are other vehicles, fixed objects and the pavement itself. Some common severe motorcycle accident injuries that occur include but aren’t limited to:

Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries
Serious fractures of the spine and extremities
Organ damage
Tendon, ligament and cartilage damage
Serious road rash with infection
Fatalities secondary to severe injuries

Given the lasting emotional and financial consequences that a motorcycle accident can have on you and your family, it’s critical that you speak with an experienced and respected San Diego motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after the event. The aggregate 35 years of experience of the San Diego personal injury lawyers at Pacific Attorney Group enables us to provide quality and highly professional legal representation for injured motorcyclists throughout the greater San Diego area.

The only way that you’ll receive the full compensation available for the injuries that somebody else caused to you is to retain an experienced, aggressive and successful San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer. Don’t give a statement to the insurer of the party who was responsible for your injuries. It will only try to use that statement against you in the future when it attempts to shift some or all of the blame for the crash over onto you. Call the Pacific Attorney Group as soon as possible after a motorcycle crash at 800-358-9617. You can put us in charge of your case rather than relinquishing control of it to the insurer of the person who hit you.

San Diego Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accidents and Wrongful Death Claims

Motorcycle riders have a much greater risk of death following a motorcycle accident, up to eight times higher than when riding in a passenger vehicle. Thus there are more cases of wrongful death claims that can be presented by the families of those who have lost their lives due to the negligence of another. Losing a loved one is a devastating event for a family, but having to also take care of the medical costs incurred prior to death can also leave the family financially overwhelmed. If you find yourself having lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney to get legal advice on your legal options.

Many motorcyclist deaths are caused due to the negligence of other drivers who have failed to take the proper care in ensuring they allow motorcyclists the right of way when they are entitled to it. Common acts of negligence that can result in catastrophic accidents and injuries to motorcycle riders include driving while on the cell phone or texting, driving while intoxicated, and speeding or violating other traffic laws. With little external protection when riding a motorcycle, any impact can pose a grave danger to a bike rider.

Get the Compensation Your Family Deserves

Following a serious accident, many motorcycle riders may linger in the hospital with extensive treatment in attempts to save their lives. When they succumb to their injuries, the medical costs must still be paid. The Pacific Attorney Group will pursue all possible claims on your behalf to help with the emotional and economic loss to you and your family. Compensation can include coverage for all medical bills incurred prior to death, funeral expenses, lost future earnings and of course for the emotional pain and suffering from the loss of your loved one.

San Diego motorcycle injury firm

Our San Diego motorcycle injury firm is dedicated to providing clients with the results-driven services necessary to help them attain the compensation they deserve following their accident. With over 40 years of combined experience in the field, each of our attorneys works with dedication, diligence, and determination to ensure the best possible outcome for clients. When you are adversely impacted by an accident, it is important to immediately contact a team of trained San Diego motorcycle injury lawyers. These individuals will be able to provide you with the information, services, and support systems necessary to optimize and expedite all legal processes. Our team is skilled in providing assistance for individuals affected by a wide range of accidents and injuries, including:

-Motorcycle Accidents
-DUI Motorcycle Accidents
-Cruiser Bike Accidents
-Burn Injuries
-Crush Injuries
-Mild TBI
-Head Injuries
-Severe TBI
-Multiple Fractures
-Spinal Cord Injuries
-Road Rash

To learn more about how our legal firm can assist you with attaining compensation for your motorcycle accident, visit our website at

San Diego Motorcycle vs Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Any pedestrian accident may have the potential to cause catastrophic or even fatal injury. This applies to motorcycle versus pedestrian accidents, and either the rider of the motorcycle or the pedestrian may be at risk of injury in an accident of this kind. In these matters, you may wish to consult an attorney experienced with motorcycle accident claims in your area. Our law firm handles all types of cases of this nature in San Diego and all the surrounding counties and communities in Southern California, and we will be happy to discuss your motorcycle versus pedestrian accident claim at your earliest convenience.

We accept calls at our toll-free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 800-358-9617 and you can undergo a free consultation with a lawyer who has the resources and experience to help you. We can meet with you at your home, office or in the hospital – whatever is best for you. Best of all, you pay no legal fees unless your San Diego motorcycle accident attorney wins your case.

Injury in a Motorcycle Accident Involving a Pedestrian

The injury in a motorcycle and pedestrian accident is likely to be severe because both the pedestrian and the rider of the motorcycle do not have the protection of thousands of pounds of steel as the driver or passenger may have. A pedestrian may be at higher risk of injury considering the size and weight of a motorcycle and the fact that a motorcycle rider will likely be wearing a safety helmet and protective gear. A pedestrian has virtually no protection against injury in the event of a traffic collision. Making sure your legal rights are protected is one of the most important things you can do in the wake of a motorcycle versus pedestrian accident in San Diego.

Why Hire a San Diego Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are a result of rider error or driver negligence. An attorney is there to represent injured riders as a result of a major accident. Those whom have been injured, you will have many questions regarding your rights and responsibilities which you will want to have answered by a qualified attorney.

A motorcycle can be very dangerous, with 4800 fatalities and 103,000 non-fatal injuries each year. It is advisable to take the appropriate precautions to prevent injury in the first place with these statistics in mind. Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injury to the rider because motorcyclists are not protected by the steel frame of a large vehicle.

The first step in being able to ride a motorcycle safely is to take proper precautions to avoid being hit. A little bit of common sense goes a long way in terms of preventing motorcycle accidents. Courts will always want to know what precautions you have taken to avoid an accident from happening in the first place. Remember to wear a helmet, look before crossing into other lanes, and avoid areas which have too much traffic if at all possible. Make sure that your motorcycle is in proper working order and that your lights are working as well. Assuming all proper precautions have been taken, it is advisable to seek out legal counsel right away when involved in a motorcycle accident.

There are many responsibilities of drivers and pedestrians which should allow you to have the road and exercise your right to ride it safely. Pedestrians and oncoming traffic should be looking to avoid hitting you. A vehicle shouldn’t make a short stop or shouldn’t be negligent when changing lanes. A negligent driver whom hits you has legal liability for his actions. You should always look for the right amount of compensation for your motorcycle accident if you are ever involved in one. An attorney will ensure that you are treated fairly during the trial and legal process.

Inadequate compensation results from not being a motorcyclist whom does not know his or her rights during the legal process. Injured individuals should look for an attorney right away to represent them in a motorcycle accident for the appropriate compensation that they deserve. Insurance companies know how to cover their backs in the most clever ways possible. It’s crucial that the right attorney is there to represent you should you need it.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Safety Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When a person chooses to ride a motorcycle – either for pleasure or for commuting – it is important for them to take precautions for their safety. Motorcycles can be extremely pleasurable to ride, but are known to be inherently more dangerous than riding in a passenger vehicle. As a result, taking some safety precautions before riding your motorcycle can help you avoid a tragic accident later.

The first step a person should take is proper training in how to ride the type of motorcycle you will be planning on operating. There are any number of different bikes, including racing bikes, cruiser bikes, sports bikes and regular road bikes. All handle differently on the road and a good driver will have practiced off road and become familiar with their unique style of operations to ensure safety. To find out more about motorcycle safety, you may contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney, who can provide you with additional information to review regarding motorcycle safety.

Taking Safety Precautions

There are certain actions any safety conscious motorcycle driver should take into consideration when riding a motorcycle. Some of these include:

  • Always wear a safety helmet
  • Wear protective, long sleeved clothing to minimize road rash or other injuries
  • Wear bright colored clothing to be easily seen, especially at night
  • Never drive after consuming alcohol
  • Wear goggles to protect your face and eyes
  • Follow all traffic laws
  • Do not weave through traffic or speed

Motorcycles can be fun and enjoyable and with the proper skills, accidents can be avoided. However, if you find that you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, our caring attorneys at the Pacific Attorney Group are ready to assist you with pursuing a personal injury claim on your behalf.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Motorcycles and Spinal Cord Injuries

When you are driving a motorcycle your risk of serious injuries if you are involved in an accident are greatly increased. Motorcycles are frequently not seen by other motorists due to their small size and maneuverability. As a result, many passenger vehicle drivers can cause accidents when they fail to give the proper right of way to motorcyclists. The most common type of accident involving motorcycles and passenger vehicles is when a motor vehicle turns left in front of a motorcyclist as they fail to notice them. Common reasons for these accidents include lack of attention, cell phone use, speeding, drunk driving or violating some other traffic laws. If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident and sustained spinal cord injuries, contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

When a motorcycle driver is thrown from his motorcycle or struck by a passenger vehicle, the body can sustain a great deal of force which can result in spinal cord injuries. Spinal cord injuries can lead to catastrophic injuries such as paralysis that includes paraplegia or quadriplegia, numbness, extreme pain and even death. Getting the medical care you need when you have sustained this type of injury is crucial to your potential recovery.

Helping With Your Personal Injury Claim

A spinal cord injury requires skilled and knowledgeable attorneys from the Pacific Attorney Group to assist you in pursuing the compensation you deserve. The cost of medical care for this type of injury can be extensive, so it is therefore important that you allow our highly qualified legal staff to investigate the cause of your accident and pursue all parties responsible for your injuries. Our firm will work hard to ensure you receive compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, future medical care as well as pain and suffering. We understand the trauma and pain that a spinal cord injury can cause and will be diligent in attempting to recover damages on your behalf.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Injuries Lawyer

Injury in a San Diego Motorcycle Accident

injury sustained in a San Diego motorcycle accident may be severe, particularly if the other vehicle involved is a large truck or a bus. The rider of the motorcycle will be at particular risk of injury due to the disparity in size and weight between the motorcycle and the other vehicle involved, even if the other vehicle is a typical compact auto. According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) statistics from 2007, motorcyclists were approximately 37 times more likely to lose their lives and 9 times more likely to be injured in traffic accidents. The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident may include:

  • Head trauma
  • Brain injury
  • Neck injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Severe burns or road rash
  • Lacerations and contusions
  • Amputation/dismemberment
  • Facial injuries
  • Damage to internal organs/internal bleeding

Even with a safety helmet, protective clothing, boots and gloves a motorcycle rider may sustain serious, lasting injury. The severe force associated with a motorcycle accident can literally crush a rider or can cause catastrophic injury if the rider is dragged or thrown from the bike.

Consult a San Diego Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

A San Diego motorcycle injury lawyer can help if you or someone you know was injured in a motorcycle accident of any kind. Our law firm provides individualized legal counsel and aggressive representation to our clients in order to effectively protect their interests and assist them in recovering the full financial compensation we believe is rightfully theirs. Although we cannot prevent you from being injured in the first place, we can work to hold the responsible driver or other party accountable for causing your injuries and can help you rebuild to face a more secure future.

San Diego Preparing for a Motorcycle Accident Claim Lawyer

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you or a family member has been injured in a motorcycle accident, there are certain actions that you can take that will assist in filing a claim or lawsuit for compensation. It is crucial that you understand that it is best to contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney at once after the accident to avoid actions that could reduce your claim. An injury attorney from Pacific Attorney Group can carefully manage your claim and assist you in pursuing the maximum possible compensation based upon the degree of injury and other damages. In many cases, insurance companies make efforts to reduce the settlements based upon the interviews with the injured victim as well as by using the medical records. In any case in which you are seeking a claim for compensation or a settlement in a motorcycle accident injury case, it is crucial that you prepare for the case by contacting an attorney as soon as possible after the incident, and do not answer questions from an adjuster prior to retaining legal counsel.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in San Diego

When an injured victim is struggling to recover from an accident, the last thing needed is a complicated situation with an insurance company. However, if possible after the accident, there are certain actions you can take that could assist in documenting the case.

  • Get immediate medical attention
  • Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer
  • Take photos with a cellphone
  • Write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses
  • Take down the badge number and name of the officer who arrives on the scene
  • Ensure that the motorcycle is carefully preserved as evidence and is not crushed
  • Do not answer questions from an insurance adjuster prior to getting legal representation

Our legal team is prepared to evaluate your situation and advise you what to expect in a settlement, based on the injuries and other damages suffered in your case. The compensation amounts vary widely depending upon the degree of the injury, and very serious injury cases will naturally be very high in value. The medical costs in serious injury accidents as well as other damages may require years of medical treatment.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident

On the streets of San Diego, motorcycle riders share the roads with drivers of all vehicles. However, this can be increasingly dangerous as large vehicles, such as big rigs, trucks, and SUVs can pose a threat to unsuspecting motorcyclists. Motorcyclists only have helmets and goggles to protect themselves, so large vehicles who strike motorcyclists can cause fatal injuries.

Because motorcycles have smaller frames, drivers have a difficult time seeing them in their blind spots. Unfortunately, larger vehicles possess even bigger blind spots and have an even greater chance of swerving into a motorcycle.

Beware of Insurance Companies

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you should contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney. Often times, motorcyclists will trust their insurance companies believing that their insurance company has their best interest in mind. However, this is not always the case.

Insurance companies are fueled by adjusters, attorneys, and investigators who are trying to run a large company. Their highest priority is to save the company as much money as possible by allotting the driver with very little. It is imperative to guard your interests and be protected from large insurance companies who might take advantage of you.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A San Diego motorcycle accident attorney will work to protect your rights. The attorney will investigate the accident by:

  • retrieving reports from authorities
  • contacting all witnesses involved
  • organizing evidence
  • If it is necessary, the attorney will hire a motorcycle accident reconstruction expert to investigate all the possible causes of the accident

The attorney will work to build a case in your favor and help to get you compensation for your injuries. In addition, the attorney will also refer you to skilled doctors to provide treatment and review your condition.

Free Consultation Regarding Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, the victim is forced to deal with the insurance companies, hospital fees, and medical visits. This can be very stressful for a victim suffering from motorcycle accident injuries. If you were recently injured in a motorcycle accident involving another vehicle, contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney.

They will work in order to compensate you for the injuries and damages caused by the motorcycle accident. Do not let huge insurance companies take advantage of you and force you to suffer the financial burden. Let an attorney protect your legal rights and fight for your claim.

Our attorneys will speak to you free of charge. If we decide to represent you, we will work for you and expect no payment until we win your case. We only get paid if you get paid. Therefore, you do not have to pay for any upfront costs or hidden fees.

San Diego Motorcycle Accident Fractures Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle Accidents Are on the Rise

Over the past decades motorcycles have become a more and more popular form of transportation and recreation. With the current economic pressures that many people face, a motorcycle has become a financially sound investment. With this popularity we have also seen a rise in motorcycle accidents and the latest National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) figures show a nearly 10% increase in motorcycle accidents deaths. In one year alone 103,000 riders were injured in motorcycle accidents.

A common result of many of these accidents is various bone fractures caused either by the force of the accident itself or the rider having been thrown from the motorcycle. If you or someone you love has received a bone fracture as a result of a motorcycle accident, at the Pacific Attorney Group we feel it is vital that you contact a San Diego motorcycle accident attorney who may be able to help you receive the best medical attention and other compensation that you need.

Proper Medical Care of Bone Fractures

In motorcycle accidents a bone fracture is usually due to impact or stress on one or more bones. A fracture can either be of the type where the skin is still intact or can involve a wound that is open to the fracture. This last type is particularly susceptible to infection and must be treated swiftly and competently. If a fracture has displaced the bones severely or put them at an odd angle then surgery (as opposed to a simply caste) is usually needed in order to bring about proper healing. If not treated correctly a bone fracture can lead to amputation of a limb.

Sometimes a medical professional will take a less expensive option to diagnose and treat a fracture when something more than a simple X-ray and a caste is needed. If you have been involved in an accident you may face not only emergency medical treatment but surgery, rehabilitation, a current and future inability to work and other issues that affect the quality of your life. Having someone on your side who can deal with insurances companies and their attorneys may pay off for you immediately and in the years to come. We encourage you to not let medical professionals or the insurance companies take the short route when it comes to just compensation for your injuries.