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Compensation for Jobsite Injuries

Jobsite injuries can occur in dangerous locations such as constructions sites, but can just as easily occur in an office building or retail store. When an injury occurs in the workplace, the law requires that worker’s compensation provide for certain medical bills and at least a portion of your wages. Even so, this does not guarantee you will be taken care of if this has happened to you, as certain issues can arise which threaten this protection. Firstly, it may be difficult to get a claim approved. The insurer may claim a lack of evidence or your employer may contest that the illness or injury is work related. You may not gain coverage for all the medical attention and care you need in order to fully heal any may find yourself being forced to return to work before you have recovered. If you are facing any such situation, a Rancho Cucamonga personal injury lawyer should be contacted for assistance.

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Representing Clients in Ontario & Pomona

At Pacific Attorney Group, our experience with such cases and knowledge of the laws involved mean we can be aggressive and persistent in pursuing your claim. We treat such cases very seriously. An injured worker deserves proper medical care and treatment, as well as enough time to fully recover from their injuries. The law usually prohibits an employee from suing their employer for compensation above that provided by worker’s comp. In some limited cases, however, it can be permissible. If this applies in your case, we can also represent you in that action. It is important to note that you may still have a right to file a claim if the injury occurred in the performance of your work duties, whether or not you were at your usual place of work at the time. Additionally, our firm can pick up your case if your worker’s compensation claim has already been denied and apply our expertise to seek to get your claim resolved.

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